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  1. Declawing cats is disgusting animal abuse in my opinion.

  2. Only species I’m aware of that does is the Mexican honey wasp. I believe the honey is mildly toxic but people do eat it.

  3. Damn I never would’ve thought a cougar would even go for a full grown horse let alone take one down.

  4. Just moved to Kansas a couple years ago and would love to explore more places like this if you know any.

  5. I’ve noticed that a lot of body builders and power lifters train in Jordan 1’s. Is it just a trend or do they make good lifting shoes?

  6. I love how samurai are portrayed as expert swordsman loyal to their katanas like they didn’t immediately start shooting the shit out of eachother the moment they got guns.

  7. I'm not sure it was a Glock, but it definitely appeared that the magazine was not fully seated. Also, a common issue is he could have been depressing the mag release slightly depending on how large his hands are. That plus the intense shooting situation.

  8. I dont think it is. Its got a flare on the grip and the mags have a flat back. Glocks dont have the flare on the grip and the back plate on the slide is also wrong for an M&P40. Looks like a brushed stainless finish on it and its got slide serrations too. Thats either the very last Smith & Wesson 5906 in the Houston Police Departments armory, or its a SIG P220 or P229.

  9. Good eye, Probably more likely. I just knew it wasn’t a Glock and went to the second most popular police gun. Didn’t even consider sig.

  10. Don't think I've ever lived in a place with em. Window units all the waaaaayyyy.

  11. What strikes me is not that much his opinions about himself, "I did storm-ninja-jutsu, I'm 25th dan in stunt gardening and my wiener is so huge people mistake it for my penis" is pretty typical of... Say, certain men.

  12. It’s also hilarious when people cite practicing combat sports. Most of the time they’re people who went to a gym where they did calisthenics and hit a bag for a few minutes with cardio being the focus. Even if he did spar or compete in that 2 years all that means is he knows how to fight in a structured environment against other people with similar move sets. When you fight people who don’t use the same martial art than you, you lose the edge of predictability with what they might do and how you should respond. It’s not like combat sports are rare. “Nerdy” guy might be a wrestler and go for a take down when you’re expecting a punch. Point is, you’re not special because you paid a coach to teach you some things.

  13. It looks like OP is already trying to Quit from her post history. I hear it can be tough and I’ve never taken anywhere near that amount in one week, let alone one sitting so I can’t pretend to know how hard it must be to quit at that stage. I’ve been taking it for about 4 years myself but always with breaks every so often. Brings my tolerance down pretty quick.

  14. Yeah but can’t you see it’s so inconvenient for OP?!?! How dare they need to look after a their pet properly?!?!

  15. Looking after their pet properly would be not letting it run around the neighborhood.

  16. I assume they have a fence… I know cats can jump but this one looks kind of old. Regardless what is the issue with cats hopping around through backyards and shit?

  17. A lot of stuff. They decimate bird populations for starters. A single pet cat once drove a bird species to extinction. They go to your neighbors house and shit In their gardens which is a problem especially in areas where people grow food that they eat. It’s also good for their own safety. They breed like crazy, even if your cat is fixed they are still susceptible to feline AIDS which is more common than you might think. Plus a host of other diseases and parasites. There’s also all kinds of danger they can face outside from dogs in peoples backyards to Coyotes, other wild animals and even other cats. There’s cars they could be hit by, poisons they could get into. All in all it’s better for not only your cat but everything else around if you just keep them inside.

  18. Yeah and those photos are from at least 12 years ago. I’d like to see how he looks now

  19. I grew up boxing and guys like this coming into the gym and wanting to challenge someone like it’s a Jet Li movie or something used to happen all the time.

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