1. Cyberpunk got some criticism for it. Beautiful world and city, but so damn shallow as soon as you step out of the story roadway. That was a case where the game should have just been linear to focus on its' strengths

  2. Yeah, If they’d made the game more linear and really focused on the animations, it could have been awesome.

  3. We will have 3 all pros on defense when this season is over 😳

  4. Nine different players with 150+ passing yards. Only other team to do that was Andy Reid's 2008 Eagles.

  5. This stat makes my nipples hard

  6. Nothing will ever beat the Jets fans absolutely eviscerating them as they walk into the tunnel after the butt fumble

  7. Geeeeeeeez that’s some vitriol

  8. Legitimate question, if he didn’t have a problem with fumbling how good would he be?

  9. He just can't leave the AFC West, can he?

  10. He got cut because they are a dumpster fire and need more scapegoats

  11. I am shocked that they have that many.

  12. Renata is a buisnesswoman. Buisness has power in modern days too on politics. That does not makes her anything close to LeBlanc or Swain whom keep playing a 24D chess 0-24 hours.

  13. I think Leblanc is playing ♾️D chess

  14. Accurate. Well, we have ideas but nothing 100%

  15. She’s my favorite champion for that very reason. She could very easily have a hand in everything up to this point.

  16. “Where there’s a risk, there must be choice.” So….they’re pro-choice?

  17. It’s almost as if life is full of nuance

  18. I saw it 18 times at the movie theatre!!!! I was too young and my siblings had to take me.They were so sick of it.

  19. Sure sales can be stressful but what job that pays like this isn’t? Please lmk lol

  20. I’d argue that sales is much less stressful than most salary-adjacent jobs

  21. NFL’s super villain has entered the line up

  22. Finally this sub can hate on someone for actual reasons instead of them just being great

  23. This lady probably thinks Memphis is part of the exclusion zone lol

  24. I have to think that he thought the play was dead as soon as the defender landed on the turf and was running out to celebrate but saw that the play was still live lol

  25. Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, and ETN are some damn good skill players to build off of.

  26. Broncos country, let’s slide.

  27. Brother nothing you saw there was a slip.

  28. Dude said nip slip like she wasn’t doing a playboy shoot while Geralt walked in lmao

  29. Geralt is it the amnesia again?

  30. I really don't think that guy is Urgot. All the other characters in the show have pretty similar if not exact origins to their lore counter parts (i.e. Vi and Jinx were Zaunite orphans, Cait grew up in a rich Piltover family known for hunting, Viktor was also a Zaunite orphan who made his way into the Piltover academy). So it would be kind of disappointing if Urgot was just some guard when in the lore, he was the Grand Headsman of Noxus... a very influencial and powerful individual. More likely, we'll meet Urgot in season 2 as the guy who killed Kino coming to negotiate (?) with Ambessa.

  31. The guy who killed Kino could be General Darkwill himself since Arcane is probably set before or during the first Ionian war.

  32. It looks like the same 3D model they retextured to me but maybe you're right~

  33. No, you’re right. They are definitely the same model.

  34. If anyone has earned a starting job somewhere next year considering the circumstances this man played through this year. He’s actually played really well despite their record. Should be the next fitzmagic journeyman type jumping around the league

  35. If the Jets had him, they would be a problem.

  36. Lucy character trailer for Phantom Liberty

  37. Imagine if they showcased something we don’t expect not related to known projects. It would be more exciting.

  38. Bell cow potential. I don’t know how we find these guys.

  39. KC always finds stud running backs. Clyde was a rare miss.

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