1. If you want to lift someone up you use praise and reward. Not punishment.

  2. Well, then what are some non-physical ways to punish?

  3. You only cum when you are in pain, especially from unwanted abuse

  4. It's not unusual when someone gets caught cheating to turn it around to blame you in order to excuse their behaviour

  5. This is teasing which is very common. Not a kink at all.

  6. The massive hint he missed was in the "let out a FRUSTRATED yell". Apologising for laughing won't deal with that issue

  7. He's putting a lot on you to discover and bring to the table.

  8. It's cool. A lot is spoken about power imbalance with age gap but not usually when one is 28. And there is some level of power imbalance in most relationships because humans are incredibly complex.

  9. There are so many variables in what constitutes someone's "sex life" and studies can't possibly explore all of these.

  10. You don't give any hint why you felt like shit so hard to comment

  11. Bullshit, you would be on your knees, hands clamped behind your back, throat full of my cock while I punch the back of your head you ridiculous pathetic cunt

  12. There are tons of women who would love men to say "it's your bady do what you want". Normally they are full of unsolicited advice on boob jobs and the like.

  13. I used to go with the second way but I'm much older now so more confudent and I don't date as such, instead meeting online and establishing what they like well before meeting up. A bit of sexting helps find our what they enjoy.

  14. Sounds like you don't want to stay, like for all the good there is something you crave otherwise you would be over the moon he would give you a second chance

  15. Thinking of tying up a dirty girl, wrists to knees on all fours and fucking all three holes nice and deep with two other sluts wearing strap ons, so all your holes are stuffed full at all times as the three of us take turns to use you

  16. I can't understand insisting on sex if the other person is not in the mood for whatever reason. Instead of sulking like a six year old, just be nice and be understanding.

  17. The skin is rough -rub it on tits and thighs and cunt to scratch and scrape

  18. I'm assuming these are the consequences for failing to say "pineapple punishment" 10x fast?

  19. There is no one answer of course but for me it's about putting her in her place and reminding her of what she really is - my sub.

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