1. Mine was similar to this. It was stuck from 1/6 with no sign of movement, until 1/20, when it was suddenly in my state, then delivered 1/21. Super weird.

  2. This looks adorable. What a wonderful job you've done!

  3. Great bag! I love that Pacifica and Milk mascara!

  4. Overall, not super stoked about ipsy's picks, but digging mine. I would have loved to pick up all the Tarte items, but alas, 2 is okay for now LOL. I was also tempted by the Smashbox tinted moisturizer in add ons, but I think it's way too dark.

  5. Most of your bag I didn't even have those as options. If the CC mist is anything like the Item one, it does not work as a setting spray :(

  6. I got the Item setting spray I'm a previous bag and it IS TERRIBLE! I was disappointed cause their cleansing balm is amazing!

  7. I haven't tried it, but I'm fairly certain the blue light spray does nothing lol

  8. I love those nail stickers! They are so fun.

  9. They looked like it, and I hope they get here soon so I can do my daughter's mani!

  10. I have eyeshadow marked as rarely as well, and this is the 3rd month in a row that I've gotten an eye shadow palette. Seems a ton of us got this Ciate one so I'd assume they have thousands of them laying around they're trying to get rid of. This paette was the one thing I hoped I didn't get lol

  11. I was really hoping for that Tarte pencil, but I knew I'd end up with the palette LOL

  12. They love that Ciate palette LOL I got it too

  13. Right?! Hopefully they blend together well! πŸ˜…

  14. I wanted the taupe or the rose gold so badly .... None offered to me, rose gold sold out in add ons, and the only one left was the pink, which I just can't wear. lol Just be sure to tell me how horrible they are, ok?

  15. Oh, bummer, so sorry!! I didn't really want two, but I felt like I just had no better options. Wish I could trade with you! Hope you get a chance to get one another round! 🀞 And I'll be sure to tell you how much they suck πŸ˜‰

  16. I hear you about options this month. I had a LOT of brands I didn't want offered and a lot of items I wouldn't use. :(

  17. It's one of my two favs. I have dry, 2c/3a color treated hair down to my lower back, and it does a great job with hydration and helping with frizz/curl control.

  18. I also have dry colored treated, highlighted, dry hair, natural curly hair, but its only to my shoulders

  19. I hope you love it as much as I do! A little goes a loooooong way!

  20. So jealous you got the Tarte liner! Also, I am in LOVE with that jelly mask -- use it every day!

  21. I actually got my bag a while ago (very early in the month, which was a surprise); however, I wanted a bit more time to play with everything and give it a decent shot before I reviewed.

  22. I got the Domino Boots. I don't love the looks of them, but they are crazy comfortable.

  23. The Boston ones are comfy initially, but after a day on my feet? Nope.

  24. All in all, feeling kind of meh? I didn't love a lot of my choices available, and the two Ipsy choices are not great either.

  25. I wanted that palette but was not offered any palettes at all. I have neutrals unchecked across my profile, and adventurous is checked and eyeshadow set to frequently. My options were also pretty bad.

  26. I'm not sure how I got the palette, to be honest.

  27. Oooh it looks lovely! I hope it ends up in add ons later! lol

  28. Kitchen has most of the gnomes in it, then I have so many, they are scattered throughout the living room, dining room, and also outdoors.

  29. I have this in a different shade. It's meh? I prefer the Kim Chi setting powder.

  30. That palette is so much prettier (and wearable) than the one I got :(

  31. I made my choices for my GBP and added on an item, but now I see this. I was going to post my choices. Guess not. LOL

  32. I've tried many Tarte products at this point. They're all pretty good, imo. In particular, I love the maracuja lip products and palettes.

  33. I just want the ability to steal the money again. That's one of the big elements to the show, and we lost it last year. :(

  34. Almost, Gabi still needs to get it in her head that Suresh is trash... but yes, if only they could have arrived sooner so we could have enjoyed their company better.

  35. This. Gabi's reactions to Suresh have me thinking she's going to want to try to rekindle that relationship.

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