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This is Eyce. Eyce is 10 years old. Eyce really wants a taste of my pizza even though he’s blind and has no teeth. He’s so weird, but I absolutely adore him and he has been by my side for a decade! Don’t be mean!

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  1. Kyra Condie is a fused Olympic rock climber, kinda different from regular gym stuff but still cool+helpful!

  2. The Training for the New Alpinism book helped me with intro-type structured training for climbing, maybe there's some good info in there for you too!

  3. Eyce must be protected at all costs. What an absolutely magnificent creature 😍

  4. My doctors said that I can do whatever my body allows after my fusion, I just have to "feel it out". I was fused from my T2-L2 for a long time and got the green light to ski mountaineer, climb outdoors, weight train, and live in a specialized van even. I'm fused down to my S1 now (for reasons unrelated to my activity haha), and got the go-ahead to continue doing those sports. I have to be careful to not overdo it, to listen to my body, and to not commit to anything I don't have a good exit plan for, but I can still do those things I enjoy. I did have to switch from snowboarding to skiing on doctor's orders, running and bootpacking hurt my hips pretty good, and a lot of workout exercises are physically impossible for me now. After my first fusion, they told me I can try doing whatever I want but there are things I won't be able to do. Everyone's situation/body is different, but I think it's interesting how we're told different things for post-op fusion life. Hoping it all works out in a positive way for you dude 😊

  5. thanks for your reply :) my mom keeps saying that doctors always tell you the worst possible outcome not to get sued and then things are a lot less terrible than they paint them to be. hope it's my case and i can still enjoy this stuff

  6. Haha Dad told me that too! The docs said to me, before my first surgery, that I may not be able to do physical activities and gave me the worst-case scenario as well. I think being hopeful and positive, but not young-kid-wanting-a-snow-day level, is the way to go you know? ❤ Don't get super down about your future until you know for sure what your body will be capable of 😊

  7. Hey Austin! I think you may be alright after your surgery, if you get it. It's scary to go through this, I'm so sorry you have to, but you got this 😊 I'm an adaptive athlete with a T2-S1 fusion, and with the green light from my docs I still strength train, ski mountaineer, multi-pitch trad climb, and backpack. I can't speak for your doctors, and I don't know how big your fusion may be, but I think your goals and passions may still be yours after your surgery! I had my fifth scoliosis surgery when I was 24. Recovery's a bit long and uncomfortable, can be painful at times, but it's nothing gnarlier than other surgeries (if that makes sense). Be prepared to get comfy at home for a while. You got this, Austin! 🤘😊

  8. I'm an adaptive athlete with a T2-S1 fusion. I still ski mountaineer, multi-pitch trad climb, and go backpacking. I strength train as well, all with the green light from my docs. My docs say my limitations are my own, at this point, and that I need to gauge for myself if an activity is too much for my body. Based on what I know about fusions (thirteen years of being fused, five fusion surgeries), I think you may be good for it man! Being tackled by some football bros, maybe take it easy there though haha.

  9. She does have her Tramp Stamp from when we got her spayed

  10. Yeah! I got two 4" baddies through my SI joints. I can feel 'em through my skin too! And when I'm on the chairlift skiing, going past the lift towers feels like they're wiggling out, so funky! Pretty cool your doc hooked it up with a pic!!

  11. I have a nerve disease, been isolating since the start of the panini (no, that isn't a typo, just a coping mechanism haha). Got covid before the holidays and I'm just starting to feel a bit like myself again! Heck yeah, I'm not dead! I hope your day goes as well as can be and you find little pieces of positivity in it, you kickass human you 😊❤

  12. Thank you so much 😭 this comment made me tear up. My flare up was caused from covid as well this gives me a lot of hope that I’ll begin to feel better eventually ♥️ I’ll look for little moments where I can!

  13. Dang dude 🥲 Covid's the frickin worst..... I'm not 100% yet, maybe 50-70% depending on the day, but I felt good enough to go outside with the dogs yesterday and it was absolutely marvelous to feel the sun on my sick little face haha! Hopin' for some sunshine wherever you are 🥰

  14. Yo! Yes! My lower down ribs get all weird, painful, shifty/poppy. I have a fusion from T2-S1. I haven't gotten it poked at by the docs yet, but it's definitely a painful, regular thing. Sitting for a long time, like in the car, and laying down do it. I have a fusion from T2-S1. When it's extra bad, I can push into the gnarly rib spot and shift/pop them and it feels a sliver better, really unsure if I should be doing that until I get the rib stuff checked out though 😅

  15. I'm an adaptive athlete with a T2-S1 fusion. I can climb (except for big offwidths and overhanging routes), paraglide, ski tour/mountaineer, and I can operate a snowmobile+snowcat pretty dang well. In my opinion, I think you can do most of the same activities, just differently than before! Yoga, canoeing/kayaking, actual dancing (more than goofy dork dancing at home kinda stuff), and activities with prolonged bending/twisting are difficult for me now. I do, though, have fusion friends who teach yoga and it works out well for them. Honestly, I think my fusion's impacted more "bedroom activities" than most other things 😅 I think fusion limitations depend a lot on where your fusion is, the severity of the scoliosis, if adaptations can be made to accomodate for mobility problems, and how much pain/discomfort you're willing to accept to do something you enjoy (with the green light from your doc of course). Apologies for being all over the place, been a long day 😊

  16. I was in the same boat as you in high school, reading this felt eerily familiar haha. I took my nighttime meds already and am all groggy, but I felt like I had to say something! My dude: You. Frickin. Got. This. 🔥 You mentioned you have some friends, I bet they can totally help you with your schoolwork, "get by with a little help from my friends" you know? 😊 Don't let that internalized ableism get to you too hard (as tough as it is). If you could be kicking butt physically at school, you totally would be! Communicate with your teachers, you have a real reason to be absent, you ain't no school-skippin' punk! 😊 I believe, with all my wee sick heart, that you can do it. And on those days where you question if school could've happened, remember that you're giving your body the rest it probably needs, and rest it still productive. You can't do cool stuff and leave goofy notes in your friends' lockers if your body's not up for it. Keep on persisting, you chronically cool human, you! ❤🤘

  17. First cool exercise human that came to mind is Johnny Collinson, the pro skier dude! He has a lot of exercises he posts on social media (I know IG, totally on more) that makes his core/quads/arm muscles look realllll danggg gooood

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