Anthony Edwards posts blatant homophobia to his Instagram story

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  1. Why is AD so far below Kawhi and PG, even though none of them have played much the past few years?

  2. If it's that simple then you'd have to say Russell is the GOAT and Sam Jones is second, right?

  3. Yeah there’s a website that has basically every NBA game from the last decade

  4. There wasn't another top 10 player besides LeBron in the East for about 5 years from like 2013-2018

  5. Top players ran from the East because they couldn’t handle LeBron 💀

  6. Well Curry at the end of the day has 2 of the easiest rings maybe ever(not to say he wasn’t the driving force behind the Warriors, just that it’s easily the best supporting cast a number one option has ever had), none of Lebron’s rings were nearly that easy besides maybe 2012

  7. OKC was favored in 2012. Its revisionist history to act like that wouldn’t be an easy win without LeBron being the machine he is.

  8. This looks especially impressive because of the slow-mo. When watched in real time he didn’t quite stay in the air that long.

  9. Are we gonna act like curry didn’t have an insane advantage in 2015

  10. Embiid and Harden are the flop bros. Curry and Luka also flop a lot. Lowkey it’d be funny to see LeBron just flop every time he gets contact

  11. People seem less obsessed with accolades and care more about how good a player was

  12. Points…..ummmm…Kobe pours in 81 one night and was still over 20% off the record. Assists is by far the most likely to be broken. I mean, it’s not gonna happen, but there is at least a plausible path there.

  13. If you had to be which record for a single game is broken first (pts, reb, asst) which would you go for?

  14. I know you’re trying to troll but whatever. The key point you’re missing here is that it’s something we include in the discussion now but wasn’t before. It never came up bc nobody cared about it. At no point has anyone brought up the number of finals MVPs for Magic or Wilt or Oscar Robertson or Kareem or Bird. Until recently most everyone thought of it as a minor award and it’s only recently that fans have assigned meaning to it. Even stepping back a second and thinking about it should make it seem weird. It’s not an award for even the whole playoffs. Just 4-7 games. Voted on by about a dozen random writers who decide in the third quarter of the last game.

  15. Nobody cared about it, because nobody had to care about it. It’s like bringing up all-star selections when comparing top 10 players OAT. You kinda assume they’ll have them.

  16. “This is [J.R] Smiths 5th career arrest, the most of any player.”

  17. He honestly wasn’t that impressive when you look at modern players. I think we look at that era with rose tinted glasses, but modern players are simply far more athletic and skilled. On offense, he was comparable to Demar Derozan

  18. Word is some of the Georgian players' daughters went to Temple and that's what instigated the scrum.

  19. Has he gotten much faster or does it just look like that because he’s playing Euroleaguers

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