1. Deutschland hat kein Rassismusproblem, Rassismus ist illegal!

  2. Naja, also Rassismusprobleme in der Polizei mussten wir ja nicht untersuchen, Rassismus ist doch illegal, oder nicht?

  3. Sie ist definitiv mehr als nur eine Esoterikerin.

  4. Glaube ich eher nicht. Luna ist schräg, aber eigentlich ist sie mit eine der vernünftigsten in der Geschichte. Sie hat die Geschichten, die das Zaubereiministerium verbreitet hat, um alle anderen zu überzeugen, dass Voldemort nicht zurückgekehrt ist, keine Sekunde geglaubt.

  5. See, this is what is called a stalemate. En passant is forced, however, doing so would put your king in check. Your king is not in check, but you also don't have any legal moves. Therefore, it's a stalemate.

  6. If you pour holy water in a sauna, that's essentially a gas chamber for vampires.

  7. The Percy Jackson series has always been one of my favourites. They're YA books but they still hold up for me years later.

  8. Let me be the devil's advocate for a second here:

  9. I get not having a car but people really take the shopping cart all the way to their home (let alone enough people do it that required it being addressed by the landlord)?

  10. I live in Germany and i used to do that all the time back when i was doing my apprenticeship. I didn't have a license at the time, but you really don't need a license to go to the supermarket when you live within a kilometer of like 6 supermarkets. It's not technically allowed i think, but noone says anything so long as you return them (and since i only used them to get water, and i'd rather not carry 24 kilos that distance, i always had empty crates to return anyway, so i'd return them alongside the cart on my return trip)

  11. Kasparov appears to be consolidating his pawns into a Mecha-Chessatron

  12. Classic case of main character syndrome. If i were you, i would have pushed my cart right through the frame.

  13. On a somewhat related side note, 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel is one of the few chess variants that allows you to win by forking kings.

  14. I've been on rule34 before. Hard to have anything shock you after that.

  15. Nothing a VPN and a Laissez Faire attitude towards copyright law can't fix.

  16. Nichts was ein vpN und eine Laissez Faire Einstellung zum Urheberrecht nicht beheben können.

  17. Eine noch unlesbarere Farbe konntest du so schnell nicht finden, oder?

  18. Ich, der vom jahrelangen Busfahren zu Schule den Gleichgewichtssinn einer Katze hat: Pathetisch

  19. Maine und Schleswig-Holstein. Klein, im Norden, an der Küste, permanentes Schietwedder, und voller kleiner, ländlicher Dörfer, in denen niemals irgendwas passiert.

  20. What do you mean i need surgery to be a bottom?

  21. Supposedly, Pac-Man was created based on the appearance of a pizza with a slice taken out.

  22. Well i don't have one definite song, but high up on the list are:

  23. Jetpacks have infinite fuel, so long as you remember to return to the capsule. Give the ship a nice and gentle push at apogee.

  24. I tend to follow the CCCP strategy (No relation to the soviet school of chess, but the acronym works) It's short for Checkmate, Check, Capture, Push.

  25. Probably some kind of engine reason. Sometimes, the engine sees things that noone short of a grandmaster can reasonably be expected to spot.

  26. Nice! I got a pretty neat knight trap of my own recently

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