Abortion is now illegal in Missouri

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  1. I wonder how many of them will be partying when they have a ectopic pregnancy or a fetus with triploid 18.

  2. They will just call it a medical procedure to save my/my partners life and then go on with their life without even considering the hypocrisy.

  3. I had the pleasure of toking with my mom and sister a few weeks ago. lol we walked around the neighborhood and laughed our asses off. 71, 45, 37.

  4. My mom's a lightweight and for the longest time thought everything I'd bring over is laced. Now, she's learned to just take "half a puff." I don't know how she measures it!

  5. Men who are done procreating or do not want to procreate at all: get a vasectomy! I had one a few months ago and my partner thanks me every day. We don't know what the future holds but you can make this decision for yourself and your partners.

  6. This is the part where Wisconsin Republicans pivot to closing loopholes like out-of-state abortion access and chemical abortion pill shipments from overseas.

  7. I-94 has friends in both directions. Keith Ellison has vowed to defend out of state abortion seekers. Minnesota is dedicated to making itself an oasis amongst the antiwomen legislation we are seeing in WI, ND, SD, and IA.

  8. Add Massachusetts to the list. Even our Republican governor is appalled by the supreme court.

  9. They will never be able to ban travel to other states, and blue states can refuse to extradite this the come to their states for abortions.

  10. I am feeling the opposite about my move next month.

  11. I don't know about MO, but some states already have laws forbidding leaving the state with the purpose of getting an abortion. Of course, these are unconstitutional, but you think this Court is going to tell them no?

  12. MA resident here. Our fairly Republican governor just announced his disappointment with the supreme court and announced they will protect anyone who comes here for any medical reason and will not comply with extradition requests from other states. Republican logic is not as foolproof as they think it is.

  13. Brit and South African (bottom of Africa, look it up) here, I just don't understand why it's such a big deal that interracial couples exist and want to get married. How does it affect anyone else?

  14. White supremacy is based around keeping their race pure (which in itself is hogwash) so even one example is a threat to them all, in their puny minds. This video does a great job explaining

  15. Agreed but not unexpected, no lube, jam band anal. I mean try it for yourself if you don’t believe me. Lol she fucking fainted

  16. republicans are really stoked about big government expanding into personal lives for being the group that claims to be all about freedom and small government.

  17. We all know this but they never cared about small government, just their brand of big government.

  18. took my two kids to see the Paw Patrol movie last year "for the experience" and spent almost $100 between tickets and snacks.

  19. People are still buying concessions? Do you not have pockets to sneak in 99¢ candy?

  20. I was trying to guess what stupid car maneuver would justify the name turtlenecking.

  21. Of course it does. Remember kids, crazy doesn't start and stop with conservatism.

  22. Jesus Christ, Sell some fucking guns and invest in landscaping and some trees.

  23. Shit lawn and landscaping is his culture, you wouldn't understand.

  24. Was also a main consideration for me as well. And look at this, she openly admitted to facetiming and she is still not held accountable. Our system is broken, beyond broken. This woman should be serving 10+ years.

  25. Holy shit. I've had a couple of strong trips where I was yawning nonstop. Is this common?

  26. Pretty common I think. Happens every damn time for me, right around peak.

  27. Love the Kyuss shot. Circus era, with Alfredo on drums. Great band.

  28. No. I don't think this is a good idea for Switch owners or Hello Games - they have, and will continue to, spend too much time optimizing for hardware that will never be able to handle it to begin with.

  29. Lol I was gonna say, I remember when this guy was "America's mayor."

  30. This is the first thing my wife brought up too. I'm charging $50/hr for my design work, and my overhead is built into that fee. I'm not billing hourly for any of the admin work that goes into these gigs.

  31. Maybe it would help to give a breakdown of your pricing? Probably not, but it may at least help your friend understand why you charge what you do - which is very reasonable.

  32. I was about to bust mine out to see if I just didn't notice him there.

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