1. Hehe just regular stuff like running hats, shorts, socks… things like that. Basically anything from REI. Some day I will splurge there

  2. I feel you. REI, Target, and Ikea are where my wallet goes to die.

  3. Okay I’m feeling a lot better about this tax quiz I’m gonna take tomorrow. Still concerned (and my keyboard starting to suck isn’t helping) but I’m feeling better now than I was earlier today.

  4. Any sticking points you could use help with? I can help ya if it’s business tax (corp/partnership) if it’s individual or T&Es you’re on your own.

  5. Spending the night at my mom's house. She's on a zoom call with a bunch of other 60 something women hammering out the details for their Spring lobbying campaign to get the Women's Health Protection Act reintroduced in Congress. Of course it has a snowball's chance in hell under Republican control, but they won't stop, they will never stop, until they're dead.

  6. Nice to know that there’s folks out there committed to not going back to back alleys and death at the hands of social conservatives.

  7. Yeah I got 22.5% last august and 7.5% this past month

  8. Agile promo? Bc I got that same 7.5%

  9. Yup, should get more in August since it’s based on performance, apparently they gave all agile promotes the same %

  10. Sweeeeet, I’ll always take more lol. Another 10% on 75k wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  11. I hope someday people wake up to the fact that public accounting is a scam for new grads.

  12. Yeah, investing in your career early on definitely never paid dividends for anyone down the road. You just need to go in knowing what you want to get out of it and the realities of public accounting.

  13. No. You can’t enact policy incentives via a sales tax and it doesn’t satisfy the horizontal and vertical equity components of what’s considered to be a “good tax,” meaning that the people who can’t bear the burden are paying more than able and the upper end of the distribution not proportionally contributing.

  14. This is easily counteracted by a UBI or cash dividends to the poorest.

  15. Fair enough, but this proposal doesn’t bake that in, and you can’t pretend like the GOP would act in good faith and not gut that UBI/dividend at the first chance they got when looking at the policy position.

  16. It’s .19% of PBT, I’d just note that it’s a reconciling diff and true it up at Q1. No point in sweating something that small that hard.

  17. Dude if it’s the program I’m thinking of (Texas) they have that info from surveys on the program website.

  18. Switched to taking my blood pressure pill (I know, thanks mom/grandma for sharing the family gift) at night instead of in the morning and it fixed a lot of my issues around feeling faint/low BP during the day. Just glad the stupid thing isn’t making me nearly fall over when I stand up anymore.

  19. I'm thinking about options for my senior mechanical engineering capstone next year, and I really want to make a bricklaying robot. It would have a pez dispenser like mechanism to hold ~6-8 bricks at a time and a hopper+extruder for mortar. It would run along the wall on wheels and go back and forth to a central brick+mortar deposit to reload.

  20. Could you set up some sort of scaffolding-esque system for it to run along that has support points against the ground and would allow you to move in the x/y planes pretty much freely?

  21. Yeah let’s see how that goes when Jerry starts meddling and demanding stupid shit gets done.

  22. You get that, but JimBob in the boonies or your average tankie will reject it on face because they don’t have the background knowledge to appreciate it.

  23. There aren’t many but at B4 you’ll usually make manager by 30 and you’re almost certainly making 150k+ at that point. Over 200k+ in specialized groups (from personal experience) if you’re good enough to get promos there. And that’s not just HCOL cities but almost certainly any 2nd tier city as well.

  24. Sad “LCOL” market according to the firm but M/HCOL depending on where you are in the city noises

  25. Went down a rabbit hole trying to find a stuffed animal I’ve had since I was a baby online to replace my old one that’s getting worn down to the point where it needs to stay on the shelf to no avail.

  26. I guess I’m fortunate to be a child of an NEA member and grandchild of a state employees’ union member and know better than to do that shit.

  27. That’s good. If he’s going to be running it seems terrible for a company to be silencing political candidates on the largest platform

  28. He has no right to a platform. If Meta can back up a Brinks truck full of lobbying dollars and call it political speech, then censoring that prick is political speech too. Fuck off defending fascists bc muh principles. You won’t have principles when they’re burning the house down with everyone in it.

  29. Why do you support democracy if you don't think fascists can be allowed to have a platform? Whats the point if we can't trust people to discern between ideas?

  30. I think they have the right to express themselves, but no private institution should be compelled to give them a soapbox because it comes at the expense of the private institution’s freedom of expression.

  31. We can’t do Pollard like that, give the man his money

  32. Do we need to remind you about the last big RB contract the Cowboys FO signed. Pass. Get someone on a rookie deal with some promise and ride the wave.

  33. pro chef here: this is the correct answer for most cooks and diners alike. most peoples meat, egg, and seasoning preferences are almost always trickled down from the matriach of the family, for better or worse.

  34. I definitely can see that now that you mention it when it comes down to thing like what I like for breakfast and what kind of garbage/comfort food I enjoy.

  35. Ooh ties would get a big, fat “fuck you” out of me. Hell, if I could get away with not even wearing smart casual into the office since I’m not on calls, that’d be a nice win to pick up.

  36. We don't need to waste our first round pick on a RB. Get a guy like Sean Tucker in the third.

  37. Yeah, passing on a potential generational talent at RB that we can have on a rookie deal and would give us the opportunity to trim off Jerry’s boondoggle would make too much sense. Off to the bargain bin.

  38. Total headcount of our entire organization was 15 at year end, and that's a 50% increase over what it was at 1/1. We just don't have the people to separate duties like the theoretical ideal.

  39. Fair enough. I guess y’all could at least get that in writing if your CFO is going to brute force checks through, but totally understand the small co. situation.

  40. We tell our vendors (directly but politely) that we need a W-9 before we'll send their check.

  41. That feels like a total and utter failure of internal controls around AP………..are y’all not subject to an audit?

  42. They need to fire Harmon from Rick and Morty too. This past season was the best they've had in years and it also happened to be the one Harmon took a back seat on and let the other writers do most of the work on.

  43. Agreed. Make Rick and Morty great again

  44. I’m a bad dad. I haven’t seen 1917 or All Quiet on the Western Front. I’m just not really into war movies 😞

  45. I’ll split a bottle of scotch and enjoy All Quiet with you any time. Maybe have a mini-book club over The Things They Carried (god, that one will gut you if you’re a feeling person whatsoever). Gotta build that dad cred somehow.

  46. The entry I would do would be Dr License Asset / Cr AP for the part due within the next year and Cr Long-term liability for the remaining part and unwind the liability over the next 2 years, especially if you get to keep the software after the AP expires.

  47. Thanks! This seems simple enough, I'll try that.

  48. Just make sure you’re appropriately amortizing over the life of the software, too so the expense comes through.

  49. This is it right here. It’s got nostalgia value for me, but the food is mid. I hate that my mom and sister insist on going there when we’re in Fort Worth despite the wealth of better options downtown.

  50. I agree it’s the nostalgia value for many. My parents grew up on Fort Worth and went there when the family style meal was the only menu option, and at the time it was one of the better food options I assume. When we’re in Fort Worth we go there and get the family style meal and it’s fun. It’s not particularly special Tex Mex, but I still enjoy it.

  51. It’s the same for us. My dad grew up on it (and threw papers to the Garcia family for the Ft Worth Star-Telegram back in the late 60s-early 70s), and his parents had their first date and many anniversaries there from the late 1940s until 2009.

  52. I’ve already seen them. People saying we have one of the best offenses in the league, blaming Kellen Moore for bad play design, saying it’s still a choice between Dak or a rebuild. There’s no reasoning with the Dak supporters at this point, they live in la la land

  53. I mean an OC that would try to scheme to his strengths and actually embrace the run game would go a long way, and Kellen isn’t that person, but Dak still has predictable, shitty moments that really have been outweighing any of the good lately.

  54. Dang that’s good. Has he never watched an A&M game coached by Jimbo?

  55. Had a dream last night that just had the Teams notification noise going for what felt like hours. The pre-busy season scaries are setting in. At least we’re off to the races soon.

  56. Right, Dak is the QB for the foreseeable future. Which means no Super Bowl for the foreseeable future.

  57. But we’re gonna do well enough to get shitty picks!!! And then trade back at the draft for a ham sandwich and a 6th.

  58. A QB worth a first round pick in 2024. Tired of trying to get the most out of bargain bin QBs when that clearly doesn’t fucking work because Jerry insists on doing things that way.

  59. Not sure what you mean.. But that has been my life for a long time. I’m not a boomer.

  60. Have you ever considered that you’re part of the problem, not the solution?

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