1. yea they both wouldve made fantastic seasons if they were given the time its really sad to think about cause a lot of og actors were casted for s10 who knows if we'll ever see them on the show again and that was their send off..

  2. <3______<3 looks lovely so far really looking forward to the finished product

  3. these are amazing but how do you get the bodyslides to work without a lift ?

  4. Stop watching the fucking show if you havenโ€™t liked it in literal years

  5. lmfao dont get mad just cause i dont like your fave season or whatever.. i dont want more camp and bitchyness i want more gross and twisted asylum they have never gone back to that level of horror and they literally always do camp.. im actually excited for ahstories s2 cause this teaser seems darker than what theyve done in a long time and thats whats fun about anthologies cause its always different and everyone has different taste

  6. The show has had a high level of camp from the beginning and I would argue there is plenty of twisted nasty horror in later seasons. A show canโ€™t go backward, only forward. It just blows my mind people like you show up and watch year after year to only bitch that itโ€™ll never be as good as asylum. That season came out almost TEN YEARS ago. Itโ€™s time to move the fuck on if you donโ€™t like the show anymore.

  7. theres a way to to balance camp and horror... the later seasons just dont know how to do that lol and it definitely depends on where the camp is coming from bc jessica lang camp is very different from leslie grossman camp.. but im glad you liked the later seasons they were clearly made for somebody just not for me the earlier seasons were made for me, again: thats whats fun abt anthologies! lmao

  8. ill be uploading this and my japanese tower of terror recreation to the workshop soon im just rly bad at reaching the "im done" point cause i always rethink and change things to make them better also theres a lot of newer custom scenery that has come out that didnt exist when i first built this which helped so much (ex: adjustable archways/curved walls/shapes, better windows, better trees, planters, signs, sewer detail, better street lamps)

  9. Because Coven is a departure from the previous format. Coven is less horror, and more camp - the ratio shifted - and so it lost those who enjoyed the horror aspects more.

  10. oh my god exactly.... i LOVE Coven its fantastic its the perfect type of dark humor that anyone who likes horror movies would love and its written very well (for the most part since we all know ahs can get messy if you really analyze things)

  11. i literally just go digging to form my own soundtrack/playlists i was just saying how badly i wish official soundtracks for each season existed

  12. thanks! same here murder house and asylum are so great

  13. What is parkitect? Is it a browser thing or do I have to buy it?

  14. parkitect is a game you have to purchase, id recommend buying through Steam that way you have access to the steam workshop, theres more information in the themeparkitect reddit group

  15. Awesome! A little photo editing to desaturate colours and the job is done, I can almost see Lana coming up the stairs, meeting Pepper and sister Mary Eunice ๐Ÿ˜

  16. hehehe yea parkitect colors are insanely cartoony i tried to avoid it as best as i can thank you :3

  17. i still just wish redtide was given a full season

  18. I love the 80s I wanted them to do an 80s theme for the longest lol I just don't think it was some masterpiece lmao

  19. everything in that season is so predictable and none of the characters are like able or have enough development for me and the setting is god awful the fact that they yet again recycled the idea of still residing on the camp after they died ruined everything and took away from the severity of every death scene i dont understand how so many ppl like 84' in this group lol

  20. Literally so much praise for that season and for what ? I don't hate it but there's no iconic moments like lana flipping off thredson or anything it's just ok at best

  21. agreed its certainly not the worst ahs has done but its far from the best imo.. especially for how much its talked about lolol

  22. i figured the meme w gaga was common within the ahs fandom but maybe its only on twitter.. i was trying to make a post abt how much i love this scene between rabe and conroy lol

  23. I hated 1984 and I was so hype for itโ€ฆsuch a let down. I felt like it was way closer to the campiness of Scream Queens rather than the darkness of AHS.

  24. exactly.. 1984 is fr unbearable from start to finish just filled w a bunch of boring and predictable plot points and storytelling

  25. only find myself rewatching the first 3 seasons and ive tried rewatching all of them, asylum is for sure my favorite the rest of the series just doesnt reach the standard of murder house asylum and coven i wish they had continued casting credible actors already popular in the horror genre like casting james cromwell for asylum or kathy bates for coven now its like anyone whos been in a ryan murphy production is gonna be in this damn show whether their style of acting fits the show or not its a huge bummer

  26. murder house asylum and coven are top tier end credits they're all perfect and nostalgic but id say redtide end credits is probably my favorite which is surprising cause i hate double feature with a passion, s2 is my favorite of all seasons im excited for you to pick up on pepper and sister mary eunice storylines :3

  27. its crazy how ahs is able to produce so many bad tv shows/episodes ? like consecutively ? i didnt know this was green lit for a second season i wish it hadnt

  28. two dollars twenty is my personal favorite parkitect youtuber he only does cities skylines now cause he wasnt getting any views on his parkitect vids but id highly recommend

  29. sooo stunning thank you!!!! the tatami lamp ๐Ÿ˜

  30. this is awesome i love the design of the boats , and the incorporated water effect !! the whole map is great

  31. Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you ๐Ÿ˜„ how is your Disney Sea inspired park coming along?

  32. ofc!! & welllll im an idiot bc when i saw the new geometric shapes mod i uninstalled the old shapes mod which means it removed all the shapes i had placed in the game lmao idk why i didnt think that would happen so im in the process of adding the shapes back in it set me back a bit ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  33. this definitely makes me wanna suffer through the lag and add interior to my builds this project is looking outstanding <3 ___ <3

  34. This is one of the best buildings Iโ€™ve ever seen! ๐Ÿคฏ Any chance this will be uploaded to the workshop?

  35. i have to finish the backstage area and the garden / extended queue then ill have the blueprint ready rly appreciate the compliment ๐Ÿ˜‡

  36. much appreciate ! thank you ๐Ÿ˜‡

  37. i started doing this too even tho they arent useful in anyway its still nice just to have it there since some ppl in real life have trouble getting up and down the stairs

  38. thats what i was wondering like if it affects their behavior at all

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