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  1. Allow me to clarify: anonymous posting allows PR to post on anything and we would never know. I agree with you on everything. My post was more for the skeptics who may think this is a “Konspiracy”. I don’t. I think with everything going on these past few weeks, it’s undeniable now.

  2. By anonymous posting do you mean from a fake account or from the actual anon account? Bc I did not know either was a thing on reddits?

  3. I think if she wants to go crunchy she should do it without pain meds after. However, as someone who is allergic to pain meds and had mine out at 21 years old and could only take tylonel the pain was worse than almost any other pain I’ve had. Do not recommend.

  4. i got mine out last year and it was the worst pain i’d ever experienced. i couldn’t imagine doing that without painkillers whatsoever, or even ibuprofen for the swelling. it’s crazy uncomfortable

  5. Ya I had my tonsils and adnoids out at the same time with no painkillers. That first week I thought I was going to die. Cannot take any type of opioid, no perc no morphine no oxcy nothing and no NSAIDS either.

  6. Sorry, that I meant - they can't disprove the fact that they're shitty people. Miscommunication!

  7. Yes and I have agreed this whole time, they are shitty people! I was more commenting at your reaction towards peoples opinions on their outfits, which quite simply is an opinion.

  8. Ah, I see. That makes sense. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  9. Is the second pic a post from Jenna's dad? Aden sucks but her dad should let her handle the co-parenting relationship. He's going to do more harm than good, if she wants to post this fine but it's not his job/right to do so.

  10. No. Her dads name is Matt. That’s Jenna Instagram hence the “Jronnan”

  11. Okay. Why did it say “even went as fas as to say….” Because she’s 100% not the only person to go through this. Pppl get cheated on all the time and ppl go back to cheating and abusive partners all the time. So that made me giggle that they phrase it like that.

  12. I'm sorry, I'm 33 years old and still have to follow my moms rules if I go to her house. My granny's too! Actually unless I have a husband my grandmother will not let me spend the night in the same bed with a man . And honestly how hard is it to just sleep in the couch??? I agree her mom is a little unhinged and pretty judgmental but her rules weren't that hard to follow and if he did just stare at her when she looked in the room he does need to stay at home.

  13. Now I do think a lot of the change was literally her losing weight at least in the first few years. HOWEVER. I honestly don’t think they count fillers or Botox as plastic surgery, or as a procedure. I think that they fully believe if it’s not something they are being put under for with a bad recovery that it’s not what it is. Because they all say “you’re crazy I have only had X procedures” even tho there is very clearly other alterations. Idk if that makes sense.

  14. “Live in the moment” posting continuously about everything but the wedding during the wedding

  15. Wait I thought Kanye bought the house across from her? Or is there another house that I missed?

  16. No this (Ye buying the house) is the true version (as far as I can see and have seen), why would kim move from her house?

  17. I did like the amount of old money grandness LVP brought on the show but it seem like she was in too much with production.

  18. I think she’s in an abusive relationship with rose colored glasses on, who is a new mom with raging hormones.

  19. Jennas story breaks my heart. Just because someone may grow up in a nice house doesn’t mean their parents are good.

  20. Have you not seen the countless videos of him sniffing on women’s and little girls hairs?

  21. Not a reach at all. I may be wrong but she didn’t post a single picture of the actual wedding, anything about Kourtney, or anything that would give away she’s there at all. It has been centered around her and Pete.

  22. D&G uses it in a lot of their clothing and themes regardless, but I think travis has it tatttooed on his head

  23. Can anyone explain what the hell she meant by DV does not mean drug vision or whatever the hell she said. I did not understand that and she deleted it when I went to look

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