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  1. We need a McCullar or Bryson leadership right now. KO is not that kind of leader and I was hoping Harmon would be that guy.

  2. What in the hell is this team doing?

  3. Speaking of Joey McGuire/football I’m really excited to see who the new commit is. Seems like a huge one since pretty much every coach has tweeted about it, from Emmet Jones to Zarnell Fitch

  4. Read it's a WR from Odessa. Big and fast.

  5. Oklahoma tried a fake FG up 14-0 late in the first quarter. Since then, they were outscored 34-51 and lost in OT.

  6. When you try to out cajones JFM.

  7. Shake it off Shough. You got this!

  8. Got to be the first time I've seen Bradley outrun the coverage lmao

  9. Why can't we just fucking close it out? This team is killing me.

  10. Does Iowa St not have another qb?

  11. If Hoso really cared about Abhora, they would have let them continue the joke to hide the pain. And if you really wanted to talk to Abhora and apologize or whatever you go somewhere else. Then she had the audacity to blame Abhora for them being ridiculous. I can't even.

  12. What an awful game. I really hope Kittley learns how to run the damn ball after this. 3 outstanding RBs and we just choose to throw when running was working like a charm

  13. Best I can give you is running Shough repeatedly.

  14. He’s doing fine with our personnel, knee jerk reactions aside.

  15. And McGuire said we'd play complimentary football when asked about those reservations. 🙃

  16. For a second year in a row we lose to a tech team that is worse talent wise to send them to a fucking bowl game

  17. If Kittley passes the ball even once, I will go on a rampage that no one is safe from.

  18. I wish nothing, but the best for TSJ. Dude gave his all when he was with us, he just had a lot of injuries during his time here. He always had the talent and athleticism, just needed to string it all together. Hope yall win the B10!

  19. I think Saint got a little too tipsy by the time they got back to the stage after the dress change. I'm not sure these are going to be a positive for Saint by the end of it. I enjoyed listening to Aiden though.

  20. Tech started off very strong but Tech completely outplayed Tech there towards the end of the half. Tech really needs to change something because Tech has looked dangerous.

  21. Brittana is a poorly written ship entirely carried by Naya's acting and being one of the few bits of lesbian rep at the time.

  22. ... I actually kind of agree with this... 👀

  23. Adedire is going to be a beast for the next 2-3 years.

  24. I wonder if a single block didn’t get blown up lol

  25. Can't imagine who would blow their block assignment....

  26. Astrud has great looks, but her whining is just annoying. Plus, the switch up from defending Abhora to the pretentious comment was a huge side eye. Why do queens bitch about being safe/top in front of the bottom queens? It's so annoying. Glad Koco came to play this floorshow. It was pure Koco Caine and fit the context perfectly. I thought Evah's performance was one of the best, but I understand the Boulet's critiques. I don't think Abhora or Kendra fit the theme, but I think you have a better case for Abhora's at least. Kendra is a performer, but she still can't elevate her looks to match her stage presence.

  27. She tends to always do multiple face looks, same patterns/fabrics? And whoever made that post about her looks always being too busy has been hella correct. It's just too much to take in and usually muddles the look.

  28. This was a winnable game even with the refs. We just absolutely did everything wrong after that. The long passes, the 4th downs, and just everything to do with the offense. This game is more on Mcguire and Kittley than the refs.

  29. Is Matt wells wearing a Mcguire mask?

  30. Mona/Mike. Because sometimes it just works.

  31. Aria and Holden. Every rewatch I am gutted they don’t work out

  32. I'd agree, but Aria doesn't deserve Holden.

  33. Have you spoken to your Top Store Leader about your manager? I'd recommend try bringing these issues to them first, then to HR if nothing is done. But you don't need your manager's approval to transfer anywhere. They can hold you up to 30 days, but if you are accepted they can't block it.

  34. Just looked up the manager and I guess some things never change

  35. We should ride Morton the rest of the season to give him experience. Clearly, Smith nor Shough bring anything better. The biggest problem that needs to be fixed though is Kittley. He has got to gameplan better and work with our teams strengths (or more accurately hide our deficiencies.) Baylor was rushing three and gave us a light box and we have 2 great rbs. Run the damn ball and when they load the box, take the damn top off. Shit I'd kill for some screens or sweeps... But nothing. It's like he purposely chooses plays we don't have the personnel for. It blows my mind!

  36. We got outplayed and outcoached. Baylor wanted it more and had an actual gameplan that matched up against us. We're just a paper tiger. All that hype and hope was for naught.

  37. While there was some horseshit calls, we still lost this game anyways. Our oline was bad, our defense couldn't contain, and Kittley called the worst game I've seen. It was like he found a play book of guaranteed failures and felt lucky. Like... Why are we trying to have long developing plays with what we have at Oline?

  38. Hoso voting for Yovska seemed like a real wishy-washy move.

  39. That's why you never vote 3rd party. Wasted vote. Smh

  40. I took an order yesterday with 6 of them and 4 of them were on the top rack of the cart. 😫 I'm too short for all that 😂

  41. Playing our most complete game all season with the addition of UT and A&M losing. Feels good man.

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