1. Dude, that Glow Recipe, Herbivore, REN trio is lit. I had to grab it. I can’t believe it’s only $35. It’s like 3 great full-sized products for less than the price of 1.

  2. I used Bluebird Lacquer Call Me Paddy with Formula X for Sephora Demeter on the accent nail.

  3. They have. Their plan is "look flummoxed for a bit, voter sees that and thinks 'well gee howdy that Good Christian Man up there can't figure out a solution to this problem, sure would be nice if this problem could get some sort of final solution so he wouldn't have to be so confused about it'".

  4. I got the Pat McGrath blush palette. Literally the only reason I didn’t skip GB this month.

  5. Only by spilling it 🫣 and it was a BKL polish

  6. But the bigger question: was there a hello fresh ad in the video?

  7. I cashed in 2,000 points and got all of this for $16.26 out of pocket:

  8. Have you tried the Nest lime and matcha scent yet?

  9. Nope. Sounds nice though. I can’t wait to smell it. I love Nest candles. 🙂

  10. Hun there is a dick shaped object in her undies

  11. I had the same options and opted to keep the DE. I like that they gave us a choice.

  12. Oh you got the same stuff I did. It took me 45 minutes to make my choices because I hated every option. I always say I'm done. But goddamn my bag sucked.

  13. OMG yes I couldn’t believe the choices. I want to complain to Ipsy, but I guess that would be pointless.

  14. My PPU order is finally arriving tomorrow. I’m so glad I got this one.

  15. Hehe thanks. January was my first PPU. I’m very excited.

  16. Can’t choose on my main account but was able to on my second account. I’m pissed. I wanted to pause GB #2. I can’t pause #1 because of GBX. Ipsy had better fix this before choice is closed. 😤

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