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  1. Lol, talk about completely running out of arguments.

  2. I didn't run out of anything. I just realized you weren't coherent enough to keep up, and you definitely don't plan on having an honest dialogue. I only have so much time to waste in a day.

  3. Wish you luck on your brave fight for freedom lol. Bye.

  4. Well shit. I also agree that we need a European army. Does that make me a fasvist now?

  5. Should’ve killed each and every one of them if you ask me, cowards! 1-1 is good … 8-1 is pure cowardness.

  6. You start shit, you don't get to complain about getting hit.

  7. Covid most likely. Admitting to that would make the country explode, so a fake coup makes for a better story.

  8. If anything I appreciate the vivid imagination.

  9. Which reuters is now legitimising just like a good propaganda outlet would.

  10. Jews wanting to pray at their most holy site on their most holy day. How utterly horrible/s what is horrible is the vitriolic attempts to,stop,them.

  11. I love how you talk of settlers as if they were normal people and not the ethno religious extremists that they actually are.

  12. They are Jews living in their homeland. That is all you know. You do not know that they are “Settlers” living in Judaea and Samaria or ”ordinary Israelis living in Jerusalem and tel Aviv. Unless of course all Israelis are “settlers” but then< there is nothing they can do to satisfy you.

  13. Idk most of the engineers (women included) I went to school with or worked with were dying to have a FAANG(MAANG?) stint on their resume.

  14. One has to wonder who even buy this bullshit. Russians aren't exactly known for their religious fervour.

  15. Palestinians need better allies and military equipment.

  16. More money isn't higher quality of life, especially when the downside is living in fascism.

  17. Ah, yes, China, the well known fascist AND communist regime.

  18. Great job with your propaganda of irrelevance statistics and distraction.

  19. So the people with skills that actually matter are moving to China for better opportunities?

  20. Not even sure why this is different from what the Fed does. The Fed was buying stocks a couple months ago.

  21. The difference is that mentioning that it's standard practice in many financial markets is wHAtaBoUtiSm. The only apropruate response is cHynA bAd and something about Xi the pOoH

  22. Do Russians even buy this religion bs anymore?

  23. Tankies support a fascist dictator with connections to right-wing groups the world over? What?

  24. Wait, Stalin was a fascist? So we can stop blaming communism for Stalin now? Cool!

  25. I thought they simply put features together like lego bricks to create one program

  26. I thought the exact opposite that everyone would be coding in something like assembly but where everyone was named X, Y or Z. And how you went from that to working software was completely besides me.

  27. To be fair, most countries would do the same if they got invaded.

  28. So it's a sign of desperation when Russia does it but it's perfectly cool and normal when Ukraines does it?

  29. If China wanted to help, they would have told Russia to cut it out months ago.

  30. How can China call for this type of negotiation when they are actively pursuing violence against the people of Taiwan? This hypocrisy gets more ridiculous by the hour.

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