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  1. Just here to spread the good word of Im-sama's Holy Astral Priests. We know Rayleigh, Garp, and sickly Whitebeard weren't too old to still be powerful.

  2. Constantinople was beautifully colorful, probably my number 1.

  3. Butler Borsalino is just fun alliteration. If you'd prefer something more authoritative I'm also willing to call him Cuisine Kizaru or Admiral Snackbar.

  4. Wtf are you saying? Scars is something permanent. Wounds can healed and disappeared. BB scars shanks is equal to oden scars kaido. Mihawk is weaker than guraless BB 12 years ago. Its fact.

  5. Blackbeard getting Orochi's fruit is a cool idea. I definitely felt like it was the most squandered fruit in the series in Orochi's possession.

  6. Yeah I always saw odyssey as the game explains the birth of the templars. Even though people raged at me because the cult of chaos was apparently different (it really isn’t).

  7. The Templars have three foundings (Cain, Smenkhkare, and Alfred). None of them are in Odyssey, although Smenkhkare's Order cameos in the First Blade dlc.

  8. Thanks for the explaination. Might explain a little why I don’t really like the modern day stuff so far and mostly try to get back to the actual assassin prt of it? Just seems kinda confusing even after researching lore and story of past games

  9. The modern story was best in 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3 (Desmond era). After that it mostly lost its way and got convoluted trying to introduce new lore and artifacts (Juno era). It seemed like it was about to come back strong after Syndicate then instead punted the climax to a comic. Did a reboot (Layla era) that hasn't regained traction and now it seems like the modern portions will no longer be in upcoming games.

  10. Or... Three full games with Bayek and Aya, ancient Rome instead of Greece, etc

  11. It was just as interruptable, what you mean? There was just less of it because the game overall was shorter.

  12. Cutscenes are skippable. Missions are engaging. Being an office worker just means my free time that was supposed to be fun pirating is spent fixing servers and re-sitting through conversations I've already seen.

  13. Those cutscenes weren’t skippable tho? And if you’re praising them for being skippable, that means you acknowledge they told a worse story than the other games MD

  14. No, I'm saying I've played every AC before and when I'm replaying for the gameplay I'd rather be able to either totally disengage while the scene that I've already seen replays or engage with an actual modern mission.

  15. TIL TCB has ads. I suppose it makes sense; it just never occurred to me.

  16. OP was probably doing animus research when they found this

  17. but at the end of the day, haki still stomps over everything. even a hax fruit needs to be paired with a haki to compete with the top tier.

  18. And what can you do with haki but no fighting style? Unless you're adept with Conquerors, you can't do anything but defend and hope your defense can withstand whatever attacks come at it, including those that use durability-negating shockwaves, focused water bullets, finger bullets, slash kicks, skull crushing claws, etc.

  19. i mean you have kaido ang big mom whos near invincible with haki alone. killer and law is like the only exception who can straight up ignore armor and hurt you internally. all these different fighting style wont do shit without haki and even when they have haki, its still useless if its inferior. haki is just a no-fun magic system oda made, lets stop pretending its not.

  20. Jinbe still resisted Big Mom's named attack then returned, unharmed, to punch her off the Sunny with his clearly inferior haki and gyojin karate

  21. Nothing beats the flags in AC1. But it sounds like you were looking for something else, so I'll say the shopping lists in AC3.

  22. I hated that the lists often paid less than the items' value if sold via convoy. It would be giving them £1500 worth of goods plus however much time/money spent crafting/pickpocketing/etc for a £500 payout. It just wasn't worth doing.

  23. What makes you think Jinbei can beat Kisame? I'm not caught up yet so maybe I'm missing something?

  24. The guy having his tea tested for poison wouldn't be going to get personally involved in a fight involving a Yonko crew unless he's seriously confident in victory.

  25. He'll be in Elbaf with some connection/rivalry/etc with Thor

  26. CP0 isn't yc1. The rest is mostly good; not gonna nitpick.

  27. This totally won't be used to support my new Guernica>Lucci agenda....

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