1. Couldn’t agree more. Coming from black out Warzone didn’t even really feel like a battle royale but I think it worked during MW2019. The second Cold War came out and they started adding their weapons which were completely unbalanced and broken, just so that people would use them, is really when I took a dive for me. Every time they released new weapons they would immediately become meta for how over powered they were. Wasn’t a huge fan of verdansk 1984 either but it was still playable but then when caldera came out and the excuse of a cod vanguard, I stopped playing. So definitely excited to hope back into wz2

  2. It's a sequential, to shift down it needs a throttle input, or activate auto blimp

  3. Take the disadvantages of lmgs (slow moving, slow ads and slow reload) and take away the one advantage lmgs have (large ammo capacity) and now you have the L85 or sa85 whatever it was called in this game.

  4. it has consistent and good ttk, and very long range. i dont know if that is a worthy trade off, but you need to give credit where its due

  5. It’s not a terrible gun in the game there’s just better ones. Like I think as an lmg there are better choices and then if you set it up as sort of an ar there are better ar’s. So I think the reasoning gets rated so low in the community is that it’s just kind of forgotten about.

  6. you should remove the wheel and then turn it back on to see if the base alone turns as well. to rule out that it is a conflict between the wheel and the base.

  7. When I turned it off and unplugged the wheel base then plugged it back in it stopped rotating. I’ve just been having an issue where sometimes if I hit a curb in iracing or acc it will disconnect the wheel. Than this time it disconnected and started spinning. So I guess I was just trying to see if this happened to anyone else.

  8. Exactly this, but noooo let’s make a video instead….

  9. I turned it off immediately then when I turned it back on it started doing it again so I took the video reel quick then turned it off again and unplugged it.

  10. It's one of those potpourri things with the old shriveled fruit and vegetables in it. Moms always have them 😅😅

  11. Incredible 😂 at least it will smell nice if you have a crash.

  12. lancia 037 is a mid rear engine car, which makes it slightly rear heavy. It should therefore be a little bit understeery and then snap oversteer. no?

  13. Absolutely I’m just saying you get more of that in dirt rally where as in wrc I find it almost to easy to drive. Idk just my opinion

  14. Whole group B is a mess in WRC. At first I foolishly thought that with WRC10 they finally clicked for me so I excitedly launched dr2, hopped into the sportsquattro and wrapped myself around the first tree.

  15. That’s kind of what I mean. Like in wrc they are almost too easy to drive but in dr2 every car has unique handling and characteristics

  16. Its happened before, it just feels like it's gotten worse as the cars I've unlocked have gotten faster

  17. Yea no it’s frustrating as hell. Idk if you have attempted the Le Mans circuit experience yet but the wobble was so bad on mine that it was impossible to drive. If you goto the fanatec forums and look for the recommended settings it will help a little. You can also go into the games settings and turn the force feedback down but that then ruins the whole point of having a direct drive wheel. On of the most recent patches seemed to help reduce the wobble but it’s still not great. Really disappointing that this wheel was developed with this game specifically in mind and it has this big of a problem.

  18. I've been enjoying racing online since GT7 came out, and there are the odd bad racer or two. But man, this Trial Mountain daily is bringing out the absolute worst in people for some reason. In 2 seperate races tonight I was purposely pushed/hit and received the penalty. It's like they've figured out how to force a penalty onto someone.

  19. I have a B/S rating as well and at one point on the back straight four cars ahead of me all had 5 second penalties from ramming each other. I don’t know why this week has gotten so bad

  20. I’m looking forward to Le Mans the last week but I’m praying next season is better.

  21. You were penalized because the penalty system in this game is terrible.

  22. How do you enable these lines? Is it a separate mod for crew chief

  23. I’m glad people think BO4 was as bad as I thought it was and vanguard is boring as hell. But I don’t know why IW and MW2019 gets so much hate. My only 2 complaints about IW was the loot boxes and that it was more or less a clone of BO3, but BO3 might have been my favorite cod of all time. So that being said IW to me was more of a game that I loved with a slightly different style. MW2019 I’ll admit at the beginning I hated, but once you learned the mechanics it was incredibly. It brought me back to Cod 4 and mw 2. The complex maps weren’t bad, in fact mw’s maps were probably my favorite in the season. They weren’t just these 3 lane snooze fests that I feel have been a plague on cod. 3 lane maps add no creative or ability to break over powered positions. You can’t flank around when all the other team has to do is watch, at maximum, three directions. I hope the next game we get is more of what we had in MW2019

  24. Have you tried doing the Le Mans circuit experience? It’s borderline impossible because the force is so strong it forces the wheel to wobble around so trying to turn while your wheel is wobbling around is really fun.

  25. You can adjust the dampening in the wheel or turn down the torque in game but then it makes the ffb super weak feeling

  26. This is pretty disappointing. Happy to have another group 3 car but beyond that it really isn’t much. Spa doesn’t change at all other then the start finish line. Only interesting thing is that the Wrx group 3 car seems to be very strong currently so will this new brz be it’s replacement?

  27. I passed a guy in this race last night on the straight between t1 and t2 just to get rammed into t2 and got a 5 second causing collision penalty somehow? But managed to catch him and overtake him again and won. So some races are just filled with bad drivers but you can still get a good result.

  28. Even on consoles, the aim sensitivity acceleration or deadzone is much worse on analog sticks after coming from BF4. BF4 feels smooth with accurate analog inputs. This game is a lost cause. Best we just all forget about it.

  29. I had this game on pc and PS4. When I played on console my sim always felt like it was “lagging”. Like I’d move the stick and then after a second the game would react. It felt so weird and borderline impossible to play. My friends didn’t seem to experience this problem but it drove me crazy. I’m guessing that might have been my problem was that I never disabled the acceleration or messed with the dead zones.

  30. The gt wheel isn’t identifying correctly and it says I have a csl elite wheel. Because of this none of the gt specific dials are working on the wheel. Also going down straights at high speed causes the wheel to violently wobble ( as seen in the video). Can anyone help me fix these issues? I have updated the firmware and I’m still getting these issues.

  31. Why do you think the wobble is an issue? The car isn’t just gonna stay straight. The wheel is going to self steer as the tires move my man. Any racing game with any FFB wheel is going to do this because it’s simulating reality

  32. I couldn’t hold he wheel and record unfortunately. I get that there’s wobble but it’s so bad even with both my hands on the wheel I can’t keep it straight.

  33. I have this same issue and my firmware is up to date and it still doesn’t recognize my gt wheel

  34. I'm looking for a team of newer drivers. 900IR and rising. This is my first endurance race but I know nurburgring pretty well and will be practicing a lot. Open to any time slots. Based in California. Hit me up!

  35. Absolutely is your discord the same as your username?

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