1. I didn’t like the helmet, but I loved Willem DaFoe playing the role.

  2. I had a huge grin on my face during that whole scene - so, so good. They're killing it so far with the tone & cultural nods.

  3. The directors/writers for this show are really good at doing the slice of life aspect of it.

  4. Facts. I love how this show has felt

  5. There’s no way he gets more than Watson, but yeah, Lamar should get a fully guaranteed contract. NFL should move to this anyways. The way things are now is trash for these players

  6. Nothing’s wrong with it, but I am a bit bored with the state of the MCU. We have no idea what’s going on

  7. Nah you right. It’ll be here for a while. I’m just a bit bored

  8. More like Harry Potter and the Cursed project, amirite?

  9. So? It’s still fire and so is Iman Vellani.

  10. I will never switch from flower to carts. They are vastly different

  11. Let’s go Quake!! Bring her back! I’m ready!

  12. I think you should have separate D+ shows for each mutant that eventually leads up to that mutant joining the X-Men in a movie.

  13. But if they did a series the cgi would be poor and the episodes tend to only be half hour anyway

  14. I think they’d still put just as much money into each episode of a D+ series as a movie

  15. HBOMax would make sense if you wanted to brush it under the rug, but they could still make money off it due to Keaton coming back. I’m watching it and planning to bring my parents to it, so I doubt they’ll forego cash for it, but you never know with the streaming wars

  16. And my friend, that’s a WIN for us and for Disney/Marvel

  17. Hahaha, no bad my friend. Not bad at all

  18. Dormammu would devour the earth and Tiamut with it

  19. Let’s get a fresh, clean start. Someone new that no one knows about, that can actually act, and loves DC/flash

  20. This guy has definitely seen 30 Rock, and I’m here for it

  21. He took a team that won six games over two seasons to the Super Bowl. They beat Mahomes in Arrowhead after being down 18 at the half. They beat the top seed Titans on the road despite Burrow getting sacked a playoff high NINE TIMES. That certainly says something about what he’s done.

  22. I’d say it’s more ab Burrow and the team than Zac Taylor

  23. You don’t run with Perine there Zac Taylor 👀

  24. From an interview with Jessica Williams:

  25. I love this and her voice in SoD even more now—the movie still sucked but she was solid in it

  26. I’m not sure we have the technology to test for his DNA in his webbing

  27. I would change the ghost of Gwen’s dad thing and make it so either he was alive at the end of TASM and died in the beginning of the second movie, which would fundamentally change Peter and Gwen’s relationship in the beginning of the second movie

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