Can we please stop abbreviating games with little to no context?

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  1. The only thing that carries over is the food. Which food are you using? I'm not sure about the health potion overheal. The outfit definitely does not carry over.

  2. Not too bad, especially going in cold. Somewhere in the middle, as most everyone has better and worse endings availble.

  3. Fosho , these comments are making me want to replay it now for sure. I've never replayed a single player game including games with ng+ , but I want to continue playing DBH and it seems like i should cause there are better endings for all.

  4. The replay for different endings is probably the biggest unique point of DBH.

  5. Plenty of roast meats, probably some stews. Mother's Cradle is shown as a fishing village. Other than that, not a lot shown and canon.

  6. Troy is a member of David’s group around 1:50 in the trailer. Ashley is the woman holding the baby around 1:30.

  7. Do the guide slazenger7 wrote/posted.

  8. That's interesting I guess if you like science, but I honestly was just saying that they aren't an exact match so it's expected that they aren't exactly the same. I mean look at Aloy and Beta. They are complete opposites of each other. We never actually get to see Elisabet other than through data points and holograms. We don't even know enough about her to make most comparisons.

  9. That's not the only difference. But either way, you're proving my point that having the same or similar dna doesn't mean 2 people will be exactly the same.

  10. I'm agreeing with you and paraphrasing the bonding scene.

  11. Great suggestions. If you want to go a little more obscure in terms of storytelling, these are great too:

  12. Life is Strange is great for story, but probably not AAA.

  13. All you can do is clean it how exactly? Are you opening it up at all or just the outside?

  14. Like what? Like in the world Aloy alone will suddenly be in shadow when there's nothing that should be casting a shadow? I've submitted a few of those in the bug report form. Images would help: you could post them to your reddit profile and post the links in here.

  15. The rule that is supposed to be followed for abbreviation is when the abbreviation is first used it MUST be spelled out in parentheses immediately after.

  16. Or if you are in a context that already establishes it. If I'm posting in the Path of Exile subreddit or on a post about Path of Exile, then I don't need to specify that PoE stands for Path of Exile.

  17. People even assume the subreddit gives enough context.

  18. How do you play power over Ethernet?

  19. I was playing around with the photomode in the Spiderman games recently. It was a ton of fun messing with the poses and taking selfies. And I kept wishing I could do it with Max & Chloe.

  20. Yeah and Peter Parker is a photographer by trade as well

  21. Which PS4 model, have you opened it ever, are you using any USB devices?

  22. Been a while, but I remember getting better results by tying down multiple and waiting for the first one to let me critical strike it.

  23. Where are you actually located would be helpful

  24. But why would you use a 70-200? At least they're using an L lens...

  25. Put the top cover back on for the same amount of time and compare

  26. EternallyRose got you covered as to the exact why. How did you try to post it? Like from mobile app, desktop, which page? I'm always curious about the human factors of why people miss labels and instructions.

  27. Instead of diffusing the bomb, you could try defusing it…

  28. Hooked on phonics has its limitations

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