1. Remember when she was a skunk for Halloween when she was a baby? I loved that so much my husband got me a skunk costume for our cats lol

  2. Omfg LOL his look is everything. How do I do those image things? I have a funny one of my three as Batman, the joker, and robin

  3. Lmaoo!!! She was also soooo salty when Kim changed it to “congratulations” instead of “surprise” for Kourt

  4. Kendall smokes pre rolls or cones. khloe can roll an L if her nails are short enough. Kourt only takes small bong rips. Kim strictly carts. I don’t know why but I don’t really see Kylie enjoying to smoke, but if she does I bet she smokes high grade shatter in a fancy ass rig lol

  5. I don’t understand why Kris said there was no way to get the whole thing dialed in. There was no way to make a phone call to Scott?

  6. When you’re a billionaire anything is possible

  7. Potomac! It’s the only other one I’ve gotten into besides BH. It’s reality tv gold!

  8. A million percent this!!! Don’t skip a minute either

  9. still in unbelief, obviously it was Louie's idea!!!???

  10. Either that or tre know Dolores can only keep quiet for so long. Real best friends will eventually say the truth. LETS HOPE SHE DOES ASAP

  11. he literally does not move at all while Kylie is out here doing 3 diff poses lmfaoo

  12. It’s starting to remind me of rhonj rn if anyone watches with the love bombing and love bubbles

  13. i think if Pete backs out and ends the relationship whether real or PR it would make her crumble

  14. she is no longer listed under the list of sub moderators, do you think she was removed?

  15. kyle running out of the building like it was on fire was hysterical

  16. The scene in Amsterdam where Kim Richards made claims about Lisa Rinna’s husband so Lisa almost reached across the table to choke Kim before throwing a glass of wine at Kim and Brandi. Then Lisa grabbed another glass and smashed it like she was going to use it as a weapon while screaming “don’t talk about my husband!”

  17. the way lisa rose slowly and the lighting of the restaurant it was so intense lmao!!!

  18. Kanye couldn’t come back with the hologram for Travis to ask it permission?

  19. lmao stop imagine kim ugly crying on the side watching "this is amazing"

  20. the kourt i got to know on the E! show would have not only wanted her children present, but would have appreciated their involvement in the proposal. at the very least a scene of travis sitting with the kids privately prior would have been special. P felt left out - shes just a kid its so sad honestly.

  21. P hanging up was so sad. i imagine my mom not including me and thats crushing. gram was wrong big time.. and having travs kids there made it worse imo

  22. Putting my last “I wish Kylie didn’t wear the hat” here, you’re right I gotta move on

  23. I’m surprised it didn’t rip believe it or not

  24. Lmaooo idc if I’m a cornball that joke applies

  25. Its like xerox- pleasers is the name of the brand that manufactures stripper heels, but they got so famous people use “stripper heels” and “pleasers” interchangeably. Obviously strippers/exotic dancers’ job is to please the audience, thus the name.

  26. i agree its that tacky like silver lol she probs thought no one would even see then

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