1. Spoken exactly like someone who is not an undefeated back to back 3 World Wars champion.

  2. Not saying they aren't cool or anything, but people need to be honest about the capabilities of the weapon. There are much better options for often less money in today's consumer market.

  3. I've had inner and outer tie rod ends for my Protege sitting on my shelf for 2 and a half years.

  4. My GUESS (meaning I am not an expert):

  5. As others have said, 7M-GTE blows headgaskets like a mid-2000s EJ25. However, if the motor itself is fine, there are aftermarket solutions that can almost completely fix that issue.

  6. The tilted gauge in #5 had me doin a concern for a minute

  7. that’s encouraging information for sure, but it could still have suffered catastrophe since. i don’t wanna discourage you, but folks can be slimy when it comes to the resale of jdm classics with obd1 ports. it’s tougher to diagnose issues on cars so old, plus there’s like 0 parts support and not a ton of shops are willing to touch them depending on where you are and what’s close to you.

  8. A buddy of mine went to look at an Integra one time. He looked at the engine bay, everything looked fine, went for a test drive and it drove fine and everything.

  9. Buy an aftermarket "performance" exhaust, because if you get something stock-ish/OE because it's cheaper, you'll immediately wish you would have bought an aftermarket "performance" exhaust instead.

  10. I like my Griffen threaded barrel with micro carry comp. 🤷

  11. Out of curiosity, how did you decide on turbo vs supercharger? I'm definitely more of a turbo guy myself, but I'm also not a V8 guy.

  12. The good thing is just how many Ford 8.8s are out there. Makes finding a new one easy and definitely a lot of upgrade parts out there for them

  13. It's amazing how easy it is to find an entire 8.8 rear axle - diff, hubs, calipers, brake lines, everything - for under $300 on Facebook marketplace or out of a junkyard.

  14. I used to have a Toyota Sequoia.

  15. FWIW, black exhaust wrap fades in my experience after a few runs. I've used it on motorcycles and after like 3 rides it loses color and is very white. I'd then take the exhaust off and spray paint it with black exhaust paint with the wrap on and then it would be fine for a few years.

  16. I work LTL, and all the people in the office while waiting for paperwork have been talking about this for weeks, and how we are almost out of diesel because Biden or something. I don't quite understand the mental gymnastics they're going through to equate "reserves are lower than typical" to "we are almost out of diesel fuel for good", but that's exactly what they're doing.

  17. Not the media really, the oil companies put out 'statements' & release 'Announcements'. Next thing you know there's no toilet paper & we're all scratching our collective heads wondering why. The media don't run the oil giants, look in the opposite direction.

  18. Not even close. Carolina sag guys are probably the worst. Right up there with people who put tons of camber on all their tires.

  19. I'm a function over form type of person. I'm okay with form over function type of people.

  20. I was about to say this. I started driving in 2012 and it had got progressively worse. I’ve started calling drivers out if they are in the fuel island for more than 15 min. It should really take you no more than ten min to fill up your truck wash your windshield and throw your garbage away. Pull up go inside use the head buy your road snack and get out of the way. If you are doing anything other than those things you need to find a parking spot. I’ve seen guys walk out of the truck stop with their shower bag and wet hair and get in a truck parked on the fuel island.

  21. I drive LTL at night. It's to the point with the sitting on the fuel island that I cannot stop at a typical truck stop. If I do, I am locked there for 20 minutes waiting for someone to move off of the fuel island, even though not a single one of them is getting fuel. So unless I am about to use the bathroom while sitting in the driver seat, I have to avoid all truck stops. At first, it was just the big five for the most part, but now it's literally almost every truck stop I go to during the night time.

  22. Some further things you need to explain:

  23. It's a Volvo 740. All you gotta do is put some gas in it and jump start it. They don't even need oil to run.

  24. I once bought a 1997 S90 for $1,000. When I bought the car they told me the heater didn't work because they bypassed the heater core. Which was fine because it was summer in Florida and you can usually survive winter without a heater. Well, the heater core was definitely unconnected, but instead of using a bypass kit they just capped the lines.

  25. If you watch the video I linked, they drain the oil and coolant, put dirt and pennies in the crankcase, and bounced it off the rev limiter. Took it 30 mins of that to start to knock.

  26. Pretty much any 4 cyl Honda is a good option. Older B series motors have plenty of aftermarket available, and the newer K series are one of the most common swap motors alongside the LS. I admittedly don't know shit about the D series engines.

  27. Dumb question: what's the point of the rotor retention screw? The wheel would secure the rotor via the lugs, so why bother with a specific retention bolt?

  28. It's mostly for initial assembly. It helps keep the rotors in place while moving down an assembly line.

  29. Is the secret that the underside is just iron oxide powder and hope?

  30. If you ever want to pass her off let me know. Used to have one just like it.

  31. Damn, I need a Mazdaspeed MX-5 in my collection. Nice find. They're hard to even get a chance to buy.

  32. If you run a good harness bar, you still lose the back seats in terms of being able to have passengers. And you can't properly mount harnesses without a harness bar at bare minimum.

  33. It depends on what you're after. The general consensus is that building is almost always similar quality for cheaper, but the features you want can change things.

  34. There was a period of about two weeks where my schedule ended up being:

  35. Yeah that's basically my day I love it I not just sitting all day long and I get more money in my pocket and I'm not burning fuel as much I'm fueling up every 3 days sometimes every 4 days

  36. That's probably one of the reasons I did so well; this was back in 2020 with cheap fuel and I wasn't putting much fuel in at all. I think my gross wasn't necessarily much higher than normal, just a ton less expenses going back out.

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