1. It just seems to do everything a hollow point can do but better. It doesn’t expand but the flutes create a decent wound track since the bullet is spinning at such a high rate. Also its superior against hard barrier compared to jhp’s.

  2. Maybe you could find a washer? Dunno if you have room for it. That should pull the screw back enough so it never hits.

  3. This was the correct answer and the path I took. It worked great now the gap is much larger!

  4. So are baffle strikes and suppressors akin to falling from motorcycles? It's not a matter of if, but when?

  5. I compiled some tests I have managed to find online.


  7. Same. Bought a few bricks with managed expectations and was pleasantly surprised with reliability. Now accuracy is another matter. I get like 4-5 moa at 50 and it opens up to like close to 10 at 100. Its just fine for plinking up to 50.

  8. From a seated bench rested position I can eek out 2 inch groups at 25 yards and 4 inch groups at 100.

  9. I remember having a similar issue after about that amount of use and what I think happened is that my bowden tube got debris in it and was creating friction that caused similar inconsistencies. New tube fixed that.

  10. What's to complain about that they want to thoroughly inspect the can and make any needed repairs instead of shipping you a bandaid that might not get to the root of the issue?

  11. What’s to complain about is that the obsidian 45 is marketed to be compatible on 9mm platforms, conveniently omitting the high likelihood of end cap strikes in the long configuration. OP is expressing frustration having to reconcile his expectations against reality. If Rugged did not advertise this compatibility or at least revealed the likelihood of endcap strikes in the long configuration then there wouldn’t be much to complain about. OPs comment is valid.

  12. You act like the atf doesn’t browse this board. Have fun incriminating yourself, but I personally chose to invoke the fifth when I do stuff like this.

  13. Feedback has been great, that’s why I love this sub. Hope to be able to show off the finished product soon. Thanks all!

  14. he might have sot paperwork, you don't know.

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