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Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell hospitalized after fall

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  1. My history professor in college was ex-CIA. He worked in Leopoldville during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. One of the assets he supervised was a guy named Joseph Mobutu. He was not involved with the Lumumba assasination—he felt that it damaged our interests in the region. He quit the CIA as a result. He was still very angry about it in the mid 1980s.

  2. My issue with Thai cuisine is that it is hard to prepare at home unless you have a walk in spice closet and some of the ingredients are harder to find. I think I tried every Asian grocery in the area and they had no clue what I was talking about when I asked for Kaffir Lime Leaves.

  3. The lime leaves are usually in the fridge/freezer, though you can buy preserved ones in a jar that are a fine substitute.

  4. For a honky white dude, Sheridan does alright with Native American representation. 1923 has an Indian School plotline that doesn't pull punches.

  5. I think the Aunt is probably actually mad at her sister, OP is just a manifestation of her sister's irresponsibility... Literally.

  6. "In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you." such a moving delivery of what is supposed to be the mundane. so happy for him!

  7. So moving that it's easy to forget that it's subtitled.

  8. I still stand by a required test for elected officials with recurring tests each election cycle. If you have to pass a test to drive a car, or get a degree, or hell even become a US citizen from abroad... You should be tested to become elected. Just some basic knowledge shit could weed out so many fucks.

  9. Such a test would almost certainly be unconstitutional.

  10. But Putin also has his own window, and there's only so many you can push people out of their windows before someone does it to you before you can do it to them.

  11. For if you stare too long out the window, the window also outs you?

  12. Realistically? I'm in the exact same position as last year. If he's starter (likely), I want to see where we're at after 8 games. That's my breaking point. Seeing he hasn't played too many back to back games, game 4 should indicate what he is. I give it 8 games tho.

  13. There are so many HOF caliber QBs who took more than that to shine. Is half a season really all we have patience for? We've waited 30 years for a ring already...

  14. Gotta figure out how to make a Spore Drive first...

  15. Similar run in but with Darrell Hammond. He was smoking crack in an alley

  16. Or they’re just a big fan of Green Day’s older stuff

  17. Perhaps it's both and he's hoping she has the time of her life.

  18. Greek, I didn't know there was a French way, how is it pronounced in french?

  19. Did you already have the SCT for visual and added parts for Astrophotography? They're usually seen as being much more difficult to get results with.

  20. Or ohhhhrightthererightthererightthererightthererightthere! Just please be quiet for a few seconds.

  21. I'd kill the president for her. Even if she didn't ask. That way she'll know I love her

  22. Think she'd like to go see a movie? I know just the place...

  23. Oh for fuck sake I just want to know patch or full blown TJ. This just makes it more likely Trey gets month of Sept tho. Real issue is FA begins 15th and I’m pretty sure most deals are tentatively in place 3-4 days in advance(someone smart please correct me if I’m wrong).

  24. I've been waiting since 95 to win another trophy, so I've developed a little patience.

  25. Tommy John is done because there is a ton of wear and tear that over time causes the arm to lose strength. What i believe Tommy Johns does is give them that strength back, but it doesn't improve strength on a healthy arm.

  26. It's a relatively short game with a novel control scheme and a cute motif. I think it's very fun and definitely worth $5. It's pretty much a straight port of a PS2 game.

  27. I feel so spoiled. Live in a Bortle 2/3, at times I need TWO extension cords to see some of the SE skies...

  28. Children shouldn’t be on social media at all. Too many creeps get too involved and showing their faces can lead to finding said kids and kidnapping. It’s not a super common thing, but more than one is too many.

  29. I am glad for once someone beat me to what I wanted to say. He majored in chemistry and psychology, played soccer, and took bong hits. Just all around American that can speak across generations.

  30. Democratic machine in CA has decided to back Schiff, and he's not the worst candidate ever... But pales in comparison to Porter...

  31. Yeah, I'll take Porter over any pick from the Pelosi/Newsom wing of CA politics. Neoliberalism is just neoconservatism with a pink bow.

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