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Wedding party

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  1. Yup, I googled “Florida man stops” and “to pet cats” came up. Haha

  2. This is so awful. Why am I laughing so much?

  3. Thanks! (I was a little nervous that no one would get the joke.) It's a really funny movie.

  4. I thought the movie was hilarious. My kids who are grown now watched it over and over. We still reference it sometimes :) I may have tooted while laughing a few weeks ago and my daughter and I immediately remembered the movie! Ha ha

  5. I had to zoom in and do a triple take. Little dude looks almost photoshopped he’s so cute! You both look so perfect!! Lol amazing

  6. I’m just thinking of getting into needlepoint and embroidery and your work inspires me. It’s beautiful and so fresh. I love it.

  7. That’s such a kind thing to say. It honestly means so much to me. Thank you. ☺️

  8. You’re welcome! Truly! I’ve just bought a small lot of craft stuff locally online from someone downsizing and I’m so excited to see what I’m getting. I saw the Aida material and hoops in the pictures so I’m hopeful! And I live near a fabric store. I’m so lucky. I’m going to save this post for future inspiration :) all the best to you!

  9. Gorgeous! Love the frame too! It highlights your beautiful work!

  10. Thank you! I’ve always want to get one of these frames, and this project seemed perfect for it. :)

  11. It’s really beautiful and doesn’t distract from your lovely work.

  12. My extremely unscientific brain that may be slightly high simply cannot figure this out. I almost do and then I forget where I am and have to start all over.

  13. The salt will get bounced around if it's sitting on top of where the plate is vibrating hard, so it tends to settle places where the plate doesn't wiggle.

  14. Thank you for the simple explanation :)

  15. That is one soft smooth looking kitty cat belly just waiting for pets. What a sweetheart. Pet the damn cat!

  16. He got plenty of pets! He even sleeps next to me sometimes :)

  17. Yes, I’m sure he does with a soft furry belly like that one. I was just making sure, on his majestic behalf.

  18. I have a grey cat who looks just like this beauty, who also has an appreciation for the mighty blanket cave.

  19. She’s currently six months old and spent the first four months of her life living outside, I think because of this she gravitates toward being under the blankets and seeking out warm spots of the house.

  20. Wonderful that she has the luxury now that she does. My girl was also a rescue. A family member found her and a sibling behind their work at an animal feed store. Sadly the sibling didn’t make it to my place but our girl did. She weighed less than a pound, her eyes were closed and she needed help to poop. Thankfully my adult daughter was living with me and we fed her around the clock for weeks to get her well and growing. That’s a long story but the short one is that she loves tunnelling under blankets. So I often find her like this, with her face peering out. Give your girl a little extra scratch from me :)

  21. They lick it too, and some people like to have their face licked by their pets. Others kiss them in the mouth too.

  22. I let my kitten give me a few licks on the cheeks when she snuggles in to nap. But I’m an old cat lady and can do what I want ;)

  23. I felt trapped in a similar situation and thought I would be stuck there forever. I broke down and yelled at the person I was living with. After that I actually started looking for a cheap enough place to afford on my own. Miracle of miracles, I found one and moved 6 weeks later. I’ve been living here in my own 1 bedroom apartment since November 7, 2021 and I feel a thousand times better. I don’t live in constant anxiety expecting conflict and turmoil at every turn.

  24. well it's kind of funny because i've been in that position before, and had to move back, but the funny part is once you have the option to move on your own it's like the entire world opens up, and the extremely ironic/funny part is I am actually more relaxed around the people is started to resent before, because we don't have to see each other all the time. i can leave whenever I want, that gives a certain freedom which I severely lack right now.

  25. It does feel like the world has opened back up for me :) I’m glad to be back in it!

  26. Pay off my debt and then give some to my adult kids and spend a little on something special for me :)

  27. This is a cool fact! I’m Canadian but have been lucky enough to try Detroit deep dish pizza once downtown Detroit with friends before a red wings game. It was an awesome pizza and a very fun time!

  28. THIS. (But I don’t think he should’ve taken it tbh. Only took for the video. He was obviously hungry needing two)

  29. Yes, agreed. I intentionally didn’t comment on the man setting this up by “testing” the guy’s sharing skills.

  30. That person who shared their sandwich just because someone else needed it, is the person we should all aspire to become. He then happily ate his sandwich without any second thoughts about giving the other sandwich away. Really amazing human.

  31. I’m sorry for laughing at your pain

  32. I don’t even like weddings but this makes me want to run out and get married. Best wedding photos ever.

  33. So you do like weddings, just haven't found the one for you, yet.

  34. True enough, currently falling in love so I may be biased :)

  35. Maybe she will give it to you as a wedding gift if you marry her son lol. How badly do you want this kettle?

  36. My passive aggressive ex-husband finally got around to using the plastic wrap to insulate a few of the worst offending windows in our old house.

  37. Yeah, well my dad just threw me out of the house because I had the gall to defend myself from his insults. He actually told me that I’m the kind of person who always gives up when I meet an obstacle. All because I’m currently unemployed.

  38. I’m sorry that your dad isn’t supportive of you. Try to keep in mind that doesn’t mean that he’s right. Unfortunately not all parents are able to give us what we need. Some of them are messed up individuals for their own reasons. I hope you’ll come to find friends who will be your family. Take care of yourself. I am proud of you. I mean that.

  39. Nah, that’s you! You’re awesome 😎

  40. I was zooming in to look for the bad kitty hat lol. Has to be one. They could take turns wearing it :)

  41. I think they look great! I see snowmen! You did awesome

  42. That is absolutely adorable. So cute!

  43. Closing your door for rest and naps throughout the day should be your new normal for the next few weeks then. I’m a total people pleaser and I like to be a great host but you have the right and the obligation to set limits. If you have naps/rest with your door closed starting day 1 then the precedent has been set.

  44. I love love love this!! Whoever gets to enjoy this piece of art is very lucky. You’re very talented.

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