Hi, Vit here. 3 days back I got my account suspended with help of one u/MaryADraper — a Russian bot that poses as pro-UA. I am back now & in 10 hours I’ll be on a plane to JFK to pick up no less than 3000 lbs worth of gear for the UAF. The shirt I’ll be wearing says “Enemy of the Russian people”

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  1. That's correct. I use and that's what it shows for me as well.

  2. So did you just memorize the codes??

  3. Sounds like they are in the States? If so good work America! As a Canadian I’m proud of our southern neighbour.

  4. Im loving these ideas. As usual NIMBYS are stalling progress where I live (or at least attempting to). Some mid rise developments are happening on Dundas in the Junction but there’s lots of backlash with this garbage.

  5. i lived near runnymede and annette for 3 years before i moved last year, my fiancé and i used to go on walks around the neighbourhood when the lockdowns first happened and we saw a lot of houses i think summed it up pretty well. they always had lawn signs up that said "everyone is welcome here (in a few different languages)", "black lives matter", "every child matters", etc. right before your eyes would trail down to a giant red sign protesting a condo development.

  6. I hear ya. People are pretty progressive but when it comes to any changes to their property everything is a reason to be outraged. I’ve heard the sun will be blocked, people will be looking in to their backyards, extra traffic, etc, etc. The projects are actually quite reasonable though. I have so much criticism for their website. It’s worded in a manipulative way with half truths or just straight up lies.

  7. Doing this was the closest I've ever been to having a panic attack. Something about having water pressure push up my nose convinced my brain that I couldn't breathe, despite the fact that I was hyperventilating through my regulator.

  8. Something about mouth breathing underwater made me hyperventilate and I think it’s a common thing to panic. You feel like you’re not getting enough air but really you’re just clearing too much co2 which your body has many receptors for. Not fun if you’re already panic prone.

  9. Maybe our dude gets banned by Russia. We’d be so proud of that achievement.

  10. So, according to Wikipedia, they're donating all but one of their tanks.

  11. Does anybody know how social T-72’s are? Seems like they should have kept the whole pack together.

  12. Cool pop by my cocaine filled swimming pool in the middle of my 2000 acre Ganja farm if ya like!

  13. I PMed you for the address to the party. My jet is getting ready as I type.

  14. Would you rather us waste money on another election to just end up in the same spot? It’s politics and sometimes compromises are what we need. NDP voters should be happy they have more sway than the seats allow.

  15. Well the youth does not vote in droves vs seniors. Millennials will be the largest voting block in 10 years time as boomers start to die off. Maybe they will start paying attention then?

  16. What’s disheartening for me is people tend to become more conservative as they age. The ‘I’ve got mine’ attitude will likely still be with future politicians. The status quo needs to be shaken up but our electorate is full of people with houses paid off and enough equity to ride out inflation and they also have the same attitude.

  17. Good job with the different agencies working together.

  18. You definitely just answered your own question. I’m thinking, though, looking back through covid and everything 2 years doesn’t seem too long.

  19. They are lock picking tools. This guy is pretty slow too. Check out lock picking lawyer on YouTube to see how ridiculously easy some locks are to open.

  20. Click out of 1, 2 is set, 4 is binding. And we got it open, as you can see folks not a bad lock but....

  21. Classic. But in this case it’s more like ‘rake some shit, JERK it! Fuck. Nothing. Try that again. Wait are there pins or what. What am I - damn. it actually worked’.

  22. Do they? I’ve never paid for install and every single appliance I’ve ordered has been left inside my house. I had a washer and dryer delivered a few months ago and they brought it inside. A dishwasher right before the pandemic was also brought inside.

  23. My experience in Canada is that big appliance deliveries get delivered to pretty much right where you need it. They have even taken inside doors off for me to make it through a hallway. Delivery included with purchase.

  24. And Taiwan, which is the good China.

  25. Still trying to learn here. What minerals and they are put to what use?

  26. They are mining everything. Many western countries are too. A big one recently is cobalt which many countries are trying to secure access to for batteries and China is one of them. Half of the worlds cobalt is estimated to be in Congo. There is a story for many many different minerals.

  27. You gotta respect the Maginot Line but they could have been even more cautious doubling its length and tripling its width.

  28. It came to the point that when I see a boomer scrolling through his facebook feed, I get automatically concerned he's one of them. They range from "I don't support Russia/I do support Ukraine, BUT" to straight up hatred towards Ukraine and Ukrainians. People who actually directly support Russia and Putin are only around 10% of the population, though.

  29. Facebook is just part of it. Even YouTube comments are a cesspool or certain subs on Reddit. It’s alarming.

  30. Believe it or not, commercial satellite constellations are fast becoming indispensable to U.S. military intelligence-- Some of these commercial outfits like Planet Labs have so many satellites in their constellation (over 150) that they can revisit the same place multiple times in the course of a day.

  31. I’m so stoked for SpaceX starship missions to the moon. And they are just 1 of like 8 American companies going orbital. And their boosters fly back down to be reused again! Russia could never have gotten to where they are now (and they are far behind) without the whole Soviet Union helping.

  32. Can't wait to see what uses the DOD will come up for Starship once it becomes operational!

  33. It’s happening! From what I heard the items on the list of mitigations are all totally doable and SpaceX was already working on a few of them.

  34. I used to live in a four-plex in Montreal (4 apartments in one small building). My landlady was an old Italian woman. Her sister moved out of an upstairs unit and into a home so my landlady had it renovated. But before she rented it out, she had her priest come over and bless it.

  35. What kind of shit was her sister in to?? Good thing you moved out. Your apartment wasn’t blessed.

  36. This guy doesn’t know his Polish names lol. I’ve never met a Polish Xenia in my 31 years of being Polish.

  37. Hey i have a Polish friend called Ksenia, that’s why I guessed Polish!

  38. Damn that was a nice call.

  39. They were fleeing, i bet they were just laughing of joy because the Russians are actually winning. All sanction combined, Russia is winning and the Western economies are getting hit harder.

  40. Russian idiots are out here in full force.

  41. Damn yeah does look like it. 3.56m long, 13 inches wide. 820 pounds. These things can do some damage.

  42. You might think differently if you lived in Portugal where every balcony has a barking unattended dog barking into the early morning looking for love in all the wrong places.

  43. The dogs need walks. They probably get yelled at for barking too (the dog thinks you are joining in). I guarantee you it’s not their balls.

  44. All these downvotes. I am serious in Parts of the world is it not considered irresponsible to not sterilize companion animals you don’t intend to breed? Is it the culture? The money? Lack of vet services? A strange identification with the animal? Honestly I am curious.

  45. Most people will spay / neuter their dogs but it won’t change barking behaviours. They don’t bark to find a mate. It’s more dependant on breed and how much stimulation they are getting. A dog cooped up in an apartment all day will likely bark out of frustration / anxiety.

  46. Candidate means they now need to fulfill certain criteria in their judicial, financial and political systems in order to be able to apply for full EU membership.

  47. G7 looks like a bunch of friends sitting around. I’m loving the unity. The other one… I can just feel the tension. I’m imagining a trap door under each seat in case someone says something wrong.

  48. My ex-MIL learned English for years at school in communist Czechoslovakia, and the only thing she could actually remember was the sentence "Ze cat and de kittens says hello"

  49. Things changed so much after the satellite states gained their independence. My cousins from Poland born 1988 and 1990 both spoke English fairly well by the time they were 18 just from video games and movies (I’m sure the English in school improved too) and now they are so fluent.

  50. Such talented young lady. ✊🏻🇺🇦

  51. Yeah that stamp cancelation was perfect. I’ve never seen better form.

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