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  1. I had to buy some socks for an emergency type situation so I went to Walmart but could only find packs of 6. They are Wrangler brand, thicker grey crew height socks. Not sure of the material but I believe they’re synthetic. I took the one pair I needed but won’t use the other 5. They’ve never been worn. Let me know if you could use them.

  2. I’m alright with ska coming back as long as the new bands aren’t all going to be doing the plaid pants and fedora shit.

  3. DA: slaps wrist, "Please don't do it again. You are free to go"

  4. Not sure if you're opposed to office 9-5 type work but I'd recommend looking into insurance claims. They often hire people with zero experience, as long as you are friendly and motivated. The entry level claims jobs, depending on the company, can either be good or bad but once you've got some experience there are hundreds of other companies out there that you could go work for. After Covid, a lot of those jobs are fully remote now so you could work from home and many of them are M-F 8-5 type schedules.

  5. Im thinking of getting some merino wool socks because im planning a trip to iceland next year so looking into these. Are these prices for just one pair of socks? Cuz that kinda hurts mah soul 😥

  6. I have about 10 pairs of DT socks that I've purchased on sale. I believe that they're worth it. They have a lifetime warranty and I've actually gone through the warranty claim process and it was super easy.

  7. The Boot Goofin' Boogie prophecy has been fulfilled.

  8. There’ve been a number of shootings over there. One guy got capped for picking up a gun he dropped during a drunken fight after leaving the bar. It’s a real shithole.

  9. That story was so depressing. Just a waterfall of bad decisions.

  10. You should be asking a doctor for advice if you’re going to take all of this, not a supplements subreddit.

  11. You’re right, he’s much better off taking health advice from strangers on the internet without any formal medical education.

  12. From what I can tell, this is not a Dave Hause album but he’s selling it on his site since it’s his brothers record, yes?

  13. hey guys, I may be wearing a $30k watch but you know what my favorite sunglasses are? That’s right, ShadyRays…

  14. Is this a joke post or not? I genuinely can't tell anymore.

  15. Nobody should have an opinion on whether this was a good or bad thing yet since we know almost NOTHING about why it went down.

  16. Puking every leg day doesn’t necessarily translate to gains.

  17. Literally just had a puke vid yesterday lmao

  18. I wasn't dissing him, he's my favorite fitness personality but the guy does love puking in the gym :)

  19. "Some guy asked me how I got such big traps. I just shrugged."

  20. Pretty much the same. I used to go and be in line at 10:45am before they would open at 11 before they expanded. It was an event. But I don't find their beers compelling enough to care about the Woodstock location and the drive was half the fun. They do have good ciders though. I feel like those get slept on.

  21. Before the expansion, sitting in that converted garage bay eating their pizza, it was hard to imagine how big they would get. You don't like their beers? Vaporizer and the IRA are probably two of my all time favorites.

  22. I honestly dislike the Vaporizer or rather I guess I can take it or leave it. Just doesn't do it for me. I do like the Black Irish in winter but like I said, their ciders are pretty great.

  23. I'm far from a stout expert and I don't drink them often but the Black Irish is definitely my favorite stout.

  24. I've got a sim driving rig in my basement and that's my killer app for VR, sim racing or just cruising around in custom mods for Assetto Corsa. It's very hype worthy for driving since the controls are the same as real life. Compared to using a plastic toy wand to pretend you're doing something else, I think it's easier to be fully immersed.

  25. How much does it really feel like you're there driving the car though? Does it seem like being in an arcade game with screen surrounding your head or does it actually feel like you're sitting in the car?

  26. You can look around the interior of the car like a real one, working side and rear mirrors, everything is to real scale. The field of view isn't 100% wide enough yet, but for racing sims the visibility is very similar to inside a real helmet. It's seriously immersive.

  27. I'm not even into racing games but that looks so fun.

  28. The HH at McCormick & Schmick's Harborside used to be amazing back in the day. So much good food for dirt cheap and all the Full Sail beer you can drink.

  29. Drunk chicks who need attention: is there anything they WON'T do?

  30. Frustrating that if the resolution was only slightly better you could probably make out a plate. You've probably already thought of this but I'd drive around the neighborhood to see if you can spot the truck.

  31. I was shedding like crazy when I was taking it. Nothing else ever did that to me

  32. Since we're sharing anecdotes - I've taken creatine regularly for about 22 years now and am not bald. I'm 41 years old.

  33. Probably due to the very high levels of placebo found in creatine.

  34. I can't believe this doesn't get recommended more. I watch a lot of docs and this was by far the one that made me say "wtf..." the most times during it. Such a wild ride.

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