1. Are you strictly looking for written stories, or would you be interested in something like a podcast of people playing the Mistborn Adventure Game?

  2. You perfectly understand everything you are supposed to understand at the point that you're reading. Brandon is intentionally drip feeding knowledge about the surges and different orders with each book.

  3. Absolutely viable. There's perhaps one surprise from RoW that gets kinda spoiled by TLM, but it's something is hinted at in RoW, not outright stated (though it only falls just short of outright stating it if you've read the appropriate books ahead of time).

  4. If you mean physical contact then total annihilation (at least according to that one tenet operative). If you mean just communication then you get unpredictable paradoxes, like Sator knowing to ask if the algorithm is in the bmw or the firetruck, making it really hard to close loops. Ignorance is their ammunition after all.

  5. I'm not stuck anymore, and I've had some very satisfying ah ha moments (first time summoning something, getting to knew stages in The Way, etc.)

  6. Sounds like it might be good to put it down for a while. If you feel the urge to come back, go ahead and give it another chance. Otherwise, there's no need to force yourself to play a game you're not enjoying.

  7. Did Brandon intend it to be legible for the average reader? No

  8. What else are you going to do with your eternity possessing nigh infinite power?

  9. My point was mainly that they didn't do anything different than what they knew before, which in my mind is a missed opportunity, but maybe we are really seeing Scadrial Version 9,123,321,123 and this is the outcome they could finally live with

  10. Are you seriously questioning why people would be searching for hidden meanings in a book written by the guy who made this video

  11. The issue is so many people say they want shorter games, but most people aren’t willing to dish out full AAA MSRP for short games, so devs are forced to put in filler content to pad out game length.

  12. Has Spook been confirmed to be alive. Marsh basically said that only he, Kel and Sazed remain from the old crew.

  13. It's faulty to take Marsh's statement as confirming spook is dead for many reasons

  14. I liked the lost metal. I wasn't expecting an [Lost Metal]

  15. For me it is less so that I don't want to be hardcore in games, but rather not enjoying games that you can be hardcore in.

  16. Interesting! The thought of this came to mind because I’m just reading through Oathbringer again and was thinking about how insanely experienced Roshar, which has been subject to millennia of war and uses extremely advanced tactical maneuvers and strategies, is compared to Scadrial. Scadrial is streets ahead on the tech side of things which would balance it out for sure tho.

  17. I've not gone back to re-read it in several years, but people on here seem to remember that section being much longer than I do. It was too long, sure, but it wasn't nearly the entire book, right? I don't even want to throw out a number, my memory is so bad, but it feels like maybe it was 20 pages of him being trapped in the Fey world with a glorified succubus, right?

  18. Yeah that was only like a chapter or two, but then he spent a longer time with the polyamorous swedish monks.

  19. SA5 will be Nov 2024, carve that in marble

  20. I don't think Brandon was trying to be slick, he was intentionally giving cues for people to pick up on.

  21. Based off what you wrote I'm assuming that you just don't like Dalinar, which is fine. Different characters resonate with different people.

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