1. tbh if you got 100 in both the one you will do better in is the one u enjoy the most… i only have physics this sem so idk about that but i had chem in first and i found the material pretty interesting so i ended up doing well

  2. thats true man, thanks so much for the motivation. ill make sure to come back stronger for next years stuff and next semesters. do you have any ideas for some nice extra curriculars i can do that unis might like?

  3. honestly it’s up to you! they like to see involvement in stuff that lets you develop skills that apply themselves to CS like leadership, teamwork, dedication, time management etc. (waterloo and uoft especially love leadership) if you’re in a club rn that you rlly like maybe consider applying for a leadership position like president/captain next year if that’s an option? or even start your own club if you have the time! I also think having a couple side projects in programming could be nice since it shows initiative. but you don’t necessarily need alot of CS related ecs, they want to see that you’re well-rounded and imo having non-tech related stuff makes you stand out. and quality >> quantity for sure, having 2 or 3 meaningful ecs that you put a lot of effort into trumps joining 12 random clubs for the sake of having ecs any day. if you want a short list: volunteering (consistently), part time job, student council, tutoring, robotics, stem club, sports, hackathons, and playing instruments are great!! but do what you like

  4. thank you so much for the feedback, i'll try working harder in school and for ecs so hopefully i can get the uni ive always wanted. im looking to run for student rep for my school, and hopefully get an executive position in my science club at my school. i've been volunteering consistently at many places too, like hospitals, special events, and schools. and again thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help me!

  5. yww your ecs already look really good! keep it up you’re gonna do great no matter where you end up

  6. how are y’all saying chem 😭 by far the easiest out of three BFFR

  7. I’m getting mixed answers from literally everyone I’ve asked about chem by far 😂 but like how difficult would you say chem is compared to advanced functions? I found advanced functions to be relatively straight-forward and even enjoyable, just hoping I can say somewhat the same about chem next semester lol.

  8. if you found af straight forward i think you’ll be fine with chem. the only kinda abstract units are i think structures and properties and maybe electrochem? but my class didn’t have enough time to finish either of those units so i couldn’t tell u much past the first chapters. it’s a bit more memorization but honestly the concepts are very logical to me. thoroughly understanding the theory and why you’re solving a problem using x procedure is crucial. just do all the practice problems, study the concepts, ask for help early and you should be fine! gl you’ll do great!!

  9. I have it this semester, it’s incredibly easy if you are a good writer. Definitely depends on the teacher but to me the course load is nothing

  10. If you’re 100% sure of cs then no you don’t need to, but keep in mind a lot of things can change between grade 10 and grade 12. If I were you I would take all 3 sciences just to keep your options open, and you can always drop them if you really don’t like them.

  11. where did u get accepted?

  12. i just applied to Ontario tech last night, what’s ur average? 😭

  13. 96! but I also knew ppl who got accepted with 70s in math last year, idk what you have but you’re probably set lol

  14. Nobody laughed the first time and u still went ahead and copy pasted it 4 times… it’s giving LEWSERR

  15. You can only have 1 spare each semester in Grade 12 to be considered a full-time student. If you have more than 1 spare you’re considered a part-time student which kinda complicates a few things namely uni apps, osap aid etc but you don’t gotta worry abt that rn

  16. Hey, at least it isn’t a third period spare 💀 those seem to be the worst

  17. wait y’all don’t have week As and week Bs where you switch the order of your classes?

  18. AFAIK, Mac hasn't started giving offers yet. I believe that they will send them by March or so. Queens and Western on the other hand have given offers I think. Since you have a 95 you could have tried earlier to get relieved (like if you have Queens then whether you get Mac or not doesn't matter so much since you are safe). Anyways, these universities have not sent the bulk of the offers so you are fine.

  19. me personally i would stick through it. you still have plenty of time to bring the mark up and you would get to relax a bit next semester.

  20. Where can I find their contact info? I feel like every time I try to look for it on a university's website they loop me back in circles😭

  21. did you take gr 11 chem? if you did you could do night school for gr 12 chem if the classes are full or you could wait for someone to drop (usually a few ppl will drop especially because it's a stem course)

  22. Yeah I took gr11 chem last year, I think I’ll wait a couple months and see if it becomes available. Thank you!

  23. Same I took advance function during grade 11 and got 70😭😭 repeating it this summer:(

  24. This is why I tell people not to take IMPORTANT grade 12 courses in grade 11 and only bird courses.

  25. wish somebody had told me this 😭 sucks cause i had int business fund in my timetable but switched into calc last minute cause i thought it might be good to get it out the way smh

  26. I took Tamil for all three years and I’m pretty sure the course code was LITDU1. It definitely depends on the university if they will count it. But ik u Ottawa does.

  27. does it have M? because universities look at both U and M courses. if not you should talk to your guidance counseller

  28. it has U just not a 4: LWSDU and yeahh ik but some programs have a limit of M courses you can use so i was just wondering if anybody had ever had it in their top 6. yeah i was going to talk to guidance it’s not super urgent so probably in the fall. but thank you!

  29. onphysics for physics and ms havrot for functions are lifesavers. both on youtube

  30. where did you get the adrienette poster it’s so pretty 😍

  31. it's still not there :/ i've been harrassing them on twitter about it lately lmao but no answer so far. it's really weird tho because a lot of movies and shows that dropped in the US back in october and recently (like soul) also came to canada at the same time?? so idk why it was different for toh

  32. To be fair, we don't know if she dyes it or that's just something that happens in the Boiling Isles. Her dad's hair color is also similar to what's going on in the front of her hair.

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