1. Don’t stock those feet! Corporate said the vendor is taking them back on Monday.

  2. This is industry wide and in response to the WhatsApp fines from the CFTC

  3. I haven’t heard of this. What happened?

  4. Breaking news: insider trading still illegal, some firms asked to audit employee compliance. More at 11.

  5. Ken: We take this very seriously and have fired the individual and they will face multiple criminal and civil suits.

  6. That is the difference between “chicken” nuggets and “chicken nuggets”. Not to be confused with chicken “nuggets”.

  7. Me: Why do they spell “wings” as “wyngz”?

  8. Lol, I had a really really bad day and this comment made me feel a bit better. Thank you.

  9. Considering the time (very early in the month), if they had space in a shared call center, they most likely staggered moving employees from one LOB to another and intended to have it done by EOW.

  10. CEO: So, we’re going to issue a dividend..

  11. Ape: Guys, if we volunteer to be the marketing, social media, and sales team, we could SAVE OUR COMPANY!

  12. The outsourced social media team most likely (as others do) have templates they can send back in two clicks.

  13. As someone who worked for a BPO, there are multiple social media times all over the continent (if not offshore as well) to answer copy-paste responses after hours.


  15. Company might actually be profitable with the kid selling things teenagers actually want instead of NFT's.

  16. Wednesday night, on TV, I heard someone mock another person by saying “[He’s] so out of touch he thinks NFTs are still a thing.”

  17. The shrimp's name is Barry and he's very insulted by your insinuation.

  18. Barry’s a sweet guy who is so trusting. He still believes in Santa. Want to take care of that, too? C’mon, I’ll take you back to the kitchen and you can make Barry cry.

  19. As one of their mods wrote to me in a reply a long time ago, "We have politely asked some of them to stop and others given a temp ban; usually it's met with criticism and / or mod drama for 'suppressing opinions' or whatever...."

  20. Narrator: It was then that the Mod understood: This was indeed his circus, and those were definitely his monkeys.

  21. Yup and people in the comments are talking about reporting him to youtube for misinformation.

  22. Which is great, because that’s not at all what he did. He saw it hit. He said it hit. He saw it taken back. He said so. A redaction or update based on accurate information isn’t “misinformation”.

  23. I always assume whatever evil presence I feel is just my cat, it probably really upsets whatever it actually may be.

  24. Paranormal Activity is a much different movie if you add a cat.

  25. I’m proficient with computers and could put together and configure a web server.

  26. His gas station "I'm Smart" glasses have a terrible reflection of his Five Below ring light.

  27. Comical, but I don’t fault him. Too many people invest in the top of the line streaming equipment and never see a return on it.

  28. Because Lord Ryan Cohen (Piss be upon him) tweeted out some bullshit about a turtleneck

  29. But that hasn’t been a thing for like, 10 years.

  30. Yep. Once that well dries they’ll be quarantined.

  31. Not making payroll, not paying the bond payments, closing more stores than what was stated - bullish as fuck!

  32. And apparently apes are just buying the fuck out of the stock. Missing payroll should absolutely kill a stock.

  33. Apes: "Well, it takes two days to settle and appear in your account so it just seems like they haven't sent it yet - but they totes did."

  34. Ape: …they…. They have to say that. Cuz…

  35. Okay, but they were Apes in a literal sense. Turned into chimps. And one of them actually became crazy rich.

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