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  1. You are correct. I think his birthday is only vocally referred to once in S2, by Joyce. They’ll just get a recording of Winona saying “May” and stick it over the top. The mouth movements are similar enough that it should go unnoticed.

  2. The movement of the mouth is completely different though, so it would definitely get noticed if they just did a voice over.

  3. I have a number of theories, but one not mentioned here would be a sped up timeline of the alternate world, the one Maeve sent her daughter to. Maybe Teddy is trying to recreate *Dolores. Just one option, although not necessarily the likely one. But, from the trailer for the second episode, it seems like Dolores/Hale has created a human park of some sort.

  4. Teddy and Dolores are definitely going to ride of into the sunset at the end.

  5. Could be, I guess. Although I've no reason to suspect that, yet.

  6. I have a feeling Dolores/charlotte will use them to threaten Caleb or kill them to “shed the skin” for him

  7. Robot flies are being used by… someone? to infiltrate the minds of people and control them.

  8. I assumed he was just replaced with a host. MIB using the triggered words to make him kill himself felt fitting since he wants to kill all the hosts

  9. He’s a good father. He provides and spends an 80’s dad amount of time with them. Holly loves him enough to fall asleep watching tv in his lap. I think Ted and Karen just have a stagnant marriage after 3 kids and all those years together. Ted for sure takes Karen for granted but the 80’s were a very different time.

  10. I mean. We’re also really not getting much time with the character. It’s possible there’s a lot more to him when we’re not seeing him, which is 99% of the time. 🙃

  11. Not sure if this is what you mean, but it’s two pictures put together 🙂

  12. I have this weird idea that the people who started out together should always end up together. Maybe it’s because I’m nostalgic, or maybe watching romcoms during my teens has programmed me to.

  13. Therapy can’t be effective if you’re forced into it though. I think it would create more problems than it solved. To have the option of using it without having too pay on the other hand…would probably make a huge difference, yes

  14. I started taking anti depressants recently and it changed everything. Like getting glasses. I was like, whoa! Is this what everyone else was seeing?!? Made me more me. The best.

  15. It definitely took the edge of my anxiety. It also took away my ability too feel anything at all, and made me constantly tired (probably because it made my thyroid gland less functional, which apparently is pretty common). It made my depression worse, but as said took the edge of my anxiety, which made some parts of my life a lot easier. They worsened my physical health and took a way a lot of my personality, mostly things that gave my life meaning.

  16. The first time they talk about it is their last conversation before Andy breaks out.

  17. They have a lot of time, no new experiences and pretty much just sit around and talk about their lives and the people who’s left the prison. It’s not that hard to believe actually. Without traumatic experiences, prison would probably be great for memory, focus etc.

  18. Losing his dialogue with Dustin and Robin would kill the show and drive fans away. Dustin would basically revert back to season 1 status and Robin would have no one to use for proper character development.

  19. I think Nancy and Robin could have that though. Steve dying would probably get them to bond and grow really close. And Dustin was pretty much everyone’s favorite in season 1.

  20. I think that the biggest reasons kids that are fat are fat, is because of sugary drinks and lack of excercise.

  21. They deleted my comment, I honestly don't know how I'd find what it was in response to again

  22. I too have had some bad experiences with the mods in this sub despite being a feminist actively defending women.

  23. That’s ridiculous. If the mod didn’t want to explain why did they engage at all? That conversation isn’t just jaded, it literally oozes smugness.

  24. It’s really not. She’s a mod it’s her responsibility. And everyone has the right to set their own boundaries. People not being able to respect that is kind of the reason that posts like this even exist.

  25. You can download the twitch app and the discord app. Become a member at discord to be able to go. I usually use sakuragaming, but there’s plenty too choose from

  26. Just out of curiosity, how big would they have to be?

  27. It wasnt a bot, it was a real person just dmming me out of the blue, normally its bots but when I figured out it wasnt I was really happy

  28. They sure seemed to stick to a script well regardless of what you said.

  29. Yeah, she certainly seemed very nice, despite being a bit generic.

  30. Why this is entertaining, you really shouldn’t post pictures of her without her consent.

  31. The person we’re naked, hand gestures etc is a pretty easy way to show a person what you mean, if they share space in the hospitality it’s not weird to know if someone is trans.

  32. So TV show Jaime? Despite how the show ended I still think he won't repeat the incest with Cersei this time. It didn't lead to anything good. No Kingsguard this time under Aerys. I think he will kill him earlier somehow or maybe is simply smart enough to prevent Barristan from rescuing him at Duskendale. Jaime liked Rhaegar, so I think he will try to make him king and he will try to keep Elia and her children alive. I think he might try to keep Lyanna away from Rhaegar.

  33. For me the only annoying thing about it is that everyone assumes he’s gay simply because he hasn’t got a relationship or crush (that we know about) of his own. Why is it never ok to just not be interested in love? I would find it more refreshing with a character that actually just bummed because he misses his friends and how close they used to be.

  34. Don’t believe that you know my motivations.

  35. There’s absolutely no way someone isn’t going to make a movie out of this. 😱

  36. i really like steve, but i don’t think steve and nancy would make a good couple, even if jonathan didn’t exist. i think they’re too fundamentally different and i feel like both of their arcs would be totally ruined if they got together. steve deserves someone great, and he deserves to move on from his crush on nancy, and nancy deserves to do whatever is right for herself and her future whether that’s with jonathan (fingers crossed) or single. i definitely think they’re doing all of this stancy propaganda to make nancy or steve’s death (probably steve) more heartbreaking.

  37. I don’t know. Steve seems like he would be pretty ok with being a sah fas, going with Nancy where she needs to be. They’ve got different personalities, but practically they would probably make a good team

  38. minns när de kostade 1kr. fattar att priser går upp men 10kr för en Piggelin (eller mer) är för böfvelen ett oväpnat rån i dagsljus.

  39. Köp dem i 15-pack på Willys så kostar de bara några kronor (3 om jag minns rätt) 😉

  40. Min sambo sa till mig att hon förväntade sig att jag skulle göra mitt intresse och nuvarande status (sambo, i förhållande) känd för en tjej som flörtade med mig på en midsommarfest. Hon menade typ att jag skulle totalt stänga ner situationen och att det var respektlöst mot henne. Vilket jag gjorde när försök två kom, direkt och öppet, det stoppade dock inte den tjejen som hade lite alkohol i sig, så jag fick vara lite douch och säkert lite klumpig också. Detta var strax före coronan. Kände mig aningen taskig men tjejen i fråga visste ju att jag var i förhållande och fortsatte.

  41. Att du skulle vara taskig i en sån situation är helt fel. Fortsätter den andre parten att pusha är det hen som är respektlös. Ett nej är ett nej oavsett om det är en man eller kvinna. Allt annat är trakasserier.

  42. It’ll totally happen. B-List celebrities, influencers, and fitness gurus will start selling meat grown from their own body. It’ll be a whole industry.

  43. I think they made a movie about this a few years ago actually

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