1. I get that older Survivor seasons aren’t for everyone, but damn that Pearl Islands premiere is one of the greatest episodes in Survivor history. If you can’t get past that I can’t comprehend how you like any Survivor season.

  2. With the exception of the first one these are all extremely popular takes lmao and Colton didn`t quit in One World, he was medvac due to severe dehydration

  3. Doubt it’s all stars, but casting means nothing. They couldn’t just announce that it’ll be an all stars season a year in advance.

  4. I keep trying, but the shortened season plus the overuse of twists & advantages has just turned me off. I understand games evolve but I can't get interested in this evolution. As a fan since S.1 this is so disappointing to me.

  5. i understand that reasoning totally for why viewers have been down since WAW. It just doesn’t make sense why someone would make it through all of 41, decide to stick with it for all of 42, then call it quits. Especially since most people liked 42 better than 41.

  6. idk if this is satire or not, but this is wildly inaccurate. i agree with the title a little, but the path you took to get there is questionable

  7. bruh i see people on twitter getting mad at alyssa for snitching on taylor/monte.

  8. 2 hour Survivor premiere is cool and all tn…

  9. Hey Steph, will give you a break from the Survivor questions here. I was a young kid when the Phillies were at their peak during the world series years and Kyle Kendrick on the roster. i’ve been a survivor fan for years, but didn’t start watching until after HvV, and have finally binge watched the first 20 seasons over the past year and half or so. It was a crazy shock when i finished Amazon to find out that Heidi Strobel was married to Cole Hamels, and an even bigger shock when i got to Palau and saw that you were married to Kyle! So, to the point, i got two questions.

  10. just watching tonight’s episode there’s no way Monte actually didn’t make it outside in time LMAOO

  11. I’m watching back last night’s episode and after Monte won the veto, Turner told him to only use the veto to backdoor Michael if that’s what the house wants. Turner was quite hesitant about the backdoor plan.

  12. turner’s a fun character but he’s easily persuaded. could see monte pitching to him that turner needs to sit next to monte in a F2 over britt or alyssa

  13. I’m just getting around to watching Sunday’s episode, most of the zings kinda sucked but Monte and Alyssa’s are cracking me up and Brit’s is also pretty accurate

  14. Just watched tonight’s episode, so funny to see how offended Turner and Monte are that MBT were working together inside the LO, yet saw no issue with the pound existing lol

  15. It's not offense. You just go after the alliances you're not part of. That's how this game works. You don't need moral reasons to nominate people

  16. Totally understand the reasoning behind targeting them. But they both sounded shocked that another sub alliance could even exist.

  17. they’ll never do this but if BB ever ended it would be really interesting to get a documentary one day that included what happened in the DR rn with Kyle and earlier in the season with Paloma, among all the other memorable production stuff like that in the past

  18. Turner’s HOHs now both started as mildly disappointing and end with a great backdoor if Kyle doesn’t self evict

  19. Brittany's best move in this game was befriending Michael before everyone else.

  20. Haven’t watched feeds in a minute but I see Michael won veto let’s gooooooo

  21. Just watched tonight’s episode, love Joseph but man someone better teach him that killer instinct before he comes back for all stars. This “team” thing ain’t gonna win u anything

  22. judging by their reactions (or lack thereof) there were definitely several moments that led to this nomination that we missed

  23. DJ Showtime winner arc beginning??

  24. As if the differences between inside and outside weren’t already bad enough, the indoor house got Tiff as a host while the outdoor house had to make their own comp 💀💀 they’re just trying to make this week as unfair as possible

  25. I’m not happy with who is going home this week either, but to take time out of your day to go to the studio and interfere with the game because the game (which is watched by 4 million people) isn’t going YOUR way is so childish and selfish. I understand that this has always happened, but that doesn’t make it right. Some people have never learned to how handle losing smh

  26. it’s my first night back at college and I can’t stop checking live feed updates every 5 minutes I have a problem

  27. This split twist should have been played in a sped up manner. 🤷‍♂️ In Survivor, they only have whole day to strategize but it speeds up the game. In Big Brother, it’s way too boring. Once POV is over, we already know what happens

  28. It’s not even a day, it’s like 4-5 hours max in Survivor. They should’ve used the 2 hour episode to do a triple eviction. Do the actual Indy eviction, then split the house and run through an HOH, veto, and eviction for both sides. Now that would be how to create max chaos

  29. i don’t want either of them to go but it would be hilarious if Jasmine and turner to get evicted this week and go to the jury house together

  30. Is it possible there will be a second, regular Double Eviction?

  31. There’s another 2 hour episode on September 8th, so yes it does seem possible. After watching how they chose to utilize a 2 hour episode tonight, please please let that be a double eviction…

  32. IDK if there's ever been anybody in BB history who I'm so confident wins against anybody in a final 2 than I am with Michael

  33. This might’ve been the worst possible way to tell the HG

  34. The vote probably changed to Terrance somehow during this 94 hour episode

  35. little late but that dramatic music before the commercial with Julie talking in front of a live audience just gave me a rush I feel like they’re about to play live veto on a double eviction iykyk

  36. Except for games in your local market or nationally broadcasted games, yes you can.

  37. Idk even know why Twitter watches this show. They literally find a flaw in every contestant and complains about them (shocker: we’re all human beings with flaws). I understand that they have legitimate reasons to be upset with the Taylor treatment but it seems like they just don’t even like Big Brother

  38. I never thought of that possibility but what if Alyssa won and took down Indy? Taylor refused to put up Jasmine so I guess she would’ve had to go thru with putting Joseph up right?

  39. Unspoiled thread is losing their minds rn lol

  40. Terrance went from the clown edit to the genius edit in one week

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