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  1. to add to the comments already listed, the KKK didnt reform until 1915.

  2. You have to look for the tonic chord and anything that resembles a cadence. Does the song revolve around G major or E minor? What does the chord progression look like as a whole. Sometimes they switch right in the middle. For Example "Autumn Leaves" starts in Bb Maj and does a ii, V7, I. then pivots on the IV chord (Eb) which is also a bVI chord in G minor and then does a ii, V ,i in g minor. Then it reverses the pattern in the B section. So its not always easy, but Roman numeral analyses is about the only way to figure it out. Sometimes with Modal stuff is very hard sometimes when it appears that you dont have enough information. See the endless debate over what Key "Sweet Home Alabama" is in. You can make an argument for more than one answer. D major, D Mixolydian, or G Major. The song only has three chords, and a good argument can be made for each one. A big give away normally( not in sweet home Alabama) is how the leading tone is used to define a V chord or repeated IV ,I loops.

  3. Alabama coach Nick Saban was there. He and teammate heard there was something going on and went to check it out. Then the shooting happened about the same time they arrived.

  4. I will give you three. 1st Wilton Felder. Did a lot of sessions especially with the Jackson 5, and was a member of the Jazz Crusaders. A lot of great ,very memorable Basslines. Second and this should be on the you tube everyone comments list , Willie Dixon. Blues Great ,songwriter, and Chess records- session man. Half of everything you have ever heard owes a tribute to him. For a third Muscle Shoals session Bassist David Hood. A lot of great stuff, but his line on I'll take you there by the Staples singers was truly awesome. Honorable mention to Nathan East. His stuff with Stevie Wonder was terrific.

  5. Absolutely yes, but even though its a character is she really fictional? Shes sort of an act .

  6. Oh corporate mandated fun. It always goes over well. The most insufferable ones are people who act like Dwight from "the office" who get a little to into whatever was mandated, and it defines their personality.

  7. Distance swimmers routinely can cover up to 15,000 yards a day each day while at peak training. In a 25 yard pool thats around 650 lengths of a 25 yard pool. This is usually broken up into two separate sessions though. Open water swimmers compete in a 10K (6.2 miles) There also is a 25k race that some compete in. The Swimmers that compete often also compete in the pool as well as open water events. They do a whole lot of yardage every single day for a really long time in training. So to answer your question, you would get tired of counting laps, long before they were done swimming.

  8. Wonder if he realizes how much Trump supports Israel and that his daughter married a Jewish man and converted to Judaism.

  9. Chopin in one his preludes did this with absolute mastery. Leads up to a perfect authentic cadence and holds and delays and then you get the I chord. It's leak a sigh of relief. The first person to play with the idea as far as I know was Bach. Maybe earlier, I just don't know of a piece. The idea of playing with resolution is very old as well as acting like you will resolve and going to another chord etc. All done a very long time before rock came along.

  10. Those numbers show a sharp steady decline starting about 1985, a decade before the law was passed.- They also show a significantly lower number than the USA has had to deal with since anytime they started keeping records. The US Homicide rate started dropping right after the Crack epidemic began winding down. It was already dropping due to an improved economy. The graph shows that what was already in place had as big or bigger impact on gun related deaths, it doesn't show that the law worked more than various other things

  11. Pol Pot was a truly evil and terrible person and leader. He also wasn't a president. He was a Prime Minister in title, in realty he was a dictator.

  12. Well, James Buchanan 15th U.S. President typically tops the list, for doing absolutely nothing when the secession crisis occurred which led to the civil war. However if you go around the world there is a long list of African Presidents who were nothing but corrupt Dictators that can top the list. With that I would name Idi Amin.

  13. This is exactly right. In fact it needs repeating. Not just play accurately but with everything included like dynamics, vibrato, correct accents, everything. Get it right slow, half tempo or slower if necessary. Saying Speed is a byproduct of precision in the absence of tension. is something I am going start saying myself.

  14. Its a bit like the old joke "How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice

  15. Baby baby baby by Justin Bieber. Ok just because it's a really shitty song, i guess it's still a song therefore it qualifies as music. Barely. But that's as close as I can get to an answer

  16. Well here is the Gods honest truth. There is no cheap shortcut. What you need to do is simple, but time consuming. Learn to play scales both in a single position, and in a two note per string way. Learn to say the notes as you play them. You will then learn the fretboard . You wont be dependent on others to try and copy for what you want but will know for your self. Also learn commonly used arpeggios and the notes across two octaves. If you sit down and work on it for about 10minutes a day, after about a month or two you will really know a lot.

  17. I'm not sure how true this is anymore, but stick up boys were a relatively common thing in real life drug culture of the 90's and early 2000s.

  18. There have always been stick up boys preying on people who cant call the cops. Its why you have to have muscle behind you, and those people can and do turn on you. The game aint easy.

  19. He knew his time was already up, which is why he tried to retire to Puerto Rico. He only came back for revenge. You cant have a price on your and get by for very long. He knew he could get it any time in Baltimore, but he would never let fear stop him from taking revenge.

  20. Borrowed minor iv chord. It works because, F is a half step up from E and Ab is a Half Step up from G and C is held over, so you have options for really smooth voice leading.

  21. I prefer The Wire to The Sopranos because I find myself sympathetic to characters in The Wire. I don’t get that with The Sopranos.

  22. I thought the Sopranos was the best thing to ever air on television, Until The Wire came out a few years later. I had HBO then and they became ,cant miss TV.

  23. I am fuckin shaking with with rage over how incredibly nonsensical this shit is. Why did we, of all creatures, get to ascend to higher intelligence? We clearly don't use it to its greatest capacity.

  24. Why did we, of all creatures, get to ascend to higher intelligence?

  25. The Beatles didnt invent anything. What they did do are things that hadn't been done in pop and rock before. They were also so hugely successful that their novel approaches went mainstream quickly. Two quick examples. The first is guitarist playing seventh chords in third inversion. George Harrison even said that he invented it. Or at least he had never heard it done before. Well I cant find examples of guitarist doing it, but on piano or as a string arrangement it had been around for more than 100 years. After he did it for the next 10 years they showed up on records. Not so much anymore. Another example is the famous (infamous) Axis chord progression. I, V, vi, IV. Named for the Axis of awsome comedy bit. Its the chord progression of "Let it Be" Before "Let it Be" I cant think of a song in Rock or Pop that use it. There are now about 10,000 songs that use it. There are other things involving recording and production too. They also brought in new instrumentation to Pop and Rock that had been unknown to those audiences before. (Sitar most notably)

  26. I have a Mingus book with a bunch of his sheet music and charts. A bunch of articles too. This is in it.

  27. The ultimate Charles Mingus more than a fake book

  28. People assume other people facts are just opinions that differ from their own. They dont know what a fact is. They also are completely convinced they are always right. No information given to them will change that either, because they are also that arrogant.

  29. There is absolutely nothing wrong with singing the fifth of a chord. Its done all of the time and has been done for centuries.

  30. Definitely bring two if you can. Just in case. Weird shit can happen. You set your instrument down, some one knocks it over and breaks a tuning peg. The jack suddenly starts making funny noises. If you only have one one of anything ,your chances of something going wrong and you being screwed go up dramatically

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