1. Not sure about start time but looks like a pretty decent length setlist for them:

  2. Thanks! Looks to be the same length as their recent festival sets.

  3. anyone have any idea what "early entry" even means?

  4. Flying into Chicago from Colorado right now. Just moved here 8 days ago. Wasn’t missing this shit 😂.

  5. Virtue but Human Sadness is one of the best songs of the last 20 years period.

  6. Surprised to see Games, respect! But god damn, Slow Animals though...

  7. Would be a miracle to hear Life is Simple in The Moonlight

  8. NY just had its highest COVID positive rate since the pandemic started. Higher than any day even in 2020. It’s insane. I hope it gets postponed too because I really don’t want to cram myself into a stadium with thousands of other people while there’s more COVID in the city than there was in April of 2020.

  9. I see where you’re coming from, but at this point we shouldn’t be tracking positive test rates, we should be focusing on hospitalization.

  10. This was my point as well. Those who fall ill from covid at a vaccinated-only event (all events in NYC, LA etc.) are more than likely going to be fine.

  11. ITI: Is This It, Someday, Trying Your Luck, Hard to Explain, The Modern Age

  12. I have two tickets in Sec 12 for $400 total. Cheaper than face value!

  13. let me double check and see if my girlfriend sold them yet. I'll shoot you a PM

  14. I have 2 in sec 12 row 19. Looking for $400 total ($18 under face)

  15. The end has no end plays when they cut to commercial on Thursday night football sometimes!

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