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  1. What the fuck is that lower? 3D printed?

  2. That giant bright mattress sign that was installed across the street and all the trash in front of the place on the sidewalk ruined the ambiance I always loved about this place. That was a few years ago though so hopefully it’s no longer an issue. I’m going to give them another try.

  3. Thank you! He’s called Burfi (means a Asian milky dessert ) 🤣😍

  4. Darn it. Always looking for a new toy. If you haven’t tried the plastic springs yet, I highly recommend them.

  5. Hi!!! We just got a new toy from chewy that our kitties are OBSESSED with. Tried posting a link but I’m a noob lol. If you copy/paste the following that might work??

  6. I love their coloring! Do you know what color/pattern they are? We just found out we’re getting 2 chocolate bicolor kitty-sisters ready July 9th and I’m SO excited!

  7. I hate hate hate this music between innings in the Bally app. So frantic and stressful.

  8. I won't take any "it's our time to compete" claims seriously while Hunter Dozier is making starting lineups

  9. I love my Berkey. It cost a little more up front but the filters last for ages and it removes all the stuff. You can opt for an additional fluoride filter as well if it’s added to your municipal water supply.

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