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  1. Are you a guy? Because men definitely also rag on women for it as well. They just don’t call it celluite and go straight to the fat / “thicc” jokes.

  2. How dare people have fun in the gym.

  3. This isn't fun, this is being retarded and risking losing use of your shoulders.

  4. It's the elevated retard rotation and it makes you dumber everytime you fall down and hit your head

  5. Apple pie with a a slice of melted kraft cheese on top, mmmm that’s American.

  6. Bro I need to know… do you sniff it when you pull it out?

  7. How to I get rid of the emptiness I feel after the gym? I just wait at home bored until I can do my next work out 24 hours later.

  8. Shrek solos. He shows them his sexy smile and they all die from a lethally intense orgasm.

  9. jesse what the fuck are you talking about

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