1. The point a lot of people are missing is, former political appointees whatever party they were appointed by have great value to the private sector. The funny part of this is former Trump officials discredited themselves so badly that not even the grift/corruption/swamp/whatever you want to call it wants them.

  2. So when will we start seeing people destroy their satellite dishes to "own the libs"?

  3. Funniest part of that is when DirecTV sends them a bill for the damage as most of these types of subscription stipulate the provider still owns the hardware and you lease it.

  4. What the fuck is 10 x-rays worth of radiation an hour hahahaha. Last time I checked that isn’t a measure of radioactivity.

  5. That would mean the equivalent amount of radiation the body receives (on average) during an x-ray scan of a part of their body, per hour. As a measure it makes a hell of a lot more sense to the general public than an amount in becquerels/picocuries would.

  6. How do people have the energy to be mad about things like this?

  7. Countries in Africa are tired of being used by the western nations and are now aligning with Russia, China to get some leverage

  8. But do you think this will actually provide that leverage or will they just get used in the same way by a new set of countries?

  9. Ignoring the political tectonics involved; this is literally living off of past glory like someone who is middle-aged and still thinks everybody should worship them because of their HS football days.

  10. So the inference of your comment is that there was no documentary about him screened at Sundance. Is that what you are trying to say?

  11. No, I just said I believe what they report and they're a trusted news source.

  12. But your comment is clearly sarcastic indicating what you are intending to say is the opposite, inferring that an objectively provable event did not happen.

  13. I think Halo needs to be over. Wasn't that the plan when they made Destiny? We keep recycling the same content these days. Remaking movies, remaking games, remaking classic cars. Just make new shit. Halo seems the same to me every time they release a new game.

  14. Pretty much. If i recall correctly Reach was intended to be the closing chapter, hence the symbolism of the ending.

  15. For real; mental illness tends to be defined by an individual’s ability to function in what is considered a typical way and the severity assessed by how limited that functioning is. So holding an opinion in line with this would not be considered mental illness, restructuring your life around that opinion and doing things like pictured above could very well meet the threshold.

  16. Add in that you are just judging by one photo. If you assessed this person and spoke about how their political viewpoints impacted their daily lives and determined if they were able to function typically I guarantee that they would cross the threshold.

  17. Didn’t this dude literally torture people?

  18. Of course he didn’t silly, he just green-lit it as legal and ethical.

  19. Correct. If it was Russia they’d all have a passport (real or fake) or none would. They’d also probably have some sort of viable back story (like even just having a couple chunks of amber with them), and they definitely wouldn’t call the coast guard themselves.

  20. Question, were there any copies of The Sims 3? If so it was definitely the FSB.

  21. In my opinion a huge part of the problem is the trend of releasing games in a polished but incomplete state, then finishing them post-release.

  22. So Russia is following Ukrainian policy of using terrible criminals in their military. Hopefully at least a ceasefire can happen soon

  23. Tell me your primary news source is memes, without telling me your primary news source is memes.

  24. None of us want to see the Russian people destroyed, we just don’t want to have diplomatic relations with a state that is actively engaged in genocide. His comment is so pathetic that despite all that, he makes his government look even worse than they did before.

  25. Genuinely surprised he was able to put a complex sentence like that together, ‘disembowel’ is a big word for a guy like him.

  26. No, we’ve heard it a lot of times a lot of different places.

  27. I’m a liberal and i am crying, but it is tears from how hard i am laughing at this nebbech.

  28. I wonder how many ppl would be arrested if everyone was looked into. Anyone remember all those democrats that were arrested for that hired worker scandal that cost tax payers millions.

  29. Dude, keep it down… you’re going to get us all in trouble! /j

  30. What in Benny Hill's name are these people trying to accomplish???

  31. Conservativism exists for one purpose; to utilize/maintain the law to protect but not bind the in-group whilst binding but not protecting the various out-groups.

  32. I have a horrible feeling that may be one of the three ‘unnanounced’ games Ubisoft just canned.

  33. I couldn’t remember if that was one they announced or was leaked. I think you might be right thankfully.

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