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  1. If I’m going 80 in a 55, passing everyone in every other lane and I STILL have someone tailgating me that’s when I draw the line and say I will not drive at reckless speeds just for the one guy behind be driving like a maniac. Especially when it’s a crowded beltway and I don’t have the choice to freely change lanes.

  2. Those with better fuel economy (a legitimate state interest) are paying less gas taxes. Those gas taxes fund roadways, so the unintended consequences of better vehicles is less available road funding.

  3. The argument I hear for paying 40% of my income and property tax and sales tax and capital gains tax and personal property tax is roads.

  4. what’s your budget? also, what size do you think would work best for you?

  5. Unfortunately most places have an incentive to provide uncomfortable chairs so you don't just camp out.

  6. Your living room probably has this thing called a couch or sofa.

  7. You don't know what it's like where I live !!!!!! :)

  8. Not sure yet, so far just lighter in the wallet.

  9. Please do let us know after you got these up?

  10. What's the relationship between scadrial and the peaks???

  11. To be fair, amd next gen vs intel current gen, right ?

  12. know "Achilles heel" IS from the mythological character.. right???

  13. Potomac yard movie theater is gone!!

  14. None of those assholes on their phones would consider giving up their seat?

  15. There's like 6 open seats at the end of the hall.....

  16. Ouka is literally fulfilling his destiny of being a cloud

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