1. Sugar baby doesn’t like when a sugar daddy is creepy and infantilizes her. If you can’t comprehend how that’s LAMF you should take a general comprehension course

  2. You do realize that it’s not the woman’s fault, right?

  3. Nope. Don’t particularly have anything against the practice. I just wouldn’t expect great, emotionally mature guys when the practice is inherently about older men wanting and paying for younger companionship. You’re going to come across some real creeps in that space, just move on to the next one lmao.

  4. Conservative Christians are terrorists and child rapists. Someone should investigate this fuck immediately.

  5. If I could seduce Putin there’s no one I can’t do

  6. I’m uninclined to not say because of extensive KGB manipulation

  7. I think Ithaca has a big potential for improvement. Parties vary by clique/org/major/college etc etc etc, Cornell Cinema is a thing and Regal Cinema exists at the Cayuga Mall. There is an art museum right on campus which is a lovely place to stop by. There are other museums for both children and adults nearby in Ithaca and Trumansburg. As for nightlife/restaurants/hospitality etc, I’d also say that there are a number of options if not solely because Cornell has the #1 hospitality school in the world LOL

  8. Cliques are only really applicable to the undergraduate scene. Grad students are closer to & have more in common with townies than undergraduates typically

  9. Many students are able to successfully transfer to Cornell after two or even one year done at a separate institution

  10. I was under the impression that we’re all here because we get off on shame.

  11. That is a really interesting notion I’d like to hear more about that idea

  12. Why do you have to qualify "including Catholic"? Catholics are the OG Christians the protestants broke off from.

  13. To add to the insult, you pay the say price no matter the quality of the dorm. Someone living in Schuyler which is basically located in Pennsylvania pays the same price as someone living in the new dorms where you can walk downstairs in your PJs to eat breakfast.

  14. Right ?! I’m still floored as to how that’s not illegal

  15. They have to flex those nurses. How will the CEO get her annual bonus?

  16. Someone I know spends $3000 on a studio at City Centre.

  17. My good friend spend three days there in the summer of 2017 and said it was like being in Hell. Make of that what you will.

  18. It’s like a factory. Pull you in, pump you full of drugs, send you out.

  19. I’ve heard that when she gets certain people On her show, she really like embarrasses and belittles them, almost as a ritual type thing. For those who say they do rituals in public or pop culture.

  20. Potters, what are you doing here amongst the cornuggles?

  21. Congrats!! We can’t wait to have you. Tons of beautiful landscapes with waterfalls, gorges and forests (not even “hidden” gems, they’re right on campus!).

  22. Tell me about it. I feel like I'm wasting my life to be honest. I should enjoy life while I'm young but I can't because there's nobody and nothing to do.

  23. I’m coming back to campus next semester I’m gonna try and make things better I promise

  24. Cornell is for people who are already depressed to feel a little better

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