1. There is treatment emergent CSA (Central Sleep Apnoea) which as it sounds, only appears after treatments begins. But this is most definitely not obstructive.

  2. That's my ahi using my cpap. The recent at home test says I had zero events. So I'm wondering why my cpap is telling me I am having obstructive events if the at home test says my apnea is gone.

  3. Ok, so that's 1-3 per hour, not per night. Also, that's a normal AHI so your CPAP treatment was completely controlling the issue.

  4. Yeah, with my cpap I'm having 1-3 per hour which is fine. I am just having a hard time trusting that without it I'm not having more. My situation is a bit strange in that I never snored nor did I ever wake up gasping for air, my only symptom was extreme fatigue and my at home test in 2020 showed an ahi of 28.

  5. I did the at home test I first and it showed "mild" apnea. In the lab I was moderate. The home tests are unreliable. Find a new doctor who will listen to you.

  6. I think I will after the in lab. I'll stick with her until that's done at least, but depending on how she interprets the results it may be time to find someone new..

  7. You mentioned losing the weight. Have you turned down your machine settings since then? When I lost weight, I couldn’t handle even 6-7. It just blew straight out of my mouth. But I still needed cpap. I had to turn it all the way down to 4. It’s just an idea.

  8. That's interesting! Mines auto, so it's set from 5.5-20.. I was hoping for this sort of discussion with the sleep specialist but instead she just immediately said she doesn't think I have apnea, and the at home test backed her up. But the fatigue I still have is crazy. I'm hoping the in lab study can shed some light on that. To be honest I'm scared it's going to come back saying I don't have apnea as well and I'll never find an answer for why stopping the cpap has made me this tired.

  9. Soooo medical anxiety is associated with anemia. Gently, you should get treatment for deficiencies. Very few people have reactions to infusions. You can and should get your phosphorus checked. The infusions that more folks have reactions to are the fancy newer ones. Iron sucrose is better. But very few do.

  10. I can absorb certain kinds but they kill my stomach. I am currently taking GNC gentlesorb with zero side effects but it seems I haven't been absorbing since my ferritin is only 16 after 2 months on it. Very frustrating!

  11. To be honest, I never felt a huge difference in the 3 years I've used my cpap. My ahi was 28 but I didn't snore or wake up in the night, my only symptom was major daytime fatigue. After using cpap my fatigue went down a bit but I could still easily sleep 12+ hours a night and not feel rested even with my ahi down to less than 3 every night. Some people won't feel a huge difference but it's overall better for your health so that might have to be the driving factor. With an ahi that high he very well may feel a difference in time, just sharing another point of view here!

  12. I think I ended up paying $50 for my entire sleep study, which included a home test then an in-lab titration. It just really depend on the insurer.

  13. I'm in a similar boat, my insurance company said they'll cover the in lab study fully and my at home was free but I have to pay for my cpap supplies which is a bitch.

  14. Great work on losing 30! That’s what I need to lose - can you give any tips or advice, as I’m struggling to move the needle on the scale.

  15. Unfortunately I can't give much advice, all of my weight loss was due to extreme anxiety that has led to major stomach issues and difficulty eating. I didn't exercise or eat healthier or anything. Which is why I'm scared I'll gain it back once I'm less anxious... If that is even possible for me lol. Also, since stopping the cpap I've become increasingly more fatigued so now we have to do an in lab study to make sure my results were right. Not the happy ending I was hoping for!

  16. Long road here as well. I was on viibryd 40mg for a few years, then started getting awful anxiety and health issues last year and was taken off of. Went through 10 different medications and can't seem to tolerate anything. Started back on viibryd and am currently almost two weeks into 15mg. My anxiety is awful and the fatigue too! I hope it calms down

  17. Yes, I was diagnosed with Graves and TED when I was about 6 or 7. I had radioactive iodine in 2017 and I think my TED might be back now :(

  18. Important on empty tummy. Very important. Have doc check your pituitary. Mine was low n my thyroid was all over the place when pituitary was off. Test cortisol levels.

  19. Pituitary is fine, cortisol has been high the two times we checked this year but it's been written off as anxiety/stress.

  20. Honestly I take mine in my morning with my coffee, Prozac, multivitamin, and Keppra and I’ve been just fine! I usually wait about an hour or so to eat but not always. I think just so whatever works best for you!

  21. there’s something sus about the genesight testing we all did and viibryd being in the green for Most people despite being so new idk i hate feeling like it’s a conspiracy theory type thing. but i tried viibryd for 3 weeks and i was the most uncharacteristically angry and violent i’ve ever felt in my entire life. i’m a server, i love my job and i’m very extroverted but as soon as i started taking viibryd, i was overwhelmed after having the same amount of tables i could normally handle just fine. i snapped at a customer because he said my eyebrows looked weird (maybe so) and told him he looked like shit (he did) but oh my god i can’t do that at work and i’ve never done that before. i can hold my tongue, as a server of 5 or so years. i was so angry and had thoughts of sf hm that i hadn’t had since high school, and was just so agitated at everything. I developed ROAD RAGE !!!! i hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i stopped after 3 weeks, went back to the med i was taking previously, also in the green on my genesight, Pristiq. i was at 150mg so i’m just starting back on 50mg. really sucks. my brain zaps are out of this world. i am so depressed.

  22. I'm glad you said this bc I'm lowkey suspicious about it being on everyone's green column as well lol

  23. If you feed your kitty wet food you can get dry kidney food to give as "treats"... That's what I do for mine and he loves it!

  24. This could very well be a side effect of synthroid. Synthroid nearly sent me to a mental hospital that’s how fuccd up it got me. I can’t take Levo or synthroid because of the insane adrenaline , anxiety, weird thoughts and night terrors. It’s a Common side effect listed right on their website. I would come off completely and see how you feel. Then you can maybe try a natural medication. Me personally I won’t touch thyroid meds again I’d rather ride out the wave until it’s completely dead. Good luck

  25. Wow that's awful! I'm sorry you had that experience. I've been on it for 5 years and up until last year didn't have an issue. Before I started taking it my TSH was 95(!) because they destroyed my thyroid with radioactive iodine, at least I thought it was destroyed but the fluctuating levels and hashimoto's say otherwise I guess. So unfortunately I don't think being off of it is an option for me :(

  26. Your rignt It wouldn’t be an option for you sorry. I’m not sure what I am gonna do when the time comes for me. I do this the drug does have some degree of side effects. It’s sad doctors don’t know more about it

  27. It really is, I feel like my endo is so quick to say things aren't thyroid related as well, and I don't fight her on it because all I would be able to say was "I read online that other people have these issues and they believe it's thyroid related"

  28. i remember when i first took that had 10mg shit istood up and walked straight into a wall

  29. I had it for literally over a year every single day. Ran a bunch of tests. Never found out the reason. I'm currently on klonopin and have been for a few months kind of scared that it only went away because of that and that it'll come back when I'm off it. I never found a cause or a treatment. Tried everything. Good luck!

  30. Our bodies are bad at absorbing b12 and there's no real harm in having high amounts of it so that's the main reason. However, some people experience acne with high doses. I've had issues with rashes on certain brands/doses. I take Mason natural 50mcg which is still way above DV but it's scored so it's easy to cut in half. Taking 50 a day brought my levels up from 240 to 450 in 2 months.

  31. I bought this after getting my cpap and it helped with leaks/not shoving my mask into my face. It's expensive and not perfect but fairly comfy..

  32. Who is prescribing the pills? Reach out to them and let them know how you're feeling. You'll need them if you want to be prescribed a different drug anyway, so don't make any changes before talking to them. Withdrawal effects can be very dangerous so don't mess around with that.

  33. i would cry and cry and cry uncontrollably to my best friend in the phone telling her i can’t do this anymore but she was my biggest supporter and told me to just try for as long as i can… so i did.

  34. I cry to my dad every day. I live alone and I'm far from family or friends so I feel so alone through this. I cry all the fucking time. I feel so hopeless. Celexa didn't help enough and on increasing gave me bad anxiety so I gave up after 3 weeks of the increase and went back down. It wasn't helping my depression or ocd enough on that dose. Switched to Lexapro and upon increasing I got much more depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Prozac gave me multiple panic attacks a night. Luvox made me so sedated that I couldn't function. But this is a whole other beast, so many side effects. I don't know how to get through this on my own. Sorry to vent to you I'm just really struggling!!

  35. no don’t apologize at all!!!! i did the same thing online, its good to find a place where other people have experienced a similar thing - you have my support :) i know it doesn’t mean much, being a stranger on the internet and all, but someone is cheering for your success <3

  36. Hey, I know no one responded and this is two years old but I just want you to know I'm going through the same thing right now and I'm really at a loss. I hope you were able to find something that helped.

  37. It'll go away. I had that as well from the grinding and clenching but it passes after you get off the meds.

  38. It depends on the person, for me I just bumped up from 12.5 to 25 of zoloft and I'm having intense panic, fatigue, and diarrhea so I can't really function. I feel like most people are able to tolerate it a bit better though...

  39. I'm in a similar boat, I've been going through med changes and severe panic and my previous Dr gave me Ativan on an as needed basis up to 3x a day, it didn't help much and when I wanted to stop it I had no side effects. However, my new psych have me klonopin and I only take 0.25mg at night but we tried to get off of it 3x over the last 8 weeks. The first time I was off of it for a few days and felt very detached from reality and like I couldn't function. My anxiety quickly came back after that so I went back on. The other two times even just cutting it in half made me wake up in the middle of the night in a panic so we stopped trying to get off of it for now. Sometimes I panic that I'm addicted, but I haven't increased my dose or anything and to be honest I'm barely functioning as it is with the med changes so I need it there right now. I feel like you can become dependent on even such a small dose. But I'm kind of in the mindset now of if I need it I need it. I need to be able to function without panic attacks.

  40. IIRC, the tests are supposed to indicate how well you will tolerate the medication vs how it will actually help you. Even then, it may be sketchy.

  41. Yeah it's moreso how well you metabolize it rather than how effective it will be for you. I've blown through my green column without good result so I'm on the yellow column now unfortunately.

  42. Unfortunately not :/ I had to stop the Luvox and go back on sertraline because the dizziness did not decrease.

  43. 30 pounds in the last year that I've had extreme anxiety, and I worry about the weight loss all the time.

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