1. Sure. You don't "need" a doctor's diagnosis of pregnant, but it sure helps you to get the appropriate personalized medical care.

  2. Back as a kid I loved Prisoner of Azkaban so much there was a literal chunk of the book that fell out of the spine from rereading my favorite parts* over and over--I don't know that I've ever loved a book as much since

  3. I went through like 3 different paperback copies of Inkheart that completely fell apart before I finally bought a hard copy, so I can relate.

  4. My 37 week daughter had small dark hairs all down her back. It was so soft and weird. Went away after a few weeks. She also had little tufts of hair on her ears

  5. My daughter was born at 40 weeks and has the hair tufts on her ears. Honestly I think it's adorable.

  6. She Wants a dog that has been well-socialized and trained not to bark a lot for no adoption fees? She clearly doesn't realized how much time and effort it takes to properly socialize a dog and train them not to bark lol

  7. Big yikes to thinking you're protecting your child by not talking to them about sexual abuse when in actually you're setting them up not to recognize and/or be able to talk about when something might be off.

  8. That last comment in the screenshot is what I was about to say: to many places that have more 'progressive' policies, 12 weeks is still a joke. Often that 12 weeks isn't even on full pay either.

  9. This. I get 12 weeks at "up to" 80% pay, but they base the pay on my tax info from last year. I got promoted midway through last year, so it's not even 80% or my current pay.

  10. Huh. I would never have assumed you’d need a booster if your TDAP was up to date. Aren’t they supposed to be good for like 10 years?

  11. They're good for 10 years but for specific particularly nasty things they recommend more frequently. When my dad got severely scratched by his cat they gave him a booster because he hadn't had one within 2 years.

  12. Okay the melatonin thing is concerning but like...she put her baby in the closet to block out the noise???

  13. Smdh I got my 3rd dose at 13 weeks pregnant. My doctor said she had had 0 patients come in with any complications due to the vaccine, but had seen plenty of patients come in with complications due to actually getting covid.

  14. Maybe just don’t import the formula from Germany this time and buy something cheaper? It does suck that formula is so expensive and prices out a lot of people who really need it, which leads people to extreme and unsafe solutions (not condoning them whatsoever). I don’t really know how things work in the USA but do food stamps help with formula or maybe there are charities/community groups that could help?

  15. Yep, in the US we have the WIC program for low-income mothers. It covers formula among other things and it's whole purpose is to make sure babies are being properly nourished. But I'm sure it doesn't cover the German formula this woman seems to have a bias toward.

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