1. If the data is properly collected, and passes validity checks as far as you are convinced, then it's all good. I built my own electronic dataset of data that was kept for 30 years only as hardcopy (OCR saved my life), and added something new to the field.

  2. Wait has this changed? Back when i was in highschool a couple of years ago u needed atleast 50% for home language, 40% for maths and 30% for 3 others.

  3. Math lit was 50% or 60% to pass back then. Did it change since then?

  4. I'm clearly mistaken then. I was part of the first cohort of students that were allowed to pick math lit - so I'm definitely wrong.

  5. Fuck it - I did my PhD for the title. I had no illusions about how toxic academia is.

  6. Literally noone cares about the grade, except you.

  7. Great response. We didn't get grades for ours, it was pass/fail. So if someone told me their grade (magna), I'd laugh at you and ask what your title is, because we have the same title.

  8. Who actually cares? In a few weeks/months/years it won't even matter.

  9. I'm keeping my mask. No more smelling someone's bad halitosis. I've become attached to mine.

  10. There's one thing I learned that many people don't seem to understand. Lazy people find ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently. Now, it's highly dependent on the individual. Some lazy people are the bad type of lazy. But if you find the right kind of lazy person, they will figure out the best way to do a task way faster and with minimal effort.

  11. My approach to my job in general. I look super efficient, but because I'm lazy I'm just finding the most optimal way to do shit.

  12. Happy soberversary!! We’re twins 👯‍♀️ it’s been quite a year, and congrats on your success!

  13. Thank you so much! And well done to you too. Your streak is incredible.

  14. When you play fast, sweat can drop from your arm to the hand, extremely annoying

  15. I didn't know I needed to read this today. Thank you, stranger.

  16. I always give the same advice on these issues. Stop looking for a girlfriend. When you seek, you don't find. Like anything in life - you'll see your car keys 100 times a day, until you look for them.

  17. You have far more triggers than s I do. However, I have noticed mine has dwindled since starting meds for anxiety.

  18. Shaun when i ask him to make a better live setlist (minus no jesus christ, id piss myself if i seen them play that)

  19. They opened with No Jesus Christ in South Africa more than a decade ago (circa 2007/2008). It was incredible.

  20. Lead by example. If you make fitness/healthy eating habits a BIG thing in your life....she'll subconsciously catch on and mirror you.

  21. This is a great answer. I'm about 5Kg over what my ideal weight should be. I would like to change it, but between work and everything else, I just feel exhausted.

  22. If not fully shaved, trim. I personally don't like wearing a vest anx having hair stick out even if my arms are down.

  23. Maybe try not beating off and you wouldn't have so many negative thoughts about trying not to kill yourself. Trust me, I know that all too well.

  24. I'm going through files now. Looks like I have an album titled "Saron Gas" with 16 tracks and another titled "Fragile" with 15 tracks. Knowing how crazy I am with being a completionist, I'm pretty confident that these tracks are all different with minor changes and studio production. I used some early singles that appear on multiple albums as a barometer and they seem different enough to justify me filing them where they are.

  25. They pressed at least two different versions of Fragile AFAIK. I have 3 copies. One lists bonus tracks, the other doesn't.

  26. I can't take AITA seriously. A lot of users on reddit are 13 and have no concept of the real world and others go straight to the "🚩🚩🚩cut them off!!" Over every little thing.

  27. Your BF texted another woman? I don't care if she's his sister. End it girl!

  28. There are multiple points at which things can get stuck. If you've waited longer than a year just about (not joking), then it's possible that it's sitting at your local post office. Go to them and ask to look through the book of uncollected parcels (yes, really, it's a handwritten book). So many of my neighbours' parcels were just lying there because no one at the post office could be bothered to send a notification slip.

  29. I wish I could upvote this more. When I searched their book, it had notes saying "notification #1, #2, #3" sent to recipient. Utter BS. The laziness and ineptitude is staggering.

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