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  1. Sheets and pillow cases weekly if the weather allows. My skins prone to breakouts if its left much longer than that. Plus I sleep better in fresh clean bedding. For duvet covers though its maybe once a month.

  2. damn girl you need to reevaluate who you associate with. either call the hotline Lena mentioned or a friend or family member. you need support during this time.

  3. I think you mean well, but she didn't know he was going to start treating her that way after 5 months, please avoid saying things implying she's at fault associating with him like she knew he'd act this way.

  4. I figured you telling her she needs to reevaluate who she associates with after the content of the post implies she chooses to associate with assholes or something, as though she evaluated wrong and needs to reevaluate. Maybe it just came off that way, not saying you meant it, just meant to tell you it can imply that.

  5. I'm sad to say that I relate to your experiences. Decent men exist but sometimes it can feel like it's not worth the risk trying to find them. Its painful and exhausting at best.

  6. I have a similar thing, my boyfriend doesn't interrupt me to say his part of the conversation, but he tries to guess every time what I'm about to say. For example I start with

  7. What might happen if they have an abortion OR suffer a miscarriage. How soon until we have a situation where someone was less than perfect during their pregnancy and miscarries....

  8. You could be perfect during your pregnancy and still miscarry, even.

  9. Yep! I was trying to get at the idea that anyone who does something less than perfect, like say they ate sushi, and miscarried. That being used as justification for "they did it intentionally".

  10. A murder charge for eating sushi is sounding more and more likely these days.

  11. It's also false. There are plenty of women who have multiple kids with an ex and they do just fine in the dating world. This guy has full rights to his preferences but him noting his income and demeaning single moms is going to turn off a lot of single, no kids, self-sufficient professional women as well.

  12. Truth. If your bio is just you shitting on other people, you're painting yourself in a terrible light right out the gate.

  13. Yeah, I'm not questioning that lack of lubrication (natural or otherwise) causes pain. It absolutely does.

  14. Many people bleed from sex when it's not their first time. It's more common to happen the first few times due to improper prep and nerves, but I used to bleed every single time with my now ex because he hated foreplay and I felt pressured. It was also painful every time. So yeah.

  15. I think the people who are saying they want men to show emotion and the ones telling men to man up are different types of people.

  16. Before I went to a clinical psychologist I brought a list of symptoms and how they impact my life plus a list of various life events and it helped her diagnose me very easily. So bringing lists isn't bad just don't try and tell your psychologist the diagnosis.

  17. I googled, native to southern and eastern Australia.

  18. I heard that the reason people have reported bad bites from them is from the bacteria they carry, can't conform though. However I just think they're really ugly and weirdly arrogant? So I never save them, always kill them.

  19. Thats oddly specific, but the question mark denotes a questioning tone on that specific phrase, like I'm questioning what I'm saying cause it's weird to suggest a spider could be arrogant.

  20. I’d like to think I’m understanding what your point is. I’ll keep this response brief, as I’m tired as fuq, but I’m going to make the assumption that you’re not a dude and that you have no idea what it’s like to see an attractive pair of boobies on an attractive woman.

  21. You view breasts as that exciting because its been socialized into you, if ankles were still indecent you'd feel the same. Understanding this requires understanding and reflecting on how society conditions how we feel about certain things, how it's not all innate even if it can feel like it. I'm not sure you're ready yet to understand your conditioning but I've said all I can say without repeating myself

  22. I don’t want to risk being arrogant, but I suspect I’ve already been standing where you are now. When I was 16-18 I also believed that basically everything was social conditioning. I remember theorising to a friend ‘Maybe after a while of nobody wearing clothes, it would become so normal that we could operate like normal’

  23. I'm not a teenager, and its not teenage ideals recognizing that societal conditioning is a very real thing, to say otherwise would be very misguided. The oversexualization of breasts and them being seen as indecent is a cultural and societal thing.

  24. I took the combination pill non stop for years, periods always broke through every few months and were even more painful and longer than usual. It can stop periods for some people but everyone's different, and the side effects of hormonal birth control aren't worth it at all imo.

  25. Most people don’t have a disorder or disease to prevents them from being at a healthy weight that argument is the exception it’s a whataboutism argument.

  26. Things like hypothyroidism aren't that uncommon, I'm sure there are plenty people in this thread who have it, such as myself. Male pattern balding is also very common, but leaving a guy because he loses his hair/looks would show a very shallow view of relationships and attraction.

  27. It's common to have different coloured skin downstairs. Sometimes people get their skin lightened down there, especially for porn but sometimes just because they aren't comfortable with the discoloration.

  28. This makes me cringe but also just makes me angry. I don't have DID but have CPTSD with a decently high level of dissociation, diagnosed. If this was a parody/satire I would believe it because this would be a funny way to portray what dissociation can FEEL like at times, but it is not at all what it looks like, and people trying to pass this off as real are making a mockery of the lived experience of people with actual dissociative disorders and will only further stigmatize them by having people believe dissociation is where teens on tik tok play make believe.

  29. When I first got on Tik-Tok and the algorithm had no data points for me yet, it was nothing but bikini girls and the Paul brothers, who I guess are rich and famous but I can’t figure out why.

  30. I've heard that if you're male its more likely to show you that kind of thing as soon as you download it, but I'm not 100% sure. It didn't show me that upon first downloading and I'm not male anyway.

  31. This is fucking dope! You did a great job on values here

  32. TSH should not be primary way to determine your thyroid condition, but FT4

  33. Oh I guess my doctor told me wrong. He just said something like "You have elevated TSH and positive for antibodies so that constitutes treatment" I dunno much about it yet, guess I need to research more

  34. yes that is subclinical hashimoto at least

  35. Yeah, its subclinical but I have a lot of the symptoms as is, sadly.

  36. Absolutely. People hoping for it to happen to certain people in prison as some kind of retribution/punishment make me so uncomfortable, but you see the sentiment a lot.

  37. Happened to me recently with 2 boys who looked to be in their late teens, one just screamed right in my ear as we passed on an empty street. After they did it they just acted as though nothing happened, didn't even look back at me and continued walking, so I just said "the fuck?" back at them. The purpose is simply to harass women and make them feel unsafe, cause they enjoy that.

  38. Yea, they are contacting his manager to address the situation. I almost feel they purposefully didn't fulfill the contract so he could attempt to get in my house. I could be wrong though.

  39. Honestly? It really sounds like it. I hope this isn't something they have attempted before, and hopefully with you contacting the seller about it he wont get the opportunity to try again. Good on you.

  40. I live in a pretty liberal country, no kids, never wanted them, requested at age 29 to have my tubes tied and was told I'm not allowed to make that decision so young less I regret it. Wouldn't having kids you don't want be the worse thing you don't wanna live to regret? Am I not a grown ass woman who can decide this for myself? It was an old male doctor mind you, so.

  41. Do you think you could instead have hyperthyroidism? Aside from feeling cold all the time, which could be from being thin

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