1. “Local Gun Shop”. I for the most part don’t recommend this. While it’s possible to get lucky and find one, it’s unlikely.

  2. Carriers like that are nice only if you need them. The picture here is a poor representation of what is kept in chest cases. If you don’t 100% need to have a hard sided chest case don’t. They get in the way and can make you a selective target for aggression.

  3. This is the way. I have the ELCAN TR 1/3/9 and really like it.

  4. Not much info on these. Always been curious how they are.

  5. I’m a fan. It is absolutely a combat optic, not good for precise shooting. But it’s a good fit for the SCAR.

  6. I would retire the shit out of some andes in that city.

  7. It tells the heck out of the time that’s for sure.

  8. I'm interested in watches. I'm not interested in sustainability. Or well, I don't want an awful box for political reasons.

  9. This is why we have a climate crisis 💁‍♂️

  10. Thats awesome, of the 3 breitlings I bought i only got a fucking hat and a pin…

  11. I’ve got two and didn’t get anything 🤷‍♂️

  12. One of these days I’m going to open “Danielle Defense”. All rebranded made in China junk; I’ll make millions.

  13. Nice. I have the Ruger Scout in 308win. It makes a great can host, one of my favorite rifles.

  14. The one that’s the most comfortable for you

  15. This is the way. Plus there's a bit of “it depends on what you have”.

  16. I have two guns with a piggyback dots for use with night vision. But that's not something most people need.

  17. I don’t like it, I was fucking around with aiming through a red dot in 08-09 and realized quickly it’s a PITA. I get the “near peer” mindset and would have agreed up until this year but Ukraine has shown us that thermal just leapfrogged over the need to not use lasers.

  18. Agree, I use both NV and thermal. Each has strengths and weaknesses.

  19. Being able to fire with the stock folded is a big win.

  20. I guess my concern was, I’ve read that a suppressor changes your zero. So would I need to “rezero” every time I take it off and then put it back on..? Figured I’d leave it on the rifle and just clean it with it attached

  21. It depends a lot on it's design and how it's mounted. For some yes, for others no; all depends on precisely what you have.

  22. 1.54 is the way. Not too low, and makes it easy to use a

  23. 5.56 mil spec. What would be the consequences of not upping the buffer weight? Improper cycling?

  24. Your gun beats it self to death. Basically you ware out and break a bunch stuff.

  25. I’m not sure having a positive and stable family environment is a privilege. It’s an advantage for sure, but not really a privilege.

  26. That suppressor is definitely on the list. How are you liking that setup?

  27. It’s a nice can but a bit of a one trick horse. There are some guns/configurations it doesn’t work very well on because it hangs low. Not the end of the would because you can rotate it out of the way, but it looks funny. I ended up getting a second more traditional pistol can for other guns. RMR kicks ass however there are other good dot options as well. Light is nice, I needed a laser for pointing and that adds a bit of bulk. Sometimes I do steal one of the X300s from

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