1. In my experience, Adderall also made me very anxious and caused an extreme drop in mood once it started to wear off. I would recommend asking your doctor about switching to Vyvanse. I know everyone's experience is different, but I feel much less anxious on it yet still productive. It may be worth a shot!

  2. I used to do that as a child! I stopped when people started noticing as asking me why I was doing it.

  3. Also a trait of Tourette Syndrome, along with echolalia and coprolalia, plus there's some overlap between TS and ASD.

  4. That is a good point. I don't have Tourette's but I can definitely see overlap between them.

  5. Ohhh yeah I used to do that too. As a young child when I would talk I would repeat every word I said. I would usually whisper it. My brother did it too so I probably picked it up from him.

  6. Same, I usually just mouthed the word silently but there were times when I whispered and would catch myself off guard lol

  7. Yes! I don't think I do it anymore but I did as a kid. My little brother did this too! never knew it had a name or anything.

  8. Me neither! I had mostly forgotten about it until I discovered the term recently

  9. Yes! I did this all the time as a kid and I still catch myself doing it as an adult. Do you happen to know how this differs from or relates to echolalia?

  10. Yes! I actually repeat them out loud sometimes. Thank you for giving it a name!

  11. I am just happy that I found it! :)

  12. Honestly, most of the storylines from Season 8 and beyond

  13. Things that are good for you are usually harder to do. On the reverse, the stuff that feels easy is usually not beneficial in the long run. am still learning this especially involving my health and relationships.

  14. I don't know why all this comments are lowkey misogynistic but I don't think that's the meaning of the op, it was more about the importance you give to the opinions of a certain gender. At least that's why I do it.

  15. I was really hoping this wouldn’t read as an “I’m not like other girls” post because that’s definitely not who I am lol. It is just a genuine thing I struggle with and something that makes me sad and confused.

  16. You can have internalized misogyny and not hate women. Technically misogyny is hatred of femininity not just women. It's not you it's society. Like how Americans think the world is America.

  17. No I do think it’s me lol. It’s just me having a hard time connecting with women because of different social norms I think

  18. Ugh I wish this was relatable. At worst, being high for me is spiraling, full blown panic attack, and existential dread. At best, it is me constantly talking myself down from experiencing all those things lol

  19. I used to relate to this 100%. Then I started nannying a 4 year old girl who I really clicked with. I realized that I have always overthought my interactions with kids and that I could just let myself unmask and be natural. The awkwardness hasn’t gone away entirely especially with new kids but it has gotten a lot better :)

  20. Scotch tastes like liquid hardwood chair to me

  21. Oh my god I was just talking about this today. This is so relatable

  22. Mine cried hysterically because she found out she has an “e” in her name 😂

  23. My sensory issues involving my own bad breath is really the only thing that drives me to do it regularly. For whatever reason, I can’t brush my teeth at night unless absolutely necessary without getting depressed?? I don’t understand it either 😅

  24. Owen is wayyyyy too high up on my opinion

  25. - Consider a different career?? There's always options, and your wellbeing and happiness are more important than anything else!!

  26. I wish i could work part time but I am currently in grad school and that shit is expensive

  27. Aside from getting a different job or working in a less overwhelming department? Would accommodations be possible like wearing headphones or loops? Unfortunately, if you're not officially diagnosed, you might not be able to get those.

  28. I stim all day every day HAHA I think my office mate is about to strangle me

  29. Girl what why are you still friends

  30. The writers should have pulled focus away from Pam and jim after the wedding. That was their apex, with each life milestone after they got progressively less interesting.

  31. WOOAHHH with a few changes I think it could have been Donna TBH

  32. I use Orville Tender White ONLY and then I do 3 layers of seasoning in a big bowl. Each layer includes: nutritional yeast, everything but the bagel seasoning, a hint of garlic powder, and a little Parmesan cheese :)

  33. I hope you are out with your siblings. I am sorry he is stuck and is an enabler. Mine was too.

  34. I did end up going out with my siblings and it was fun :) I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. It’s just not fair.

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