1. The thing that i’m still incredibly confused about is why we traded up from 22 to 19 and traded away our 29th pick to do so. I find it extremely unlikely that LaRavia wouldn’t have still been there at 22, especially considering from all the pre-draft research I had done had him going at the very end of the 1st round/the very beginning of the 2nd round.

  2. I never said I did know what was going on behind the scenes. I said the thing that “I’m” incredibly confused about. Just because i’m confused doesn’t make it the wrong move.

  3. Would be so much more interested in this if it was still a single player game

  4. So you agree the ump is shitty. So what’s the issue then?

  5. He was not early as good as two seasons ago but still elite. Holy shit I hope this means he comes back even better

  6. I already knew this Super Bowl was gonna be ass when CBS didn’t roll out a new scoreboard for it

  7. I miss the early-mid 2000’s FOX scoreboard. That was my all-time favorite.

  8. it sounds like heaven and it can sound like hell

  9. To be fair, we took them to 6 games (OT game 6) without our goalie, so.

  10. The Warriors are a good team but I honestly think if the Suns hadn’t had a Covid outbreak during the series against the Mavs they would have taken GSW to 7 in the WCF and possibly win to go against us in the finals.

  11. Derrr yeah your DPOY played bad in his first finals and your best player all year played poorly after likely separating his shoulder. You made it to game 6 of the finals but your team is trash unless you get some real players.

  12. I don’t wanna hear about that shoulder bullshit.

  13. No. It’s literally called the Ezio collection.

  14. I meant i want a remaster with the new gamplay from the nrwer games

  15. That wouldn’t be possible. At that point it wouldn’t even be a remaster? It’d be a totally different game

  16. So they are working on 2 projects at the same time?

  17. If you’re referring to Hogwarts Legacy (which i’m not saying you are) it’s actually being developed by Avalanche Software, not Avalanche Studios. Just noticed a lot of people getting them confused thinking they’re the same studio.

  18. Dropped the ball execution wise, and dropped the ball literally. The entire Celtics team seems to have feet for hands.

  19. I mean, they’re not exactly wrong..

  20. Them giving away that game 4 is what really did this series in for them. Had they not done that, they’d still be in the cat-bird seat right now up 3-2 with 2 chances to win 1.

  21. Just waiting for JT to curl up into the fetal position at half court at this point

  22. Doesn’t help when an opposing player even so much as breathes on him he starts flailing around like a fish out of water.

  23. Yeah, after the anthem incident, i dont blame publishers anymore and i direct my disappointment at the devs/studio that made the game.

  24. I get it. I agree for the most part. I think sometimes it’s on the developers, and sometimes it’s on the publisher.

  25. The first example of the future of Xbox is 343, MS was hands of and they made a shit game twice, so did they fire management? Nope. They’re still there and Halo Infinite was also shit. Same thing will happen with every Xbox studio, theres hope for Bethesda since they do their own thing and aren’t under matt booty

  26. Yeah, 343 is just utter dog shit imo. That may sound a little too critical, but I grew up with Halo, and me and my friends all lived in the same neighborhood together and we’d haul our Xbox’s and TV’s down to one friends house and have huge LAN parties and stay up till 6am playing Halo 2. And Halo 3 was incredible.

  27. The Warriors, but I pray to God i’m wrong, because the Warriors are absolutely fucking unbearable.

  28. The thing that drives me crazy about JT that bothers me the most is his incessant foul hunting. He’s 6’8”, 210, and always is posting these pictures/videos on his IG of him in the weight room. Yet instead of simply going up strong when driving to the basket, he goes foul hunting and tries to sell the foul the second he’s hit with any sort of physical contact. And it’s obviously gotten to the point where the officials recognize that and don’t blow the whistle on a lot of them.

  29. Cant wait for the devs to start cussing out people for being cheapskates, dropping paid dlc before launch and still letting the game run at 20fps on anything but some nasa supercomputer…

  30. Devs cussing out people? Explain. I don’t play Ark or follow it.

  31. If the Celtics lose this series, I will look back on this 4th quarter.

  32. Jayson Tatum out here with the Harry Potter invisibility cloak on

  33. I used to, but I honestly don’t anymore. After games like Cyberpunk 2077, MGSV TPP, and countless others (which Konami was 100% at fault for TPP, and Kojima wanted more time but they wouldn’t give it to him) I much prefer to see games delayed than rushed out. For example, the game releasing in the next few years that i’m most excited for is without question Spider-Man 2, and it’s supposed to be releasing at some point next year. I would much rather them delay it into 2024 if they needed to do that to give us the best, most polished and ready to go on day 1 game possible.

  34. They were trying to be consistent with the blatantly obvious Nickell Robey-Coleman no call that sent the Rams to the Super Bowl a few years prior.

  35. You can have two wrongs make a right in the same game, but not a whole 3 years after it happened. That’s ridiculous.

  36. Lmao oh please. He’s coming off an embarrassing loss where his player just got chanted at and he said literally two words about it and people want him to give a PR answer?

  37. Oh but you’re right? Give me a break. You literally have a Warriors flair, of course you’re defending it.

  38. Are you really going to use upvotes as a metric of correctness? In an anti-Warriors thread? Lmfao. I literally just said “none of this is gonna get through” for that exact reason lol. Everybody here in this thread wants to shit on the Warriors, which I understand, but it doesn’t make Kerr hypocritical lol. When has he ever said “fuck you” to any other team? Or are you just saying he’s hypocritical merely because he dares to have Draymond Green on his team and doesn’t shit on him? Yeah, I’m defending him because I think his statement, made IN RESPONSE TO A QUESTION, was perfectly fair and I’d bet there’s a pretty good shot you’d defend it if it were Kidd saying the same.

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