1. I'm in my mid 50's and I've never been listened to by a government either. I just don't quite get why so many of my generation seem gullible enough to fall for this shit.

  2. I think at the time of the brexit vote there were as many eligible voters under 55 as they were over. The older tend to vote more often.

  3. There's no dispute that there are pedestrian deaths where a motorist is not at fault, however they're in a vast minority and you know that.

  4. Show me the stats that disprove the vast majority of pedestrian deaths caused by cars.

  5. Obviously someone who uses reddit. seriously contact the guards. The driver is not the guards.

  6. I haven't been abroad since the pandemic. Having said that we were living aboard for a decade so didn't have a desire to travel.

  7. There's kids throughout europe with parents from across borders, so they would be more European.

  8. I don't think it will wash this time. Years have passed since he disappeared from politics and despite his preaching on radio and TV, most people realise Brexit was a massive con job and an unnecessary shot to the foot for the economy.

  9. Plus all assumptions about leverage over the EU have been debunked now so he can't say they have to give what we want.

  10. I'm mostly ignorant of the minutiae, but were there not IRA bombers/killers pardoned, or at least pursuits ceased, by the good Friday agreement?

  11. These convictions are for the murder of civilians. The release program you refer to was for loyalist and independence paramilitaries who swore to the terms of the Belfast agreement.

  12. Scotland would be an effective one-party state for a long time given public sentiment giving the SNP credit for independence. It'd help tide over the fact that they're actually quite shit at governing and don't even have an economic plan for the turmoil that's likely to follow for several years after such an event.

  13. Not necessarily. There were many small parties making up successive governments in the Irish free state.

  14. People on this thread arguing about the type of gun and not the comparable availibilty of weapons.

  15. Go for the working holiday visa if you just need a change. I was there for a few years but once the sunshine novelty wore off I thought it was boring.

  16. What the fuck is the source? I clicked on the and it kept going to another subreddit. Is it a real website or an astroturfer?

  17. He was accused of something and he was found not guilty of it. I don’t know why I’m being downvoted because from what I’ve read he was found innocent.

  18. If you're not breaking any local archeaological laws then the best thing to do is keep an accurate record of exactly where you find each artifact.

  19. 1956, the Suez Canal crisis happened. In the previous year the British representative in the conference of Messina stated the UK had no need of a European trade bloc as it had its empire.

  20. Facebook is the bottom of the barrel. Do your mental health a favour and get off it.

  21. I've ordered a few things from the German store that ended up being distributed from Britain, vat calculated at checkout.

  22. Eh is it normal for the Democrats to fully back a United Ireland? Have I misunderstood the phrasing? To me, that's a pretty activist position for the Majority Leader of the United States Senate to hold.

  23. Cost certainly high, but don't they earn like 50 dollars an hour upwards or something like that? If you consider here you could earn say 11.50 an hour but have to shell out 5 euro for a roll, that would be roughly equivalent.

  24. I was in a mining job for a few years there and while the money is good it does flit through your fingers if you try to live a normal life there. We ended up living up like students again and saved our china ore money for returning to Ireland.

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