1. OP any updates after her brother spoke to her?

  2. I did update, he was one of the family members who lectured her on not acting like a child when told not to do something. Its been a nightmare because she's not being vengeful and petty. We're all going to sit down and discuss what the next steps will be if this intentional and blatantly retaliatory behavior contibues

  3. She's 78 or 79, but she is a narcissist and a bully with serious entitlement issues

  4. Cats and birds for me. I have a cat and while she is a furry little jerk I love jer yo bits. If she wasn't a lunatic I might have a small bird...but she is a heathen and I live with family who despises birds

  5. Divorced him, moved 800 miles away and blocked him on all media

  6. Nope. I'm diabetic and have several other issues that would have taken me out in my early 20s

  7. My ex didn't wash his hands because he said the soap made his hands feel weird. I think he was just afraid of soap and water

  8. I'd love to work a "real job" but nobody will hire a half blind nearly 40 year old who doesn't drive

  9. Spending 9 years ignoring all my ex husbands flaws, being supportive and busting my ass trying to keep the house clean, then gerring super sick and spending 20 days in the hospital...only to come home to an absolute disaster. Dog shit everywhere, trash all over, dishes that had been in the sink when I got admitted were still there, piles of laundry, piss dried on the floor around the toilet, shit smears inside the toilet, soda spills that hadn't been cleaned up and just left to dry, and at some point he had pissed himself in his sleep and didn't even change the sheets. I had lost 30 pounds from being bed bound and on 4 IV antibiotics for nearly a month and the first thing he said after we got home was "when are you gonna do laundry?" I decides right then that once I was able to, I was leaving. Its been 3 years and I am still trying to get over some of the shit he and his mom did/said.

  10. As someone who was married to a non showering person, uts nothing to be jealous of. Its gross.

  11. Going to the movies. I don't like theaters (PTSD from my 1st husband, thanks Josh) and its usually too expensive...and too many people

  12. Sometimes, yes. I usually mumble random words in German and don't even notice until my grandma gets offended by something (recently got chewed out for saying flamenwerfer when I turned the stove on)

  13. If you are uncomfortable in a dress and she doesn't understand then you say no. I don't like dresses in general and had a friend's mom try and stuff me in a strapless lemon yellow poofy monstrosity for a bridesmaid dress. I also despise yellow, frills and strapless stuff. The bride hated the dress, and we both said hell no. She may not like it but you need to have a serious discussion about taking your illnesses into consideration

  14. Why is it anyone's business what a parent choses to do? Good grief...when did adults become so whiney?

  15. Totally. If I want to hit my kid, lock them in a closet, and feed them scraps that's MY choice!

  16. That's not what I meant and you know it. Way to twist what I said like a typical woke troll

  17. If you ask I will gladly share, however just helping yourself or taking things off my plate is likely to end badly for you. I have to calculate insulin based on what I eat, so when I talk x units of insulin and someone steals food off my plate I have to compensate with extra food that I often did not prepare. If you take my snacks, which often times are for low blood sugar, without asking first and my sugar crashes I now have no way to level out and could get very sick. So no its not an asshole move, its me not wanting to get sick and expecting others to respect boundaries and keep their booger hooks off my food.

  18. I think with certain things, it should be up to the child to do it unless medically necessary. That and I've read more cases of teens trying to get vaccinated but having a harder time doing so because their parents are antivaxx. I think people have a right to feel however they feel about what their parents did or didn't do. Imagine if your parents decided to mutilate you down there, how would you feel?

  19. I don't see it as mutilation, and throwing a fit over something that happened when you were like 2 days old is a little ridiculous

  20. I disagree, people can be pissed about being circumcised if they want to be and vice versa. It's really their body, they can feel however they want.

  21. Its pointless though. You can't undo it and holding a grudge like that is very immature. Yes you can be upset, but telling your parents they mutilated you is just pathetic. Whining and crying that your parents did what they thought was best is absolutely ridiculous. Grown men having fits over a bit of skin is asinine.

  22. anything really cold that rapidly cool my nasal passages.

  23. That would drive me insane, I love frozen yogurt and sneezing Every time I eat it would make me so mad

  24. I learn to hold my breath until I gulp the ice cream. this way the cold air doesn't go thru my nasal passages. The same way you don't want to breath air thru your nose when eating spicy food.

  25. Ah yeah that makes sense. I tend to eat super cold or frozen stuff pretty slow because of sensitive teeth. If I get "brain freeze" it ends up turning into a migraine so I avoid it if I can

  26. I hate it. Every time the clocks change I have so many issues going to sleep. I was up half the night for no reason other than my brain going "time change! No sleep for you!"

  27. Nope. I think its another way to cause problems and claim discrimination.

  28. Pretty enough but I'm not a fan of diamonds...dude needs to RUN if she's gonna be like that

  29. Despite having just moved into a new place, I'd but a bigger place and out a shed out back for my grandma. I get really tired of her nagging and moving stuff that isn't hers

  30. It's also more accepted now for young people considering the state of everything.

  31. Oh absolutely. I was embarrassed when my ex and I had to live with his mom, bit that was just because trying to explain that he refused to get or keep a job was incredibly embarrassing

  32. I think a lot of it is a stigma that an adult living with their parents means they're a freeloading loser. While sometimes that's true, there are other reasons for living with family. I live with family because I'm basically a babysitter for my grandma, along with not being able to afford to live on my own

  33. I think its very nice, sometimes the most beautiful art is the most simple. Your sister sounds like she needs to take the stick out of her ass and not be such a twaffle

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