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  1. I feel so much. It can be many different things positive or negative, so Id suggest to face your fear. Just go and ask again.

  2. I feel you. Same for me. So, I'm also offering myself if you'd like to speak or vent, I'll be listening if you'd like to have someone listening to you.

  3. Actual steps for making friends for folks from a person who has 50/50 luck with friendships:

  4. Thank you. Imagine my knowledge of human interaction that I had an epiphany when you mentioned "talk to them lots". So that was it what I wasnt getting about making friends!!! 😃

  5. Nooooo! It's not true!! I dont think that people will take this interaction and decide on leaving you because of it... It doesnt work like that! If you changed to something they hate for a long time...

  6. I feel you. I am not having a good day as well. You know when you do something for someone with the best intentions and it backfires and turns into something horrible? I am having one of those days.

  7. I feel furious when I hear the saliva thingy, I think they should have a Big WARNING.

  8. Just for the fact that you've been trying to change and be nice, for me it means that it's so not your fault at all!!!

  9. This girl I take my lunch break with always brings enough fruit snacks for the both of us. So when she doesn't, she breaks the unspoken agreement that we have, and it upsets me.

  10. When did a nice generous gesture from her become an unspoken agreement, specially since she's doing the extra work...?

  11. Here I was getting excited this was a dinosaur themed supermarket with autism consultancy as in for people to be helped to find the safest foods to try for texture/etc sensitivity 🥲😔

  12. 😆😆😆😆😆 Hahahaha that would had been amazing! I would totally go there everyday!

  13. I don't know him well and I'm graduated. He brought it up twice randomly to people he was just meeting because I guess he thinks it's like evangelizing a cure or something. But at least both times, people were like, "I don't think it works that way." I didn't want to get into it with him though.

  14. It's 25° (77) and lovely in Galicia. Sorry to not give you what you're asking for, but moving here was the best thing we ever did. What frustrations there are are minor if you are friendly, patient and positive.

  15. The noises. Unless you can relocate to a nice quiet area in a small town or close to nature... The yelling and loud voices and music drives me crazy. In Germany you go to dinner or drinks and everybody is like calm and chatting. In Spain you go for lunch and YOU HAVE TO YELL TO HAVE A CONVERSATION. Just thinking about it cuts my digestion.

  16. Sorry that this happened but you're totally ok. I'm thinking that maybe she wanted you to join in the gossips or acknowledge their atmosphere of critics. I've seen in one workplace, there was this coworker who i called "the Gatekeeper", we were 3 newcomers and she excluded 2 of us and welcomed the other one with open arms and after a few years and knowing her, it was clear to me that she was gatekeeping people because she was sharing a lot personal stuff but in the form of gossips and toxic comments, and she would keep a group of coworkers around who would listen to their toxic stuff and never judge her, while she would speak badly about other people who would not be part of it. And this looks so much like it! So maybe she wanted you to be toxic like her and because you were not, she used any possible excuse to tell you to leave. Bullies and toxic people would not say: "leave, I dont like you because you're not critizicing this person I hate." But they would say something or lie that makes them feel like they're right.

  17. I recently went through this with a friend. I, on several occasions, made a boundary very clear to her (she wanted to kind of dictate some medical decisions for me. Well not “kind of” she straight up wanted to dictate medical decisions for me and on more than one occasion I told her to stop. The last time I spoke with her on it I told her “I’m not taking anyone’s input on this matter please stop”).

  18. Had an ex always get mad at me because I would try to “mansplain” things and I would always tell her I was just trying to talk about something I’m passionate about :( I never once told her this stuff for anything other than my genuine interest for them and she always took it as me seeing her as too dumb to know it for herself :(

  19. Just my 2 cents... Infodumping is not a right, it's a priviledge. If you find someone who enjoys listening about it, really value that person and know that you're getting a gift from life. But if someone clearly tells you she's not enjoying that, then don't do it, you dont have a right to make another person listen. I get you might want a partner who likes when you infodump, then find a partner who likes it.

  20. To the autistic men who defend being condescending, misogynistic, dicks because they're autistic:

  21. I like informative websites, with pictures that show how to enter the premises (how it looks), and information (and pictures) about parking facilities. Or even a video.

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