arizona has the best sunsets. 4480x6720 [oc]

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  1. Concur! As soon as I saw it that’s what came to mind! 🐍

  2. Awesome! How’s the work on the Pier going?

  3. Thanks to all who responded! Both my snakes are laughing at me tonight! My Rainbow was so deep in shed that the alarming “film” came off immediately! Amazing what more moisture can do! 😂

  4. Plantation soil works great for ours. Just put the package in the freezer overnight before fluffing it out and putting it in. It typically comes in bricks, so just put the whole brick in the freezer. So you don't get mites.

  5. I love the bugout! I made a custom one and it’s just a fantastic edc, but this one is also super enjoyable!

  6. It’s super underrated. I’ve got a Ruger LCR in .327 mag and I love the cartridge. Peppy, compatible with a lot of cheap calibers, hard hitting and not a ton of recoil. Been thinking of getting a Henry lever action in it too.

  7. I was also looking at the Henry steel 327 lever. Buffalo Outdoors has a great review of that rifle!

  8. I can only imagine how flat shooting and low recoil it would be out of a rifle/carbine.

  9. Gorgeous timber rattlesnake! Crotalus horridus. Excellent find! They’re so pretty!

  10. Held one in person, was verrry tempted to buy. But price to size, I just couldn’t do it. Damn cool little knife!!

  11. Having a Mcbee and also recently purchased a Stovepipe. The Stovepipe is the perfect balance of handle size to blade ratio. It hasn’t left my pocket since it arrived.

  12. Also held the stovepipe, that thing is a beautiful beast! I appreciate it, but it’s to chonky for me.

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