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  1. Is Parasitoid considered under appreciated? Because I would take it over any tear effect that overrides it.

  2. Harry Potter and the Extraordinary Protagonist Curse

  3. Things that helped me personally to enjoy the game to its fullest potential:

  4. Then Lupin arrives asking him to spare Sirius's life...

  5. Lucius was always in love with Molly, and it was this which encouraged him to form a lifelong rivalry with Arthur.

  6. Is this a normal place to house rabbits? I feel like where I'm from a hawk would take ita away in a heartbeat

  7. The rabbit might be in the enclosure only for a short time and under supervision, especially since I can't see any bowls for food or hay. We used to do something similar with our rabbit.

  8. All I can think about is how everyone had so much hair for some reason.

  9. How, exactly, did the cat figure this out? I mean, this seems like a pretty specific protocol and, I'm just guessing here, that cats have zero knowledge of electrical appliances and their purposes.

  10. Probably washed and dried the bed once and the cat was never the same again, and I assume it then took some guess work + knowing that cats like warm places.

  11. ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I went in not really expecting anything since I only got curious about the plot. It's the first fic I saw with muggle war au and so it got me wanting to read it. But oh hell, I was NOT able to put it down. The writing and all the feels just get to you and I literally was trying so hard not to cry because it was like 7am and would be too embarrassing to have puffy eyes so early in the day.

  12. But of course! I don't get to recommend fics often so here goes!

  13. Thank you for this list! Would you mind saying if any of them HEA? I like angst if there's light at the end of the tunnel, lol.

  14. HEA is happily ever after, right? I don't want to spoil things but all of these stories are not un-happily ever after.

  15. That's why I make small things that I can usually knock up in one or two sittings. I like the premise of making another cardigan but then I think about how it went last time and decide to... just not.

  16. So far all I’ve been able to do are single crochets and was wondering how much is possible with single crochets, until I get better at other kinds at least? Is there anything I can actually do or do I need to wait till I know more before attempting an actual project ?

  17. You can do a lot with single crochet stitches only, from dishcloths and scarves to plush dolls and blankets (if you have the patience), but I would recommend practicing the other basic stitches as well - half-double, double and treble stitches are a good base upon which many other more complicated stitches build. If you don't want to wait but want to practice, projects like dishcloths and scarves are basically made for practicing new stitches, since they are both just rectangles that you make as long and wide as you want.

  18. Where should I stitch? Miss stitch and it says to SC or something like that(not good with all the terms) under the next stitch, do I look at it from the perspective that the top of the row are all the stitches and I find the gab right under the stitch?

  19. Can you also give us the previous row and the start of the one that gives you trouble?

  20. Does anyone have recommendations for attaching felt to crochet?? I do amigurumi, I've been sewing on all of my felt eyes for years but I hate sewing XD I was thinking of trying yarn glue but not sure how well it would hold up.

  21. Yarn or fabric glue worked well for me, but I have only used it on small and flat shapes like eyes on tiny amigurumi. No clue how it will hold for felted objects, but the glue is specifically made for it, so I'd reckon it's worth a try.

  22. I think one of my biggest peeves is people using the word “blasé” as a replacement for “blah”. Like someone saying “blasé this blasé that” or “blasé blah” to sort of mean the same as “blah blah this blah blah that” or whatever.

  23. I have literally never seen this ever and thank God for that because what?

  24. I have been gently demanding to be allowed to work half day shifts, half night shifts for this exact reason.

  25. My daily counts are a constant source of neat moments.

  26. Wait a minute, the person posting this thinks seventeen year olds are allowed to travel? Bitch what? First of all I barely had funds to get to the closest larger city, and even if I had enough money I would not be allowed (not to mention I didn't have anyone to go with or anything to do there but that's besides the point). Also not everyone wants to start a family but it's not like they would even consider such a point.

  27. They didn't hit her chest - her body, they held her back and hit/split open her treasure chest - furniture for stashing stuff, presumably founding dead children skeletons there with some sort of paperwork.

  28. Then try omitting the yarn over after inserting into the first front loop. Just immediately insert into the next front loop, then yarn over and pull through both front loops, then finish like you would a normal sc. You will always see it but it's by far the best looking decrease.

  29. It's really weird to me because I remember seeing a similar post in this subreddit - something like 'what crochet thing do you just not get' - and the comment section had a completely different vibe to this, it's almost unreal. I skimmed through a good chunk of it because it was genuinely interesting and not once did I see someone calling something a waste of time and yarn or projects being called hideous.

  30. I felt called out ever since pizza was mentioned but the mention of speedruns made me feel like someone was watching me through the screen.

  31. The issue with canon Hinny is that the author failed to make me more interested in them than it made me interested in the Harry/Draco dynamic, and this is before I knew about fanfiction, shipping, or even really cared or felt crushes. It just caught my attention more, and this feeling didn't change when I was introduced to fandom and fanfics - if anything, it explained a lot.

  32. What interest did you have in the Harry/Draco dynamic? For me, it seemed as far detached from romantic as could be, while Harry/Ginny was well-founded and clearly romantic. I can understand being interested in Harry and Draco based on their roles in the war, ideologies, and same age, but the same could be said of Harry and Dumbledore (they have a really interesting dynamic that is not based in romance at all).

  33. I like enemies/rivals to lovers, mainly, and Harry spent a few too many instances noticing Draco's looks for me to ignore. I am not saying that they were romantically interested in each other, definitely not at that time, but I can definitely see it happening in the future because they noticed each other a lot. Draco at least was very good at riling Harry up. I also fail to see how Hinny was well-founded and it might have been clearly intended to be romantic but it just didn't convince me.

  34. Also pragmatic. No Villainous-5 minute-melodramatic-monologue, just be done with it the moment he has the opportunity.

  35. Actually, let him have his villainous 5 minute melodramatic monologue, why not, just don't let the guy who already beat you as a child and is the luckiest bastard alive run around relatively free.

  36. Ron/Lavender was a good match. Maybe she's a bit shallow, but she had a genuinely good heart, was brave, loving, & supportive. That's exactly the type of girl Ron needed in his life.

  37. I don't think that they were a good match the way they were portrayed in canon (but that is partially because romance in HP trilogy is generally not very good and more of a burden than help) but I see them as the match with the most potential if they started dating (again) after the war. After they matured a little bit. Because they were literally two sixteen year old kids stuck in a not so good world that did not know how to romance to save their lives. They were not meant to last, they were solely for Hermione to start pining, and I guess to dunk on Lavender?

  38. I don't think it's solely because you are ripping your soul apart (but it mostly is because Christianity and the purity of soul and afterlife and whatnot, I assume) but also because to do the soul splitting/create a Horcrux, I am pretty sure you have to kill a person. It's also cheating death, in a way, so there might be some Final Destination-esque vibe going on.

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