1. I was going to get the Beekman balm as I usually love that brand. However the reviews on Ulta aren’t very positive.

  2. That’s helpful!! Would you say the quality is more in line with a drugstore lipstick or like something from Sephora? Is there a scent? Is it more thick/pigmented or light/balm-like?

  3. Not the previous poster, but I also got this lipstick in allure. It is really a beautiful color and moisturizing. It doesn’t have much staying power as the previous poster said, but I just reapply. It is rich in pigment, more a traditional lipstick than a balm. I notice no significant fragrance. I think it is closer in quality to Sephora brands like Rare Beauty than drugstore.

  4. I was torn between Cherry Blossom by Zobha or the Ripple Effect by Jessica Simpson. I've never tried Zobha and question their quality. I know and love the past Jessica Simpson outfits I've received so I am going to go with Ripple Effect. I don't love the pattern but this outfit is to run errands and/or lay around the house and think it will serve that purpose well.

  5. I’m getting the ripple effect. I have a jogger by zobha and the drawstring waist band isn’t the best. The Jessica Simpson looks like great quality elastic.

  6. I use the GlowInMe app. It is so helpful and sorts your products by category. I don’t know why I used to think I needed so many cleansers!! I highly recommend this and it has helped me to start making a real dent in my stash.

  7. I feel like everyone loves them but me! I thought they were a little too sticky, but very moisturizing.

  8. Very dumb question, but we can get dropped off & park right at Epcot right before 4:30AM?

  9. I think there are much better niacinamide options out there, including the ordinary. These glow drops make my face look greasy, and I normally have fairly dry skin.

  10. This will be my third dopey and I’m still nervous! It’s healthy and normal. I feel less prepared for this race than usual, but I’m just going to pace myself and have a good time. Instead of trying to blast through magic kingdom, I’m slowing down to take it all in!

  11. I’d love to know more about this plan!! Do you jog most of the roads and walk in the parks?? Obviously walk “up hill”

  12. I have lots of contingency plans! There are plenty of optional walks and jogs, and I can go slower or faster depending on how I feel. Generally I go slowest in the most interesting parts (unless I want that crucial running pic in front of the castle). I have a plan a, b, and c usually!! That way no matter what, I’m not failing, just going to plan b (which has more to walking).

  13. Mine was the same. But wow it works soooo well for me.

  14. I just opened my Bakuchiol serum and it seems a little emptier than I would expect. Did anyone else get this? Is this normal? Not sure if I should say anything. Thanks for any advice!

  15. I’ve been trying to make it to your summer camp, but haven’t been able to make it work for my schedule yet. It’s one of my biggest dreams though! Any plans on stopping the camp in the foreseeable future?

  16. If you love Tatcha this much, you should consider getting one of their annual lucky boxes! They are an amazing deal.

  17. This was such a tough half. I've done two Dopeys in the past and still thought Sunday was my hardest race ever. I literally cried when I finished the race, half out of emotion and half out of exhaustion. As long as you're on your training schedule for the Dopey, I would try not to worry too much. Take it as one additional piece of information but definitely don't give up hope. I'll see you at the Dopey in January!

  18. I like the Estée Lauder Nutritious Pomegranate cleanser. It foams well and gives that squeaky clean feeling.

  19. I’ve actually been training in these since June/July with 2 shorter runs during the week and one longer run on the weekends per my running coach. I ran with the exact outfit I wore today to another 10k a few weeks ago and had no problem. I’ve been doing runs on the treadmill and outside without any problems until an official half marathon a couple weeks ago. I have no new blisters from today, just problems with ones that didn’t fully heal from my half.

  20. Sorry for that person’s rude comment. I haven’t had any blisters during my training, but with the wet weather today I developed one on the bottom of my big toe. My shoes fit great and I have trained plenty (the wine and dine fits into part of training for my 3rd Dopey). Blisters can happen at any time with the right circumstances. I hope the wet weather today didn’t make yours worse, and that you’re able to enjoy the rest of your vacation ♥️

  21. You can always count on us here on reddit to check out spoilers and dates.

  22. Man when I chatted, they just said “we recommend that you wait until your sub ends in Summer to cancel. We understand why you would want to leave if you don’t feel valued.” 🤷‍♀️

  23. I’m getting floral frost. I like to use the back phone pocket when I run. Also, the Sherpa is Eddie Bauer brand, which I have liked in the past.

  24. I was going to get this, but the compartments are too small for my purposes. A paper grocery bag on average is 12” across, and the compartments in the organizer are 10x10”. Not that I always want paper bags, but just some sizes for context. On the flip side, someone here mentioned a trunk organizer from Sam’s club that looks amazing and comes with a cooler that can either stand alone or fit inside, and is only $20. I’m going to get that and get the hooded throw for selection 1.

  25. I was not a big fan of the watermelon mask. I have sensitive skin and it was irritating to my face.

  26. Ah really, I haven’t read too many reviews about it. My skin isn’t particularly sensitive but in all honesty I just wanted to use up the credit and it seemed a good price

  27. I am with you. My annual subscription ended with October's bag and I chose to not renew. I also enjoyed picking out my selection but then there was so much waste. Even if I used my selection, I usually ended up with a bag and four other products that I just hoarded. I was drowning in sample size products. It weighed on me. I like how you think about it. Your gift to yourself is to decrease your supply. I am going to try the same thing. Remove this weight of excess product and free myself of guilt.

  28. Sounds like you and I are going through a similar process. I will definitely need to unsubscribe from mailings for when the moments of weakness inevitably arrive.

  29. I canceled as well. I am a single mother of 3 and it was the one thing I did for myself so it was really disappointing to have to do it. I really did enjoy it at first but lately it’s been a struggle to justify getting them. I never get the extras that I order, I get repeats of the same things over and over, even after going in and changing my preferences. I had missing items and other issues. I was just done. Looking into something else to get for myself.

  30. I just deleted the app too! Being a mother is so hard, and there’s very little time for oneself. I hope you find another way to get something special just for you.

  31. Trying to talk myself out of the Rachel Zoe tote. I don’t have a bag in that color yet!

  32. I have that bag (I think it’s the same one) from a Rachel Zoe Box of Style. I really like it! It’s sturdy and the wine color is pretty for fall. For the price it’s a good buy.

  33. I have the farmacy set and it’s great! I like the smaller sizes because they last so long and I prefer to open a new one more frequently.

  34. How would you say the spray and serum compare? I have repurchased the spray 3 times now (kicking myself for not buying the refill) but I was considering the serum to see if that is better.

  35. The serum is a little thicker, but dries down without any stickiness. I think the serum helps even more with redness if I could only use one.

  36. I have the pillow cover. It’s actually much nicer than I thought it would be for the price. It’s a quite pale off white, almost an ecru color.

  37. My Lifestyle Green Tea Polish came sealed, and smells divine, so it sounds like something is up with yours.

  38. Update! After waiting over 3 hours for chat, then receiving an email that said to use this product, I used the SMS number for chat which was very fast. I sent a picture and was offered $12 for the fall sale, $15 for the winter sale, or a replacement item from cat 6 (not too many great options left for my skin type and preferences). I took the winter credit. Keep at them! Don’t let FFF tell you to accept faulty product.

  39. Can you tell us what Cat 6 products are still available?

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